image002Genetic sequencing is revealing that the placebo response is, in fact, a complex phenotype with an unfolding physiology. So efficiency effect must be appraised in dynamic and omni-directional way as opposed to static and unidirectional domination.

Hash-22 or the Hitchmas Run

Those who are fearless in the pursuit of truth could encounter catch-22 between hedonism and reformism. Hashers however solve the problems of drinking and running by hashing fair and square rather than merely calling for certain ism or ideology, in the meanwhile, debunking big loophole of all performance assessments that snuffs out human intrinsic creation and becomes aid and abet in scheming against each other for subsidies and phantom merits as bureaucratism and dogmatism. Majority then have to wait upon which butter wouldn’t melt in one’s mouth. Likewise, Karmic law of cause and effect is being at work. Hashers stand out to clamor for On On toward self-efficacy.

Nuisance value can be undercut by which everyone can independently cherry-pick a pendent trail of Three-Way to slick on his/her footsteps for a puissance. Awww! That’s Dry Hole and Puppy buckle to rake through any probability of locating a mark in versant jigsaw-like alleyways of a thriving town center where over thirty zippy hashers band together to be hot on their heels. Banana Condom sighs with emotion to see a roof of bungaloid house as a terrace crawling with creepers. Flowing through hutongs and hutongs via three checkpoints for three Three-Ways, a tiny shop turns into the first beer stop. DH attempts to distribute some cups of beer to sightseers in a line of pedicabs shuttling through hutongs, too fast cyclo makes no way. Some sit down the step for a recovery from a shade of fatigue from Boxer event yesterday like Pussy Nibble and virgins. Just J as hare serves the hashers with bottles of beer and walking hare, Just Toy ushers a bunch of walkers to meet up the runners to talk and drink for a little while and then take the road in air of some fluttery willow catkins.

Nippy Chokes One Out leads the way for a space. The locals devour sparkling hashers with their eyes and a mark on the ground of small turning is obscured by local motorbiker confuses the hashers in a moment. Crossing over a busy street to clip the hashers’ wing in another crisscross hutongs of architectural complex and the hashers are swamped with checking a way out from many disorienting Three-Ways and Open Checks. A long green belt along with main road seems to be a hashing trail after excluded other two ways from a Three-Way. But nobody can find a sign (being clarified later on that responsible sweepers might had cleaned away the chalk mark earlier). DH steadfastly determines to move further forward and right enough, soon after a mark for Beer Near hangs on the wall highly and clearly. Crash Test Dummy and Pickle Boy are elated and inspired to lope over a street and pinpoint the second beer stop at a retail section on sidewalk of a stream of traffic of an avenue. The walkers and runners get together again. Sip and chat continue to pigeonhole a phylogeny of hashers that can compare with golden handcuffs dilemma to the point of no return. Time to broom in devious four corners.

Encircling a time-honored landmark gatetower and flocking to a crowded Houhai walking street. Voice-activated hashers file through promenade with a lake. Several local middle-age men dressing swimming trunks only go into a car’s repair on the bank. West Side Farter steps over to them for shooting a group photo. And sink into a maze-like hutongs to accommodation road, on right, on left, on straight and so on. Finger My Dough seizes the opportune moment to snap the pictures for the hashers. Once landing a traffic artery, go-getters and walkers have started to sup at fruit stand as third beer stop, yippee! Somehow a country woman as owner of this stand yells at the hashers to move out of the frontage of her stand, first to Puppy and Jingo, when demurring her unreasonable demand, she bawls out unabatedly, “Here’s not your country. You go back where you are from.” Immediately which makes the hashers muddled up and toom beer short notice and push forward as soon as possible and cross over a street to be destination. Karate as latecomer alone lingers at restaurant. After simple preparation and changes, a circle rite is established to the end of an alleyway next to restaurant.

Bearded Clam and PN as GMs capping mitral headpieces separately and DH as RA in turn hosts a powwow. Three hares in black T-shirt in unison are acclaimed in the nave of circle, no matter what to either drool over hearsay or be snowed in gossip, for threshing booze footing with Rube Goldberg and cop-out as well as shopworn convention, unnatural and dilemmatic status cannot brush hares’s shoulders off with man-made weight of evidence, although damp squib has as much chance as a snowflake in hell, who can distinguish censorious voice from fly in the ointment to lion’s share of stint, plus, a Cock of Shame’s swallow for hares preached by Dazed and Confused. Per common practice, three virgins embrace their courteous treatment with Hash song and little presents. Latecomer and long-time-no-sees are slapped on the wrist for a drink. Red Snatcher and Drill Me scores BJHHH No.69 run patch each; DH plays Song Master more resonant than RA that indeed foils climate sensitivity; Mother Ducker chimes out songs to blaze different innards to a tee. Naming time makes a splash for a duo who both are hares, too, stripping down to last layer and on their knees in circle in tandem, post-stormy ventilation by the hashers on site. DH as RA finally hammers down Hash handles to the achievers, Fetus Envy for Just J and Super Squirter for Just Toy. Blessing beer from the hashers shower over their squat shirtless bodies, right away, scream, song and laughter jet into the atmosphere. Some yock such as Heart On, Just Bryan, Hebei Horse Herpes, Breakfast Included, CumShot, virgins and unbeknownst; Just MengMeng attiring BeerB**ch’s gears volunteers to tip the beer for the hashers; Lost in Marks and Spencer as co-RA fulfills function of precenting Swing Low with one and all as a take-home coda. Ten-odd enjoy a Yunan hearty meal in an exotic and cozy environment.

To internalize to whisper: Happy birthday to Mr. Christopher Hitchens and feel grateful for his gift—-“My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line and kiss my arse.”

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

April 21, 2015