Science’s breakthrough of the year 2014:Giving life a bigger genetic alphabet; young blood fixes old; comet rendezvous; cells that might cure diabetes; an easy cure for hepatitis C.

The last time of Hash event for 2014 gravitates towards 20 hashers, even then a sunny day. In the same breath, it’s also the first day that local public transportation rises in price, which stirs up a hodgepodge of complaints in infirm society and is minor affirmative action in cleaning up traffic congestion in a mega-city by authority. Ecce! How to weigh the pros and cons in human way?! Most of hashers undergo least 3-fold pay for mass transit to join hashing activity than ever before, have to do it though, just like the multitudes as usual go to the public for a life. Worse thing is that vulnerable groups don’t have a conduit to voice concern from lower orders as majority.

Our pious RA blesses hashing trail to summon up psychomotor hashers and cranks up a new journey in starting circle, which’s specialty of Comes On Vacation. Jingo and Puppy are extra mettlesome to be alive and kicking. Crash Test Dummy gathers Hash cash that first time undercharges for Hash food and spreads out Hash haberdashery on the curb for sale to hashers.

Frontrunners move westwards and soon turns left into a cavernous residential quarter. You can see Arotica, Just Chloe and Bearded Clam. There are a great deal of oculomotor searches from screen agers to a Hash sign with stepped-out effort. Finger My Dough as hare has to catch up to point out an outlet in a lesser-known area. Lost in Marks & Spencer takes advantage of stronger discriminability to carve out a trail for confused hashers. Once in a while the check points of Open Check and Two Ways chew up energy of hashers and hold up for hares’s how-to. Whole environment presents a perspective of block by block and street by street and the locals cast curious eyes over goings-on of hashers. Projectile paces of hashers seem to wake up local dormancy. At small crossroad, the hare brings the hashers to the left street. Discount Dildo stoops to mark a beer stop on the ground for a hare gig. As the hashers more and more get together for ordering the beer, FMD dashes back to show another beer stop on sidewalk nearby where 5 walkers have started to drink guided by walking hare, Bjorn Again. Identifying runners with walkers and Puppy becomes a nutcracker to champ a chicken bone on the ground. COV hastens to stop it. Jingo invariably remains quiet instead. Shaken Not Stirred and BC bought crackers and snack to treat the hashers. Karate and Hebei Horse Herpes have genial talk. A dollop of drinking drives the hashers to kick off.

High-wattage hashers continue to move on northerly along with bustling avenue and cross the intersection with traffic lights. Not long hitting an ancient park charging symbolized fee called Moon Altar, all hashers in front of the gate have a group photo. Health-conscious retired folks while away their recreation there. Galleried path and kiosks as well as a sheet of unknown squat pines, sticking around there for a while, Just Yogi finally digs out a sign and the hashers then move out of it. Striding over another busy crossroad with traffic lights and keeping linear trail then on the left, as soon as eyeing a mark for Beer Near, itching for a break pushes to run faster. You can bet your bottom dollar for a short high effect, passing through a crowded narrow market and turning left, while going on rushing through, the hare calls back for second beer stop labeled on the wall. Chat and sip in twos and threes, Just Sunny prefers to cuddle SNT. a local old lady in decent clothes approaches to Pickle Boy wearing a jersey for an accost, after telling her about Marathon, she actually never knows what Marathon is and represents many locals who just live in their puny world with tunnel vision. Who is able to take care of it? Until then becomes of reduction to absurdity, either mano a mano or soft-soap, no two ways about it in the darkness of shifty quick fix in cahoots with turpitude based on large demographic characteristic.

Without walkers, runners start to grope after the trail. Looking around cityscape everywhere is similar, diverting aim high is being cracked up to no avail, only squashing out dingbat to keep your hair on and transmitting well-found solution, running, keep running, a twisteroo marshals up to the home—stagehouse. The walkers been there earlier. Molotov Cock springs out as latecomer.

Putting summarizable circle front and center on ample roadside and be all smiles for well-timed meta-jokes being no better than seeing through world. Breakfast Included works for vicarious GM and COV for RA host the performance as per Hash process respectively and cheer up for featured hashers in circle and emblematically make them toped with Hash songs and souvenir. They are 2 newcomers, 1 latecomer and 4 long-time-no-sees. PB is yoked in a toilet seat with leopard print for the first reached at home. Needless to say, 3 hares must come over to swig more than once. HHH scores her Beijing H3’s No.25th run patch. Only if sensing a bit totty, belling out Hash songs can come to a clear mind in a moment. After 30 min around, it winds up to chorus Swing Low led by COV with 3 versions. 12 hashers gormandize a local substantial dinner in a private room and then a small group head to Paddy’s for further celebration till late night.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

December 30, 2014