s (3)To Switch on the Gate of Agnosticism

Good Time/Bad Time Run

The gas breaks away from concrete physical forms to sublime its entity for wooing the light. It must find pleasure in this transformation process by a long shot. Hash event is no other than providing this biotransformation. The joy connects all hashers’s concentration, with moderate beer as catalyst, plus apt footwork in the nature that motivates the vigor of human body. Supercalifragilisticexpiadocious! It means good. If not, somebody is being lost the sense of self-running matters in the mobile universe. Leastwise it’s a remedy for disappointed creature.

Many great hashers come back from different regions. Groundbreaking only one hare deploys the orienteering for over 30 gleeful hashers. Jingo and Puppy put out strength to waggle their tails to develop emotional relation each other under custody of respective matriarch. Comes On Vacation works on RA to bless the trail at starting point and then get cracking to explore the hashing trail. Chewkacca from Shenzhen is first to discover a sign from baffling gambit. The next seems to encounter one mark that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to in a linear long laneway and there’re lined cars parked flank. Perhaps the cars cover up the mark. Molotov Cock as solo hare rides on a bicycle to make up some chalk marks on the ground. Every now and then Just Daniel locates a sign to take the lead. All of a sudden, a shadow zaps ahead, who’s Chippendale. On branch of Open Check point, some have lagged behind. Shaven Not Stirred and Just Celine jog forward for a whisper. At Three-Way of traffic intersection, Red Snatcher with serendipity yells into a marked trail. The most trot their paces to be a quiet melody like Transylvestite, Lost in Marks & Spencer, Bearded Clam, Just Byron and so on. Crash Test Dummy grasps any opportunity to take a picture for fine moment of hashers. Unknowingly reaching a corner in a market as a beer stop, nearly 10 walkers’ve arrived there earlier guided by elected walking hare, Bjorn Again.

Margaricunt has a big bite on local pancake. Creamy Lips’s 2 lunch-boxes of home-made cake conquer the tummies of the most of hashers on site. Horny On Top never forgets to have Puppy noshed for do an don’t. CumShot volunteers to open the bottles of beer for hashers. A gust of wind reminds the hashers the meaning of winter. Waiting For It as latecomer turns up out of nowhere. Fire in the Hole wraps herself up a chill-proof jemmy. Karate brings 2 virgin young ladies to simmer with delight in shooting the breeze. Getting the hots for simplicity and rapport of hashing content rubs off on every single hasher, well-adjusted capability is enough and to spare in dealing with Dilbert cubicle and restraining order, each hasher has one’s carte blanche to compose new chapter. Calling the tune by RA anon is for Open Check. After searching vicinity for a short time, easily moving onto a marked trail if only thinking more about a way of which the hare rode a bike to make the marks. Boisterous and self-effacing streets and alleys embrace the footstep of hashers. When landing on third ring road, an eco-park gives all hashers a break called Hash Hold sitting on the steps of a steep arch bridge for photographing the group memory. The most then run back to home restaurant by the seat of one’s pants to eastern gate of this park and rotate to starting point. There’s a simple shift for clothes for a celebrating circle in open parking lot right in front of restaurant.

Rough wind blows the dust to hashing site. Dazed & Confused as GM who attires a long dark blue GM frock with swarms of Hash patches and wears a pair of red frame sunglass matching with his bobbed hair appears to be mettlesome and summons the hashers for a circle. Go-to RA, CoV alternates with D&C to host a performance per hashing procedure for welcoming newcomers of 4 all young ladies with Hash song and presents, coupling with cheering up for latecomers, long-time-no-sees and the hare. Finger My Dough and Just Paul wins Beijing HHH’s 10th run patch and 25th run patch separately. CD acquires leopard’s toilet seat for first one who hitting finishing point. Pickle Boy and Chewkacca as BeerB**ch volunteer to serve the hashers with beers. CL comes forward to display the dog shit on the sole of her shoes, which solidly proves a shitty trail. Just Jodie wears a punk hairdo to bare an anomalous extension of empathy. Frodophile finishes his short visit in Beijing by showing more lovey-dovey intimity with Heart On as life partners. Dry Hole catches up with the circle as latest comer to drink a chunk. Lilting Hash paeans one by one. Nut Pirate does his favorite accusatory part. The locals are attracted to watch the hashers’s show. Some eyes expose something beyond their curiosity. A local young man holds his phone to video each hasher in the circle with serious face. The high point is that Just Marj attains her Hash handle organized by RA’s job from CoV, after consultation with spot hashers, Agent Orgy ascribes to her. As a hashing tradition, she has to be down on her knee in the circle, a beer shower christens her underdressed body to put a premium on her penetration accompanied by Hash song, scream and roar. And much more local audiences come up. When a busboy urges the hashers to make space for the cars, CoV leads a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers twice as a finale. 10 hashers stay to taste local homely-dishes located in downtown but a weird thing, no signal for the phones. About one hour later, some head to Paddy’s for a little furtherance.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

January 20, 2015