Saint Valentine’s Day

Appealing nobility and chivalry to Age of Aquarius.

Courtly love displays humanitarian to reveal chaos

that Orwellian sets against balance force of nature.

26 hashing souls with conclusive proof show caritas.



Wads of chocolate biscuit from Discount Dildo and

her smarty doggie sweeten the hashers in beginning.

20 runners take pictures with setting of CCTV tower

—Big Pants, also themed run called red underpants.



Pussy Nibble and Urine Trouble first dig out a way

from a sign of Two-Way along the street westward.

Crash Test Dummy and Just Joyce spot a mark from

a point of Open Check on beeline avenue northerly.



Turning left from crossroad to enter jagged Hutongs.

Shaven Not Stirred and Nut Pirate start to tramp it;

Lost in Marks & Spencer whoops his way for marks.

Logy traffic lights pitch all passers into jaywalking.



West Side Farter scuttles ahead but missing marks.

Some motivate to check the trail in every direction

such as Finger My Dough, Just Daniel and so forth;

Bearded Clam holds a stick of white balloon to top.



Bustling downtown intergrades a battery of hashers.

Small shop for first beer stop’s been closed arises

a little bewilderment. Pickle Boy as hare hastens to

clutch at a shop sidelong to slake hashers’s thirst.



A gauge measures out about 5km. 6 walkers reached

earlier shepherded by selected walking hare, Karate.

It takes longer to chinwag and lubricate for a break.

8 bottles of beer and 2 bottles of water ease hashers.



Moving on east side to northern gate of ecological

park named Sun Altar. Spreading to zigzag pathlet.

Transylvestite first finds out a mark to cut through

woodlot and steps up to an arboured top then jump



down on the down grade for second Hash Hold where

an antiquated color mural buttresses group memory,

BC and UT go to shop almost miss out group photos

2 doggies and their mommies have to stay on outside



southern gate of the park so as to gather hashers

and where walkers alone go back to restaurant and

runners head through embassy area to ulterior place.

Morale beats out fatigue head and shoulder above.



Just Paul as hare lingers rear to care for laggards;

PB has to re-mark at checkpoints for cutting trail.

The marks lead hashers up to farther southern canal

and on left into tiny alleyway to second beer stop.



Tired hashers sit on couches and chairs in corner.

Slowest runners catch up lastly like Just Sunny,

Hebei Horse Herpes,etc.All snapback by 8 bottles

of beer, 1 bottle of water and snacks from SNS.



Cracking intonation of PB’s voice to adrenalize

next expedition with pointing out at checkpoints,

penetrating through depeopled business area and

Scaling a big foot bridge to empty canal garden.



Apropos shrinking the trail, PB leads the way to

return to restaurant through wandering inner city,

tunnel, commercial square and so on.Some runners

altered to walkers midway like Just Byron and tiro.



A stopwatch indicates around 14km for all trails.

Celebrating circle’s stationed an open parking lot

right in front of restaurant. LiM&S plays functions

of GM and RA to officiate at performance to a tee.



Molotov Cock crops out as desirous latest comer.

4 newcomers are baptized by metrical threshold.

Whose Your Dada swings back for Beijing HHH.

“Accusation time” bears off titillating content.



Hares’re hailed to booze together over and over

PB’s birthday’s emblazed by a spray of blue rose

from newcome young lady, a T-shirt and a special

whiskey from Master Baker;PB reads emotive words.



RA and all hashers chant Swing Low on that score.

20 hashing eaters witness a sumptuous local meal.

CTD does his part as cashier to the last degree.

Common divisor of the age keeps at 27 years old.


On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Monday,

February 16, 2015