Top 10 luxury goods: 1, life consciousness; 2, a free, joyful and loving heart; 3, world spirit; 4, return to nature and have the ability to connect with nature; 5, safe and peaceful sleep; 6, enjoy the own space and time; 7, beloved soul mates each other; 8, there are people who really understand you at any time; 9, healthy and wealthy heart; 10, can infect and ignite hope for others.

GM Super Squirter summons the start circle in Wangjing area and RA Six Kuai Short leads a lager pray. The hare No Shit Sherlock explains the Hash marks to 4 young virgins and another 2 hares Smells Fishy and Just Jacob shout to boost morale. Pickle Boy and Doctor Shocker open a way thru a green belt and high-rise business zone. At an Open Check of a crossing, Just Steven spots a mark to press the hashers forward. The wilderness is everywhere that is poised to change into the crooked homestead. As threading our way through a construction site with domineering dust, Oracle Boner queries how so going thru this kind of the hashing trail. Stoned Age and Barbara Bush clear the way along the desolate woods next to a sewage canal. The minute crossing the crossing, diagonally seeing the first beer stop where a group of walkers are sipping the cold beer. Crash Test Dummy and Comes More Often discuss the life like marriage and divorce. The hares pump up many small balloons to play a game, 2 hashers crush the balloon without hands but one of the both first drinks up the beer. 6 duos of hashers perform this game. Karate and the SF break faster. Bjorn Again has to use his hand and teeth to blow the balloon with his partner young girl…

When checking the trail, there are merely 6 runners with the 2 hares exploring the trail along the canal bank and take group photos. The coquettish greenery uncoils her charm in a moderate weather. Inattentively reaching a Hash Hold in front of a towering monument inscribing a variety of human letterings. It still records the Olympic spirit of being higher, faster and stronger. However nobody gives a shit about its side effect increasingly. All hashers shoot group picture. Once turning left, at the foot of a building, meeting the second beer stop. The hares hold another game that there are 4 ice-making moulds on the ground for 4 teams of hashers to drink each row of cubed beer in it with a straw only. Lastly the young virgin team imbibe faster. Thanks these 3 hares for their delicate preparation. Charlie still loves to stay under the car for avoiding the heat. After hitting the road, cutting through streets and green belt. Doesn’t Fit rides a bicycle. Unwittingly bumping into the third beer stop. The hares supply a big bottle of plum juice that was made themselves for the hashers and stage the third game that a pair of hashers work together on a pinpoint relay for 8 pairs, one’s knees clamp a roll of paper, another’s knees clamp a broom to jump to stick in the hole of paper roll and then jumps back to a start point in a distance of about 5 meters. Just Jack delivers faster for his teen partner. The homestretch is done by the light of nature mostly. Behind the restaurant building, there is an open and wide passageway becoming a circle place. Some leave early like Sausage Party, Drill Me, Drinks Like Girl and Anal Composure.

2 cartons of cold beer Taste Room sponsor the passion of the hashers. GM SS and RA SKS jointly host a performance according to procedure. Welcoming the 4 virgins and hailing these 3 hares to drink together over and over. BA, BB and SKS each acquires a gold chocolate being hung by a red ribbon for these games. Hot Cockalate clicks the Hash photos. What The Fluff brings in an active teen girl and all the way watches her and Tyler. RA SKS is in charge of naming Just Jacob who serenades his own nomination with rhythm accompanied by his fingers snap, and ultimately attaining his wish for PPTease. Many hashers bless to provide a beer shower over him falling on his knees in the circle with the Hasher Song. Under the cope of night, 8 hashers stay to gormandize a Western food in an elegant surrounding on the patio of the building. The part of the hashing trail unintentionally passed by the PB’s kidnapped tortured compounds in Huajiadi area that happened 7 years ago. His fury still is exposed between scylla and charybdis in the homeopathy.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 22, 2017