Vitamin B12 produces new DNA, red blood cell, proteins, hormones, lipids, health of nerves,etc Many meat and diary products have VB12 like clam, crab, beef liver, fish,etc. Yeast is best vegetarian source of VB12. VB12 may increase the risk that an artery narrows around a stent, a device that widen a blocked artery harms optic nerve causes blindness, leber’s disease, acid reflux, H2 blockers and proton-pump inhibitors,etc. Metformin helps diabetes absorb VB12. Potassium reduces to absorb VB12. Large amounts of folic-acid corrects megaloblastic anemia, which causes an underlying VB12 deficiency damages nerve system and no more than 1000 micrograms of folic acid per day.

The ordinary people smile smile. Not for landing a job, nor for raising the salary, nor for getting marriage, nor for affording a house rent, nor for securing life insurance, inasmuch as breathing FRESH AIR in a fair day. What a luxury life! You bet. Hashers cannot miss out on this golden opportunity for an outdoor hashing enjoyment. On the order of 40 participants bask in a natural event in the center of city. AutoBlow as long-time-no-see wearing a dicty dress just pops up for a little while. Crash Test Dummy developed a chunky stack of films of hashers images for updating pictures on the walls of Paddys’s. Each one radiates pizzazz. Dazed & Confused as GM in snappy voice summons a starting circle. RA and hare, Lost In Marks & Spencer elucidates signage on the ground for 3 newcomers. Comes On Vacation as other RA impetrates auspicious hashing trail. GM roars out, “Open Check!”

Hovering around the start point by ransacking for marks in different directions. Eventually Dry Hole leashing puppy pinpoints a way out in a lane. About 30 hashing runners come together to flock quickly. A turn to right lead the hashers to a jammy park. Crossing an arched stone bridge and cutting thru a hustling crowd and along with meandrous bank of lake on and off under long veranda, hashing line-up in single file moves forward accompanied with passion, “On On!” from pacemaker such as Heart On. Just Sam in orange long sleeve T-shirt shuttles back and forth dazzlingly. Stepped on stone stairs up and down wooded mounds. Newcomers are still not used to shout out the marks they have seen. Chokes One Out and TransylVestite dash to check another way from Two Ways point with impassioned call for On On. Striding over another arched stone bridge, jogging with the pack of recreational concourse side by side. Some keep constant speed like Honey I am Late, Fire in the Hole, Discount Dildo, Shaken Not Stirred, On Your Knees and newcomers, as soon as storming out of the park, Just Vincent and a newcomer catch up with hashers.

Where hashers in droves pass thru, where induces a discussion from the locals out of curiosity. The hashing column by then has been strung out, making some turnings through hutongs and first group ahead have to come to a halt for laggards at a corner for minutes. COV and Benz Over have to backtrack to pick up laggards and hares and then DH leads the way to proceed, soon enough getting to first beer stop on an ample sidewalk, hares, Breakfast Included and LiM&S are up to their elbows in serving cold beer to hashers. TV took a spill with a dollop of bloody scratch on his left leg and dresses a wound with a plaster. Filthy Habit approaches to act up to lick it for a joke that elicits the laughters around. Dracula is coming up a bit early. In a sunlight, apparantly feeling such a warmth comparing to the shades. A small group of walkers stroll to assembling point guided by walking hare, Bjorn Again. They say the walkers have been a beer stop somewhere. Whew! Eagle and his master spring up by the way. Gripping journey is cranked up anew.

West Side Farter gallops off with treble sound for On On. All the trail are familiar to most hashers. At Two Ways, HO and Just Sam carve out a right bearing along a fishing lake with many anglers and alongside a long rivulet. Just Danial asks the meaning of On Call, that is just to hark after front runners who called On On but you don’t see the mark yet. Pussy Nibble and Red Snatcher run at full speed. When hitting a Beer Near mark, seems first group to lose the way. Pickle Boy finally follows his nose to locate second beer stop on roadside that as though many hashers find out a treasure trove to cheer up. The shop owner however didn’t freeze the beer in the fridge in advance. Talking and drinking blend together for hashers. Later on, the walkers show up with big smiles. All of a sudden, Whose Red Wienie appears out of nowhere.

Rousing hashers scud into an alleyway, through streets, spaghetti junction, an open busy garden and residential compound, Bearded Clam and Nut Pirate run a race with delectation nearby bank of canal. Unknowingly finishing the last part to whirl back restaurant with screaming jollity. Master Baker holds a while T-shirt to let hashers write on some valedictions for Ferrari’s leaving. At the point of a lawn’s wayside functions as a fete circle. GM and 2 RAs by turns emcees live shows for newcomers, latecomers, long-time-no-sees, 3 hares, featured hashers and so forth. DH stands by for cantillating the tableau stanza by stanza. Numero uno is LiM&S’s 25 anniversary Hash run in which toothsome chocolate cake sliced by CumShot serves the hashers. 2 hashers win Hash run patches each. Diverse big groups for nations drink up in circle like China, New Zealand, Italy, Russia and so on till night falls. In the end, COV precents proverbial Swing Low with body language ensemble with 4 versions and pigeonholing another canty Hash activity for future and otherworld. The half tuck in a hearty local food.

Salute to those people who mean something to you, to those who have touched your life in one way or another, to those who make you smile when you really need it, to those that make you see the brighter side of things when you are really down, to those who you want to let them know that you appreciated their friendship. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy. Always put yourself in other’s shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too. Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. Love begins with a smile, grow with a kiss and ends with a tear.


On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
October 28, 2014