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The Anniversary Run

When self-conscientiousness has been disabled, judgement criteria must be in disorder, plus the mistaker and criminal must cover their fault and their crime because they realized the law has been dogmatism and the law enforcement has been formalism without the sense of dialectical materialism in a double-dealing environment, the victim must come forward to uphold a justice off one’s own bat. The empathy in public bulks quite large by then. Please do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. Please do not give up good things though they may be minor matters. A local restaurant offers an ostensible cornucopia for over 10 hashers. While hashing dinner almost ends, a plate of dumplings with filling of leek make the teeth of the hashers gritty apparently, the most eat them with same feeling. Pickle Boy takes this plate of remaining dumplings to storm into their kitchen for grilling the chefs. But not an answer is there. PB then smashes this plate to the ground inexorably with invectives. At that point, as if his somatic mutation produces deleterious effect watched by a roomful of customers.

About 20 hashers come along to celebrate a decennial Beijing HHH run for Bjorn Again who plays his haring gig as walking hare. The down-down circle is ensconced a higher small clearing inclosed by half-man high iron-rail next to side street. Comes On Vacation in high-top made of fine fur carries on all organizing duties from blessing trail in start point to the role of RA and GM in drinking circle; some latecomers spring up for a part. Chokes One Out bringing her best friend, a young lady; Drill Me tethering a terry doggie. All hashers get hung up on blithesome atmosphere by drinking and singing Hash songs to taste an established procedure of hashing performance. e,g. welcoming 1 newcomer with Hash classic song and little gift, slapping on the wrist of 3 latecomers and some long-time-no-sees for drinking more in circle; 4 hashers lost their way, i.e. Crash Test Dummy and young lady between first beer stop and second beer stop; Just Daniel and newcome young lady in the beginning, so they have to return to restaurant by themselves; Just Paul sources a bag of garlic-flavored peanuts to share the hashers for personal preference; Finger My Dough and Just Paul wins Hash bag each; 3 hares are hailed in circle to swig together one by one, and otherwise. Turns out that CoV leads a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers as curtain call of 3 editions; after the hashers gratify their hunger, Nut Pirate breaks cover for his way.

With half-baked idea to kink the first mark in a higgledy-piggledy status at the outset. FMD is like hitting jackpot to seek out a mark and calls all hashers to a right direction. Soon a park ushers the hashers into a promethean nature with a hibernant scene of an iced lake, rolling mound and a sheet of bare twigs, but light turnout. Frontrunners shout out On On to direct the hashers such as Sink & Destroy, Pussy Nibble and so forth. Kindling adrenalin-packed trail, Waiting For It actually keeps her paces to be ahead, but her scream for the sign is muffled by her thick professional mask. There’s a pleasure ground equipped with various exercisers as a Hash Hold for a break, the eye-catching thing is a group of granite statues that all figures are real-size vivid happy humptydumpties for standing, sitting and couching. S&D first rushes to a standing one and rides on its poking forefinger, which seems to forebode a wave rider. When all hashers come together, taking some group pictures and seems to fan the flames of a donnee for the times. Once CoV appeals Open Check, PB dashes to an opening in the first place and locates a mark on small bridge in the distance; FMD has sharp eyes to steer the hashers in succession to move out of this funny park. The minutes later, a litany of hashers get at the first beer stop on the side of street. Sip and chat as usual all hashers while away frolic time. Just Sunny seems to be shoo-in in drinking a cup by a cup; smiling Karate enjoys with chewing the fat; Just Wendy and local girls still show certain shyness; Hard to Live with whispers with his solitude. RA yells out for Open Check.

A stream of street way shapes a straightforward trail westward and then crosses the street to cut through a complex to a canal. Running hares re-mark on the ground catching napping such as Breakfast Included and Lost in Marks & Spencer. CTD takes advantage of the occasion to shoot the good time of the hashers. Striding over a big bridge to turn into an uproarious park where many local musicians woodshed their affectionate instruments like saxophone, clarinet, etc, and interspersing with diverse big-scaled bizarre sculptures and structures, a flock of kids play the football on tiny dry grassland giocoso, a cluster of retired folks stick around a big square to play their own games so as to shake off their over-the-counter medicine for their lives. In the clutch at a time when LiM&S in his red blazer whisks forward in winding way pilots the confused hashers to move out of this busy park with tried-and-true action. The trail seems to tell the hashers to be primed to break the back of the trail momentarily. Transylvestite seems never to pick up a right direction from check points of Two-Way and Open Check. Everyone goes to grip with his/her judgement to march. In the interim, bouncing off each branch over one’s head a priori. The second beer stop in a lane emerges his whereabouts to the hashers, just the runners though. Kind-hearted local lady as owner of small shop greets the hashers by placing 2 chairs outside for the seats. LiM&S doubles back to take care of CTD who has been confirmed to be lost, nevertheless fails to find him back and have to move forward after a little rest by drinking and talking. RA’s order for On On cranks up the paces of the hashers. Along the lane, turning to an alleyway, soon flinging into a small park, there is no accounting for taste in times of uncertainty. Self-referential hashers retour to restaurant for a desired effect of haring setting.

The truth isn’t always beauty. But the hunger for it is!!

On On

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

January 27, 2015