image001A new step forward in memristor technology could bring us closer to brain-like computing.

A pash of thunder shower breaks off the celebrating ritual circled by nearly thirty hashers in a passageway of alley of downtown. A luxuriant canopy of the trees proffer a shelter for the hashers. 007 rushes over for a latecomer whose giant tarpaulin fits like a glove to shield four hashers from rainwater to the accompaniment of giving a cry of joy; Peppy Dry Hole as RA continues to preside over a damp show; three hares, three virgins and some latecomers certainly come into nuance of perquisites with Hash songs and little gift; Bearded Clam and Pussy Nibble in turn functions GMs to enlarge on box  news of hashers with percepts; DH as usual belts out every single situational Hash song that triggers Just Joko to yock; Comes on Vacation searches out a virgin’s new shoes to make him to drink in his one show in high glee at hashers’s sally; Westside Farter and Heart On spring out as latest comers to burst into a blaze of scream that at once brings a bunch of hashers back to a passion for the Boxer’s scorching run at Ming Dynasty Tomb yesterday; Chokes One Out’s two family members come along to join a circle in high spirits; Pickle Boy wears BeerBitch’s gear to service the hashers until disposing of four small cases of beer in his power; DH leads a chorus of Swing Low  by acting upon four versions graphically to round off a hashing groove. The half repast a Hunan cuisine agreeing with stomachs and later, some gather to GM’s home to eat a pabulum by watching movie…

Just the Tip carries out good performance of his virgin hare by marking Oh Shit trail to a real trail that salts the hashers to check more nothing in a roundabout way in the beginning, anywhere plunging into hutongs parts. Even though Eager Beaver hears a distant call for On On or On Back, he still faces out to see a wrong trail in long while, indeed an answer with regularity always is a mark in evidence; palmary  DH has a bromance with Just Joko who treads close on DH’s heels all the way, they however miss several marks. The hashers wind through the ocean of familiar hutongs’s structures, in particular Drum Tower area. Just Phillip moils to seek every nook and cranny for a lead of hashing sign; Look! Hard to Live with races to beat the band; well! Pekinsky Bikinsky commences to jog her way in rhyme as well. The elements of nimbus emits comfortable air, quite so.  As soon as landing a busy avenue, the runners and small group of walkers marshaled by walking hare, Super Squirter get together at first beer stop at retail section on sidewalk. COO proposes a word Moist to add in each hasher’s name, which acquires an overall respond out of hand and forthwith, this very Moist produces a chain chemical reaction with the meaning of every hasher’s name. How most appropriate! How moist hashers! How moist day! Yea! Crash Test Dummy hunts up first beer stop off his own bat after he gets lost alone, notably with a telltale tattoo of two numbers 69 on his right cheek. Drinks and talks fuel up the hashers for the next.

Whose Red Wienie makes great lope to locate a mark to move forward; Circle K goes off like clockwise. The hasher course through a hustling and bustling streets and intercourses and then march into an ecological park, sloppy chalk marks on the ground still can be spotted, from time to time, the hares have to come forward to guide a way in a moment. When wading through a patch of meads, the park staffs yell to keep out of it. Confusing about that some can, some can’t. Bear in mind that no longer run through the man-made lawn. Colorful hashing line-up move out of it and cross through some streets and turn to a laneway to hit second beer stop with runners and walkers. Some crunching ice-cream, some prattling like Hebei Horse Herpes, Shaven not Stirred, Just Joyce, Creamy Lips, Drill Me and newcomers; Red Snatcher as hare being up to pour the beer for the hashers. Humid atmosphere rings with merrymaking of the hashers. After cranking up a journey via a main road and a lane, the hashers roll into another green park, along the lake bank, stride over a bridge where Dark Shaft ventures to slope down to the water for picking back an aerating balloon for surviving a balls’s vigour emphatically. A parcel of green mounds are soon subjugated by the hashers and there’s a pavilion to set a Hash Hold for time being. A sperm-like chalk earmark on the ground allures CoV and COO to sit over it that calls forth all runners to have a team photo. Following the slate bypath and out of the park, filing through some crowded block streets, PB starts off to his topless run that tentatively relieves his long-drawn choler to heart’s content. Then the hashers thick and fast revert to uproarious restaurant  as an end point.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

May 19, 2015