Some so-called human beings have indeed degenerated into the non-human beast.

The hare Beer Wolf wears bushy beard, red baseball cap, Nike white T-shirt and holds a chocolate box to work up himself into Forrest Gump’s image, meanwhile rides a tricyclic hearse to load the supply bedecking with black wolf spider and goblins in charge of Ponyo in winter coat onboard. The half of over 40 hashers put on Halloween getup in patches. Just Dumb attires as a fox. Slappy Seconds pretends a princess. Pickle Boy dons for a skeleton, Just Steven is arrayed in bear-esque hat and gloves. Danger Zone deserves to be deemed a best tricked-out guise for a red devil, and all that jazz. Another 20-ish hashers without costume and makeup demonstrate their daily lives of zombies and vampires. Acting RA Dry Hole in a top hat and a pair of black gloves incants hocus-pocus for these 4 hares including Principal Penetration, Hot Cockolate and Shaven Not Stirred with a new posture standing on a leg and bending two arms to make an Italian gesture. Then an Open Check order kicks off a magical realism nearby northern 4th ring road. You bet. The hashers attract a dozen of local audiences, in particular sprats and kids.

Huffing and puffing to barrel into a hunting trail and soon after a voice shouts out a way forward. The nooks and crannies of wandering laneway wheeze out that their ulcers are acting up, only to bottle up wally hashing marks but sap their legitimacy, rather press ahead with rigour of competition for nerdy brainiac trail. An elephantine roar for sign leads hashers to the hustling and bustling intersection. A squad of spearhead set the pace such as Road Kill, Just Will, Red Snatcher, Dr. Shocker, Fricking Shakespeare visiting in BJH3 after 5 years of his leaving, Come in My Brum, Just Diana, Just Mini, Just Jane, virgins, etc. Inadvertently catching sight of Beer Near sign and until seeking out the 3rd Beer Near signs to reach into the first beer stop in a residential zone. Later on, a large group of walkers arrive, too. Cockarazzi snatches up several bags of marshmallow to treat hashers. Bearded Clam spreads a tube of red liquid to the hashers for a bloody brushup, like Tit for Tap, Algae Bra, Just Elan, No Shit Sherlock and so on. Water drinkers talk each other among Crash Test Dummy and All In, etc. The hare BW fills bottles and cans of beer in the tricyclic hearse for the latter 2 mobile beer stops with the help of Lick It To Ride.

On right to the street and crossing the crossroad to Olympic Forest Park at close range. The hare HC rides a shared bicycle to escort the hashers. All runners click group photo at a winding little bridge with a background of Olympic 5 rings towering pillar-shaped structure and a body of artificial water. Entering the park through an obscure entrance to blend into an ocean of sightseers and exercisers. When getting through a bridge, yellow, green and red trees and shed leaves present a feast for the eyes. Now and then a handful of flour marks point out a trail to shuttle back and forth between flagging and grove, especially crossing a few similar bridges to stick around. Thanks to a teamwork that helps breaking through a quasi-apparition. Suddenly detecting a Beer Stop mark on the track where it’s a mini-square with Olympic stele and runners await the beer for a while carried by the walkers who are still far away. As it turns out, this second beer stop has to be abandoned and keeping onward. While filing out of the park, rushing on a straight slate path and the skyline ahead in the distance seems to be endless. DH and PB take the lead and sometimes the checking points like 2-Way or 3-Way signs string the hashers out. The hares have to call together towards the trail. A doggy darts out of a corner and barks at something where JD just passes by, which makes him scream and yells, “it scared the shit out of me!” On left to a flanked street and eyeing the hare BW and LITR staying with the tricyclic hearse on the waterfront for the third beer stop. Across the water, a giant cuttlefish-like kite hovers in the chilly and semi-polluted sky and wags its couples of tails. In a twinkling, a Husky dawg saunters into the hashers and several hashers step up to fondle this charm with a white eye and a red eye. His owner stands aside to smile and watch. Just when the runners are about to leave, the walkers show up in quick succession. Cockarazzi summons all hashers to get group pictures with his professional skill and devices to exhibit the groove of each hasher as much as possible. Running through on left side and back to restaurant in jig time.

A green belt accommodates the hashing circled pageantry. Karate and Wandering Tongue play teetertotter. 2 cartons of sponsored beer Taste Room are quickly drunk up. GM Blister Fister garlanding a string of bottle caps and spanning his huge pumpkin-colored glove prologues and performs a welcoming ceremony for 7 virgins. Acting RA DH is sung out loud by hashers to host an ordinance. Beyond all doubt these 4 hares must be called out to birl together and a lap by a lap. SNS has her glory to win her #100 mug and the hashers who have more than 100 times of BJH3 come out to congratulate her on it. Damaged Goods gains her mug as well in tumult. Cockarazzi, WT, Rambo No.5, Drinks Like a Girl, AI, BC, etc snap the photos for hashers in all shapes and sizes. Local audiences surround the very hashing circle a batch by a batch. DH also lifts a stick of phone camera to mimic someone. The “accusations” portray the certain hashers as shtick. In the thick of it, RA DH initiates the chorus of Swing Low with crew to round it off. Nearly half of hashers repast a traditional local hotpot. And in the next day, many hashers partake annual Beer Mile organized by Jing A bar and the most of hashers are immersed in a happy Halloween season. Who’s not?

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
October 31, 2017