People flock, or behave similarly to others, despite reasoning abilities.

A cohort of active Beijing hashers show off in Shekou for the Nash Hash. Another over hashers rally to the center of Beijing for the hashing on every Saturday. Proxy GM Bearded Clam calls for a start circle and explains the sign system to 4 virgins. Limp Fish Dick takes over RA function to intone the prayer while these three hares kneel down, like Principal Penetration, Cum in My Brum and BDSaMeur who works on Hash Cash. The weather is too good to be true that blossoms with snow-white clouds in the pleasant blue sky. A good surprise is Chokes One Out springs up and moves back Beijing after she left as Full Moon GM a couple years ago, and positively seeking for the mark. Soon an alpha mark is shouted out of the hutongs. Winding our way forward in the alleyway and familiar streets, but still some lose their way and a teamwork yells out the trail, passing by Beijing Art Gallery, on straight along the bustling streets and through 2 crossings and on right into a lane to the end, on left to slant a side street to reach the first beer stop. The pacesetters are Just Wil, Just Mike and the others. All hashers get together to talk and drink for 15 minutes. Some runners miss the Open Check start because of their chitchat.

Down the end of the lane, on left to the main street, crossing a junction, keeping a beeline until the hare PP picks up the runners at the side gate of Beihai park, each head for 10 yuan admission ticket. Because the sightseers are crowded around this park for festivals, the hares did not lay the mark inside it. The hare PP pays for 12 runners. Jogging the track around the quiet lake, such as Clarke Bent, Road Kill, Cruise Line Her, Pickle Boy, Piss & Chips, Cum 4 Seconds, Spicy Penis, Blow Harder, Breakfast Included, Just Coco, etc., and group photo is taken with an ancient archway. Elbowing our way through the thronged travelers to file out of the east gate. On left to intersect the busy street to turn right to go over another noisy street to thwart the other street into a hutong, where Beer Wolf jumps out of a loo. On left to run into Crash Test Dummy gallivanting with a virgin girl. On left to hit the second beer stop where the walking hare BDS has led a large group of walkers in there, like Nipple Kamekaze, Not Tonight, Tit for Tap, 007, Chewancca, Cock Chain, Just Mimi and so on. The latecumer Shanghai Man appears. It lasts 10 minutes by clavering and sipping. Troting to the end to cut through the Imperial Palace Wall Relics to loop back to the restaurant. The hares found a small place and thought it’s a retail shop, turns out it’s an eatery, so the charge of the beer is double higher. Bear in mind the shop is without tables and chairs inside.

Pussy Nibble brings in a full bag of her fancy clothes to present the hashers. A handful beer bottle bang openers animate the site. 2 proxy GMs BC and barefooted PN host a performance at a spacious green belt. KiddiPoo and Cheesy Balls each grab a slap to maintain a tall order and slap every single voice. Just Niuniu wins a lucid mug and #25 run patch. A few latecumers pop in like Karate, You Cunt See Me, Moral Fixation, Just Brianna, etc. Super Squirter snaps a lot of quality photos as Hash Flash. RK as usual fetches out bottles of whiskey to treat the hashers that expresses his feeling of FOYW in the near future. SHM as Song Master chants diverse situational Hash songs. You bet! Greeting 5 virgins with a chorus of impassioned Beijing Hash Song. Iterating to hail these three hares to swipe together for their gig. PB breaks a bottle of beer. The upshot is a chorus of Swing Low to sing out a palmary state of mind by hashers. RK pours a little circle on the ground with whiskey and burning a flaming ring. As if it tells a place for everything and everything in its place. About 20 hashers bunch up together to taste a hearty food in an exotic ambience.

On On…

Pickle Boy