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The Shiny Happy Peeple Run

Vernal equinox arouses antiphony of the birds and twigs are shot through with burgeoning flower buds. Cosy sunshine bathes nearly forty hashers beaming and there are the half attended Boxer 136 yesterday, more importantly, celebrating a visit of former well-beloved GM of BJHHH, Life of Pee playing a versant hare, whose T-shirt with pattern of smiling baking hot sun seems to intimate his cordiality and appetency that matches up the hashers in garish colors to take concerted action; his hare partner, Dazed and Confused sounds charge with a bugle jazzes up the start point and both expound a subset of Hash marks on the ground to four virgins and round of Open Check fills in a happy face; Bjorn Again is selected for a walking hare; Lost in Marks and Spencer takes the place of RA to bless the hares and hashing trail by handing out a pair of tiny sticker of yellow smiling faces playacting nibbles, who’s gonna to be juicy one later? Just wait and see. But Dry Hole just comes to send some stuff and leaves; Finger My Dough touts hashdashery; CumShot assembles Hash cash; Crash Test Dummy transforms different angles to shoot pictures for the hashers.

Spreading out the hashers to rake through any corner for a sign in an expanse of residential area, taking a while to stick around, such as Six Short visiting from Nanjin, Comes on Vacation bringing Jingo, Swedish Wood, Chokes One out, Sink and Destroy, Urine Trouble, Whose Red Wienie; Just Oracle, Just Assya disappearing for couple of years, some tyros and so forth; West Side Farter yells out a mark that breaks a discombobulating situation of hashers. Down to a lane, bustling about a digs zone by a digs zone along bold chalk marks, in between, brushing over a overpass, sunbaked streets attract the outsiders more and more. Where the hashers pass through, where a welter of the public tongues wag is activated. Skeeting forward for a moment, once turning right on an avenue, hitting first beer stop where joyjuice moistens the throat of runners and walkers, almost the half don’t take drinkie, with seething with mirth and hobnob. Some make the best of staying in sunbelt for a warm. Hard to Live with as always sits down a corner solely; Pacemaker as a virgin runs away alone for a length after he lays off for a spell and then has to come back to hark at a call of Open Check by hares or RA for vicarious desire in its entirety.

Bursting into trot to move forward with claver, like Hebei Horse Herpes, Just J, Indiana Jones, Just Celine, Shaven not Stirred, Just Toy, Creamy Lips, etc. Knocking into a quadro and edging out through broken railing spacing that it still discommodes corpulency. Squiggly cutting through somewhat streets and alleys into other shipshape housing estate that pops round memory lane betweentimes, bobbery on its last legs is circumstantial and is substituted for quickset tenacity so as to coruscate securement and enticement, to lick the hashers’s into shape. Making a left turn to fetch up second beer stop in a bypath, Pussy Nibble shops to siphon a coconut milk; CumShot sources a bag of sugar cane to treat the hashers; the hashers in knots chew the fat in insouciant way. The locals ask what’s going on out of curiosity and look at the hashers in astonishment. Canty steps roll on next journey. Sidling through another stockade from block to block, whooping up a stream of marks to take the form of sloganeering and resounding through all over the place. At times, a baffling mark arrows retrograde that awakes some to be shortcut, along a straightforward lane, galloping ahead for a short time and at sequent turning, the hashers tumble to switch back to a finishing point. The down-down circle is sited an open busy garden. Some latecomers spring out such as Agent Orgy, AutoBlow and Benz Over who’s not showed up for long time. Later on, Nut Pirate squeezes in for just seeing the circle for his way.

LoP straddles on a denotational outsize diapers awards every hashman with a shot of Jim Hamster; novel GMs, BC and PN preside over a gambit of fresh Mismanagement for performance; CoV represents previous RA distributes the coronet to each member of newish Mismanagement, a brown fluffy rabbit headgear for BC; aureole pink bonnet with a pendant of pompon for PN; pink baby cap ornamented kiddy dolly for Breakfast Included; snow-white fluey headpiece poking out sausage-like rod on the top for FMD; lurid crab coiffure splaying out a pair of pincers and goggle eyes for Red Snatcher; a pink flossy earmuff for Heart On; a duo of Dark Shaft and LiM&S obtain same red helmet equipped with beer brackets and long sinuous straw to suck two tins of beer for deep manna; AO is hailed in for her orgy instrument outfitting with a patent leather cop hat and a pink whip to enforce her power; mumbling Pickle Boy is empowered a pickle-patterned red cap with a pink hatband embellished with a pink ball as a cockade; and otherwise. And former GM, D&C confers BJHHH flag to newish appointees for great trust. Of course, each ceremony engages personified Hash song. All hashers in panoply brim with unquenchable ennoblement and uncontainable merriment agog and some have to bottle up their laughter like Karate, Sarah, virgins and unbeknownst hashers. Ultimately LoP contributes a big bag of smiling-face balloons to present Just Sonny who works for online dinosaur to juice up the spot and then the hashers in succession put on some words on a small paperboard with a headline of Have A Nice Day underlined a big happy face that just literally the hashers espouse value. Thanks Life of Pee (Pi) from the bottom of hashers’s heart. The most get off to bolt down a warm yummy local meal and there’s not a secondment for an unforgettable event.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

March 24, 2015