Scientists have identified the 3D coordinates of 6,569 iron and 16,627 platinum atoms in an iron-platinum nanoparticle for first time and create nanometer-size structures for applications such as hard drives. Makers of hard drives want to fabricate tiny, near-perfect crystals so that they can be easily magnetized and will hold a magnetic field for a long time.


There is a little bit chill but apparently feeling a spring brightness. Many hashers come back like Karate from his trip in USA who was acquainted with a Beijing adult woman being Karate’s virgin for hashing and spreading her Mandarin of which life is too short to enjoy life, without any element of spirit. Finger My Dough as Haberdashery does good job for Hash Cash. Sausage Party starts to wear beard. All 30 hashers around look like fresh and get the show on the road in downtown whereby acting RA Lick It To Ride blesses 3 hares Blister Fister, Herr Splashy Pants and All In. An array of hashers like thunderbolt sail in a narrow alleyway for an Open Check that the trail’s been confirmed by hashers, like Sink & Destroy, Lost In Marks & Spencer, Just Ann, No Shit Sherlock, Just Nico, Just Albert, Hunting For Head and so forth.

Zigzagging through several compounds up and down lay of the land and crossing a quiet crossing to swoop in Jianwai SOHO zone up and down extensive undeground parking. Turning right to hit the first beer stop on broad sidewalk next to avenue. A small group of walkers guided by walking hare AI arrived beforehand including Bjorn Again, Master Baker, Drill Me, Tweety Pie and her little Tweety Pie, etc. Shaven Not Stirred relates her favorite trip in Italy. Just Sonny has missed hashing a long while and converses his business. Pyro mentions some hashers second-guess an up and down trail thru and thru. Breakfast Included as On-Sec has mental note to record attendance rate of every hasher. Hashers drink and talk as if putting the whole zone three sheets to the wind. Oyez!

When being carried away in the heart of passion for next trail, hashers stride over a foot bridge to down to an open art area alongside of frozen canal. Reaching a teensy hilltop where a pavilion relaxes hasher for a group picture of Hash Hold photographed by Hash Flash Wandering Tongue. Crash Test Dummy rushes ahead to carve out a trail. Pickle Boy shouts out the mark to a pass to 2 busy roads. Barging into the other open art zone. CTD first finds out a mark and adheres to follow. However the hare comes up to call a different trail and most hashers follow this way. Having visual on 2 prow modellings with dragons engraving S&D jumping to ride on it as her strong suit and at the commanding height of another prow, WT clicks group photos anew. In the distance opposite canal, a vista demonstrates a sweep of rugged office buildings in CBD. Cutting to the chase for delightedly meeting up a reclusive archway above sparking words in Chinese and English, “THE WINDOW OF WISDOM AND SCIENCE”, crossing over a bridge and commercial area to the second beer stop close to a noisy intersection. Beijing highest building called China Building being under construction is well within reach, building total height of 528 meters and 108 floors. Suddenly a local elder man leaning a walking stick grumbles hashers blocking his way to pass by. Drinking and talking with live pictures by another Hash Flash Ass Tonguer until hoity-toity chill whips hashers out. Taming that ass and whooping that ass to return to restaurant by busting a cap in space tachyons without shucking and jiving, even sonic de-materializer cannot work. Dismount!

A telekinetic circle is formed by these hashers at the corner of a business square. On the words of GM Super Squirter, rolling out a train of celebration ceremonies, e.g. 5 local ladies as virgins are greeted with a little cock and Beijing Hasher Song. LITR, ChickenShit, Hot Cockalate, and Just Judy each scores a BJH3 running patch. GM SS takes out a mini-fruit cake which a lofty slender candle is lit towards the hare and GM BF for celebrating his birthday. Another hare and vibrant hasher HSP obtains a white T-shirt for his leaving, the front printing his Hash Handle and his mug shot with FOYW letters, the back printing 4 Chinese characters with pinyin – Chi Mei Wang Liang, which means a variety of “bad persons” with 3 BJH3 logos and rubric 3 words, “Did you pay?”, it sums up his wonderful job for Hash Cash and Boxer GM. BJH3 will miss this man. RoadKill comes out to award HSP a medal. A platoon of hashers step up to hug HSP layer by layer. Dazed and Confused belts out each and every situational Hash Songs. LITR sings a new harmonizable Hash song. Acting RA LIM&S hosts a naming for Just Judy who’s been scaring away from the beer baptism. Going thru a round of knock for knock nominations, LIM&S touches her head to name Ms Up & Down for her hashing life officially. LITR stands out to pour 2 bags of black tea over her head as she’s on her knees in the circle. The Hasher Song blares out up to the skies. A clincher of hashers’s loose ends releases sensational claim in a chorus of Swing Low led by LIM&S. Nearly 15 hashers eat a hearty meal in a decent private room with cakeface of a handful leading roles. This is our whole ballgame intraday.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing, Tuesday,
February 07, 2017