This picture is from pi Life of Pee at 13:17, Sunday, January 11, 2015, one of former best Grand Master in Beijing Hash House Harriers. Even though he’s living in Idaho now, he still lets the hashers feel him in a neighbourhood. The hashers didn’t see any snow in this whole winter of Beijing. Crying out On On for snowy auspicious sign pops up his presence.

Img7462233_nFirst and foremost, all human races have to jointly eradicate any form of violence!!

F.B.I. run—Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity

In quick-fix culture with mammonism, Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity are more than ever radiate in life as BASIC QUALITY for human being. Their opposites are Duplicity, Smallmindedness and Turpitude separately that make human world dark and chaotic. In fact, picking up the violence that tackles the confusion between above antithesis worsens hassles and reverses dominances between head vs ass and spirit vs torso. Alpha-heart steps into the breach for indicating direction. Being wary of which extremist and opportunist undermine the faith of humankind. The Hashers are unfurling its truism in hashing firmament by working on musculoskeletal fitness in simple and effective way. Let’s scrutinize the marks in hashing trail with F.B.I. in order to assure your journey safety and justification.

3 hares in turns expounds hashing marks to 8 newcomers in starting point of downtown restaurant such as Hebei Horse Herpes dresses a deep blue business suit with knotting her tie and holds a retractable spontoon; Finger My Dough puts on a dark blue pullover wears a pair of black sunglass; Shaven Not Stirred attires a silk black décolletage with pleated plastron matching up a pair of retro silver-light sunglass and showing off her a fiery-red lipsticky lips, looking like more a cherry cocktail; a perfect pair of acting GM and blessing RA fulfills function for hashers such as Breakfast Included and Lost in Marks & Spencer. Over 30 joyous hashers get Hash event up and running.

First group whoosh down into high-rises of living quarter and many times Waiting for It first detects the clue of sign to move forward and others are Black Hole, Frodophile, Heart On, Just Bryon, Just Yogi, Just Wincent, Just Paul and newcomers. Through an open garden, intricate slate bypath brings on anywhere. The mark of blue color chalk obscures its positions and sometimes the hashers have to sting the hares’s whereabouts for a way out. At the point of Open Check, where the hasher opts for a direction by guess and by golly comes into play in next odds ratio. But hashing magnets are always in the lead relying upon personal uber-quality in slippery environment bleeding trophy property. Just Nick learns to identify each mark on a split trail he can see fastidiously in busy avenue; along with a main road, there’s a southerly end, DumbAss (Tianjin) and Chokes One Out early stand there for Hash Hold where a life-size locomotive statue waves all hashers to shoot big group photos together.

Bearded Clam and Eratica storm into a tiny hutong from a checkpoint of Open Check and soon make sure a mark for a move and being preoccupied with following marks one after another off right the top of hasher’s head. Crash Test Dummy at all times chooses right bearing to be ahead for a while, where the hashers have been, where the locals perorate with curiosity, much more local eyes contacts drive the hashers fashionable and zingy. Passing through a block by a block and making a turn where COO in the first place discovers first beer stop glegly at a sidewalk. Clustered hashers take a break for chewing the fat with drinking, 1/3rd still don’t touch any alcohol. Huzzah! Comes on Vacation appears in the group of hashers from nowhere as latecomer. 6-7 walkers catch up with runners as well. Karate rejoices in conversing with newcomers; Master Baker fetches out a casket of sliced Germany raisin bread to treat the hashers. With spur-of-the-moment fantasy to make of hashing life in having a big drag to a nicety.

It comes due bounding away at the trail. There’s a little misdirection sticking around. Under guidance of the hares, veering back on real trail along with hustling street to snoop about the marks continuously, COO rathe pinpoints a sign to get down through a tunnel as the hashers puzzle about the direction. Keeping a straight line for a short time on a wayside trail, Red Snatcher shouts out a mark to point into Panjiayuan Curio Market; Pickle Boy in summer sportswear blazes a trail on a passage inside and the hashers lining up almost run a semi-circle in this big uproarious market and cause the locals to scream bravo for hashers. Crowding out the market and crossing the street and heading westward. In a distance, catching sight of Just Marj as latecomer who’s alone sitting on the curb and sipping a bottle of beer with dolce far niente for second beer stop, the hashers whoop out. Some stay quiet like Easy Rider, Creamy Lips,etc; in talking and drinking for a laxation, among the newcomers, there’s a small group of local young men who seem to communicate with hashers shyly, another small group of Aussie young folks who show a natural debut. RA’s rightful order calls for the hashers to fare forth.

By the way, the ears can hear a rumble-tumble of rolling the fluid in duodenum. Scene recognition arouses the most of hashers’s poignant memory. Following one’s nose can jog back to stronghold. For sure, once meeting with the mark, the hasher must yell it out to the air. When turning left under a giant flyover, DumbAss and COO have erected at finishing point notching above all the others. There’s a big slate yard enclosed by half-man high iron railing next to the 3rd ring road before restaurant, where 2 local whip masters practice their recreation by flourishing of their whips resounding through the sky, which’s made by 3-meter long iron chain and linked a taper rope to knotted end. Many hashers attempt to swing out a bang and all fail. Where’s W7, who can do it, he’s not here today though; Nut Pirate edges in at one blow for a circle only as his anchored way.

A heuristic circle with a store of value proceeds and hosted by proto-energy from all ladies with a gift of gab, BI for acting GM and CoV for RA deducing the life to be repetitive and vibrant by unfolding rakish live program, first off, a welcome ceremony for 8 newcomers is staged with classic Hash song, little present and cheers from all hashers, then 4 latecomers and some long-time-no-sees are shamed by cheers by all hashers, too; 3 hares are hailed as good stint to birl over and over; DumbAss wins his fastest title by hitting finishing end as the first place and deserves the reward of adorning Hash toilet seat bearing leopard pattern; BH scores her Beijing HHH No.10th run patch; BI confers a shimmery steel mug to NP for his Beijing HHH No.100th run. RAs troll chorales based on vivid episode accordingly; the hashers chortle and Aussie newcomers step in a row hand-in-hand into the circle, which superposes modern fashion of novel alliance worldwide, and otherwise, until Swing Low is showcased by hashers all and singular led a chorus by CoV’s strong suit with 4 types of embellishment. Approx.20 hashers scoff up yummy Guzhou delicacies like one o’clock in roomy and featured indoor structure. After that, the most with engramme move to the Bricks bar on foot for a pool and further wingding.

Just Marj takes out a bogus 100 yuan paper money that a cabdriver gave change to her recently and this bank bill’s indeed hardly discerned by normal discriminance. What a sham world for bottomless personal desire it is!

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

January 13, 2015