The Gulf of Aden is a Arabia sea area between Yemen and Somalia and is connected to the Red Sea in the north through Mandeb Strait. It is related to “interstellar gate” of the seabed.

On Saturday, Boxer Hash #171 goes ahead as planned hared by Dry Hole and Cock Chain to the ancient Jietai temple and stupas in Mentougou district titillating over 20 mountaineers. And equipping with favorite loads of cider prepared by Boxer GMs Pussy Nibble and Finger My Dough. It is said that able-bodied Beer Wolf gets lost in the trail……and in such a muggy day.

In the Sunday mid-afternoon, Shanghai Man works on both functions of GM and RA at the start nearby Wudaokou and the ice bucket challenge trail designed by the hare Dr. Shocker alone, his co-hare Pickle Boy and Not Tonight all take a blessing. Molotov Cock first yells a mark on the foot bridge. Along with main street to begin a journey. As soon as arriving a small gate of Tsinghua dormitory area, the hare asks the hashers to turn into Tsinghua dorm zone without any signs, because the 3 security guards in uniform mount guard over here and watch around. Also the hare has to explain we hashers just run through and someone live inside, then the guards nod to acquiescence. Soon the first group of runners wander off the trail to the walking track with walkers Rambo #5 and one junior R#5 as well as Prelube. Filthy Fish from Changsha Hash suggests let them check on their own as the hare shouts, “on back!”.  Breakfast Included jogs straight and also loses out on the mark on the ground of the turning. The hares have to lead the way into the tiny and winding hutongs. Little Shit Red Hood positively ferrets out the branch of 3-way mark.

On right from a small crossing to see the 1st BS where the first group of runners have early been here and shortly the walkers, too, show up. Suddenly a white car speeds through on this quiet laneway, but a loud bang opposite the laneway appeals to hashers’ attention. As all hashers look back what’s going on, this white car has gone several hundred meters away and disappeared at the corner, a scooter fell down the ground and some things scattered out of scooter seat to the ground. MC instantly calls the hashers to lift the scooter up, Crash Test Dummy and PB follow him to do it, PB murmurs what if someone frames we did it crashed? Anyway we 3 hashers restored this scooter to its original look. BUT HERE BEING SAMARITAN IS A TERRIBLE THING.

Keeping our eye on the ball and leaving the door open, meanwhile don’t be slow to check on, on left and right, thru and thru, zigzagging forward in the dorm alleyway. Just like up the duff, pleasant and whacked in a gyrus-like space. The hashers are on fire. At a crescent flowerbed with a grocery where the hashers stop and sit on brim for the 2nd BS. Talk and sip last for 10 minutes. Again, burrowing into a poky hutong and digs quarter. Karate catches up as latecumer. Clearing through the teaching buildings to file out of Tsinghua campus with throngs of people in and out. Angling through the busy street to up the steps to a tree lawn. A statue of two ripped bronze bulls ramming becomes Hash Hold. The hare DS brings Cock Chain to hit here early with 12 bottles of beer for the 3rd BS, 5 buckets, boxes of ice cubes and water source from the device on the lawn helped by the gardener. An Ice Bucket Challenge on the stone ground with a sewerage system raises the curtain. Rounds of hashers enter by pouring ourselves a full bucket of water, such as, CTD, Karate, the hares DS and PB, CC, Fish Bait, FF, By the Power of Gayskull and Just Alice. Limp Fish Dick lays on the ground and Twatter Boarding stands on the ground and over LFD’s body astraddle and teems down a full bucket of water on his body at leisure. In that moment, the water torrents straight down on the bodies, feeling into a stargate to another planet afar off.

When the hashers rush down the steps to take a picture with another statue of huge two clenching bronze big hands for another Hash Hold, 2 security guards come to stop hashers with no reason. The hashers then move on along the main street and over the foot bridge to loop back the HH house. The circle just happens before the restaurant. GM, RA and SongMaster SHM hosts a performance. 4 active virgins are welcomed solemnly with Hash process. The 3 hares are hailed out to drink together back and forth. BtPoG is pulled out to suck-swallow his new shoe of beer. There are the other hectic “accusations” and such. Then nearly 10 hashers eat local yummy food in a private room. The hares swig until losing somewhat sense.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

July 24, 2018