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 Songkran—Water-Sprinkling Festival

Gusty wind chills spring season. Not in the least does it fall off the fervor of thirty hashing razzledazzlers to splash about the festival occasion. By way of A to B, the starting point is sited at a subway exit of northern fifth ring road to rattle around to a different end. Bjorn Again as walking hare carries a box of color water maggies of diverse sizes to hand out to the hashers. Begad! Bound to get wet today! A mini-van picks up all bags of the hashers to restaurant first. CumShot touts some new socks of glowing colors to the hashers; Dark Shaft tallies each hasher’s name with great care for Hash cash; Dazed and Confused as hare vociferates a guidance for three virgins; Crash Test Dummy as hare holds a case of water for the hashers; Lost in Marks and Spencer as RA blesses the hares and the trail with his unique pattering. There jumps out a roar for Open Check to a journey.

Hebei Horse Herpes and Shaven not Stirred find a right way to take the lead in a confined passageway, with knobs on, evident eagle eyes of SnS eclipse Who’s Red Wienie’s to dig out one mark by one mark out of the tower blocks and Waiting for It draping a diaphanous raincoat is hot on their heels; at a point of Open Check, Pickle Boy luckily spots a right track to be ahead northerly for a while via an avenue one after another; shortly afterwards Dry Hole and Puppy catch up apace. After a Three-Way, open a distance among the hashers. More screams and laughter by squirting each other chain the hashers’s paces. Although Ginger first time partakes BJ hashing, her speed and agility blaze a veteran hasher, swoosh! And she alone seeks out a sign from an Open Check along sparse woods and humid dirt road of streamlet bank with emitting aroma from rainwater, soil and plants. Such a fresh place for hashing! While seeing a sign for Beer Near at a crossroad, five walkers are moving close to first beer stop on sidewalk. Most are for heart starter.

Master Baker as latecomer shows up out of nowhere; Ginger gets into the swing of serving the hashers with bottles of beer; many hashers are being dingdong to spray water for a rough-and-tumble, such as Damaged Goods, Rub It, CTD, HHH, Just Toy, Just Bryan, Finger My Dough and newcomers, in particular SnS clutching a three-perforations tommy gun; some have foresightedness by putting on dense layers and water-proof coats, for instance, Pussy Nibble dressing a winter greatcoat; Karate wearing a watertight sportwear from top to toe; Margricunt attired in cowled pullover and coat, etc. Wind power seems to play brisk with the hashers as well, once PN at the top of her voice asks DH as another RA to blow down the gale, a rush of wind blasts down a motorbike to the ground amongst the hashers, which gives a rise in an uproar. The scene buzzes with excitement. Puppy stares at poignant moment that a pair of encaged rabbits proceeds live lovemaking show. Unknowingly start to hit the road.

Sweeping through an expanse of streets and reaching at green belt of a canal where peach, cherry and orchid trees contend in fragrance and fascination with pink, red and white. Along a causeway and then step into a rubble path of a deserted slum clearance, a refreshing hashing trail as it is. Crossing over an avenue to a modern business area, in an entrance, there are facilities of rugged fountains spraying aquatic bloom with jerky veer in the midst of blowing winds and white water vapor being seen in a distance. What a geyser dance with magic wind! DS hurries up to the shallows to ladle out a mug of water from fountain to souse the hashers; CTD dabbles in the pool of water to load up his sprinkler; DH bringing Puppy and Jingo pierces through an arched fountain waterway. It’s quite so! The hashers adore for soaking through! And all come together to take a big group picture at a very Hash Hold.

Getting things square away and moving forward again. The mark stands a chance to expose in an unassuming corner or inflective open ground on crisscrossing fairways, from time to time, carving out a way based upon a dumpster-diving, neither scratching the surface of trail nor being self-opinioned to run nothing about a clue for long, bar none breaking through a confusion by a confusion and once in a way packing up it for orienting toward hashing trail whatsoever structures and circumstances the hashers go through. When striding over sidesteps to stumble on a sign of BN, and in the meanwhile, the walkers pass by on the nose and then all together gather at second beer stop on roadside anew. Water dogfight continues to place some on the stage. Just Chen chases after Heart On to spray for bedragglement seemingly; Bearded Clam jets out a long spout for delight and benediction; others are concentrated on spurting somebody else for tease. The girls have to hide away indoor for a warmth. A fretful gale brings forth clamminess. D&C, DG and SnS buy the snacks for the hashers to generate somedeal gastric power with a stime of beer. Kicking it off and loping through cookie cutter of buildings along with streets and avenues, post-brief interval, the destination can be confirmed in all likelihood and crossing through the intersections. The trail leads up to a restaurant, regular hashers ken that’s Irish Volunteer bar as one of the hashers’s favourite bars. The down-down circle is stationed in an acquainted garden nearby IV.

A grandstand show attracts a number of public eyes there. BC and PN crowning the honours of GMs by turns emcee every ongoing fact. i,e., four virgins being hailed in circle to tope with Hash song and little gift; latecomers and long-time-no-sees being called for in circle to swipe for a punishment; three hares being acclaimed in circle to drink up a super-size parfait glass of margarita. Of course, DH’s Hash songs heart each hasher on site to be vivid mannequin and a cascade of strident harangues from the life and soul; D&C capping a yellow chicken high hat; PB girdling his mismanager headgear on top; Just Toy volunteering to be BeerB**ch with happy faces’s bonnet; CTD wearing a gray little bear headpiece with flank hanging down long plushy streamers to the end that can function as a pair of mini-gloves and there are equidistant sewed Hash patches from top down to two streamers. How wonderful handwork for creative idea! Without doubt, each knock-out proposition must solicit drops and squirts by which the hashers eject skyward and straightforward. Some seem to shiver with their bodies without any drinking and talking by bleak wind. GM would like to whip up for food. Some hashing stirps seem to twinkle with celebration sustainedly. Two RAs who co-perform Swing Low all and singular as never before betide a short denouement. Many taste appetizing multi-flavoured pizza and herewith render thanks to the owner of IV bar, Mr. George who in person pours the beer for the hashers and a plenty of supports for the hashers.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

April 14, 2015