Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths

A round robin of 4 Hash events push hashers to a new high of hangover. Specially Boxer Hash #152 on Staturday, there were around 50 hashers like Hopi people seeking for kivas in a feldraum of mountain area called Jiankou Great Wall, for seeing El Shaddai ushered by angel hares Molotov Cock and Dry Hole under aegis of Boxer GM Sink & Destroy.
On Sunday Hash, although AQI shames on about 230 PM, it cannot stop 40 hashers from meeting El Elyon, El Roi, El Bethel and El Olam to experience a Gnosis of hashing in terms of law of honour guided by angel hares Agent Orgy, Smells Fishy, RoadKill and Just Mike.
Lost in Marks & Spencer as RA blesses the trail in front of 7 virgins in a start circle with Yarkovsky Effect.
Opening check for a short time, Crash Test Dummy first pinpoints the right trail and the other hashers surge orgone energy to move on via hutongs and avenues, flashing in Tuanjiehu park to go through an Open Check mark and then CTD once again breaks the ice by first checking out a mark to move forward on an arched stone bridge. Scaling a sweep of wooded mounds and No Shit Sherlock shouts out a mark at a critical moment. Bursting through the throng of relaxers and yelling out of the eastern gate to scan a Two-Way mark. Sink & Destroy, Chicken Shit, Just Malcum, Just Cat and so on skeet here and there and then hashers gravitates toward a calling for mark down to a mazelike residential quarters going round and round along the marks, as if catching sight of 3 same places with familiarity, 007 holds a long whip that seems kind of barnacles for the circle show and BlowJob wearing his avant garde punk hairstyle jogs at a leisure pace, zigzaging through a tiny U-turn door in a poky hutong and crossing the busy avenue to hit the first beer stop at a corner. Herr Splashy Pants as Hash Cash dutifully orders bottles of cold beer. Runners and walkers gather to utter tizzy sound. Pantomn already soaks with sweat. Just Hanhan doesn’t drink yet. Godzilla Butt lays down Charlie to the ground for drinking water. After 10 minutes, starting the trail and some still talk and drink.
The ensuing streets bring hashers to the southern gate of Chaoyang park and Six Kuai Short buys ticket for more than 20 runners that costs 5 yuan per capita. The smoggy air causes people to have a short of breath. It so happens that passing by Pickle Boy’s prolonged sore spot as a crime scene at Firework Square 6 years ago. Just Ian looks up to find a spider perching in a cobweb between twigs, albeit a small one but growing up. PB screams, “a local spiderman.” RoadKill as hare sets the beefy marks at the anamorphic parts of trail, forging ahead surrounded by a large-area of greenery, bridges and structures, then filing out of the northwestern entrance and crossing the street to reach the second beer stop. The cold beer suppresses protozoan to woolgather. Some enjoy gelato and water. 15 minutes later, GM exclaims to take the road.
Turning to a conversant compounds. Phantom Menace wearing a mask runs under the care of Taxi Ride Her with a mask. PreLubed more likes to play with PM. Hashers keep peart. The obvious feeling alternately switches from vertebrate to mollusk, cutting through the hurstling and burstling streets and on right to loop back to home restaurant. 6 small cases of cold Yanjin beer and 4 cartons of Duvel and Liefmans as BJH3 sponsor beer are primed to serve a circle celebration where it’s located right opposite the restaurant.
GM Six Kuai Short shouts himself hoarse to raise curtain of performance. Super Squirter, TRH and PM are appointed as the order keepers with a slapper respectively. 3 virgins are welcomed with Hash song and floppy cock. Just Kate partners with PB for Beer Bitch. Whora the Explora and Undulater as latest comers squeeze in. Hard To Live With are awarded with a #200 mug and running patch, then many old hashers come out to congratulate. CTD wins a high number running patch. AO swills a cock of shame for her semi-FOYW and Just Mike fucks off soon. Penis Tone and S&D each belts out the situational Hash songs to hearten the spot. AO sings the melodious Hash songs. Such these Song Master and Songstresses! Rambo Number Five prefers to bellow a group of drinkers and new shoe drinking. When night falls, RA LiM&S takes hold of a pen and a paper with swarms of his notes and announces to name Just Mike. After laps of nominations, Don’t Ass Don’t Tell wrings a quality from his life. Forthwith many hashers cannot wait to bless him by offerring a beer shower over his topless body on his knees in the circle accompanied by The Hasher Song. Finger My Dough snapshots the good time. Lastly RA LiM&S leads a 3-version chorus of Swing Low with the crew as a holy finale. The local food goes down a treat for 20-plus hashers and there also can hear the vibrant Table One song from hashers outside the restaurant now and then.
As the Bible said, “for I know that my redeemer lives, and that at the last he will stand up on the Earth, and after my skin has been thus destroyed, then in my flesh I shall see God.”
On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
September 27, 2016