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Between 4.6 billion and 4.0 billion years ago, there was probably no life on Earth. The planet’s surface was at first molten and even as it cooled, it was getting pulverized by asteroids and comets. All that existed were simple chemicals. But about 3.8 billion years ago, the bombardment stopped, and life arose. The creature from which everything on the planet descends — appeared about 3.6 billion years ago. The first RNA molecules existed in a primordial chemical soup — probably pools of water on the surface of Earth and transfer RNA arose and combined with the work on amino acids and temperature, it offers insight into how early life might have evolved.

Sententiously blessing three hares and a torrid trail by Religion Advisor, Dry Hole who catches up in the nick of time in the beginning at run site nearby western 3rd ring road. Upward of thirty-five hashers then spread out to poke round for the hashing sign in a conversant area. Pickle Boy first locates the teeny-weeny mark on the pole; Whose Red Wienie as hare summons the hashers to move on the right track and then a laneway and garden-style residential zone, the hashers feel their way for a spell. From an Open Check, Waiting for It yells out a way forward along the small street to the end. A Two-Way leads the hashers up to a long flyover’s crossover. Muscles from Brussels strives to take the way; Just Jessica displays her lighthearted staying power to follow the pacemakers; Finger My Dough constantly grasps the gold opportunity to snap the photos for the hashers. A short length of bypath of canal bank introduces the hashers into a green belt and then a long overpass again. Just Alex strictly abides by the mark to move up on right side as it shows an up and on right sign at a bridge’s escalation. Once on the downside, Just Jonathan as hare stands to flourish his arms to indicate the directions pretending a hashing traffic warden; some dodge under the shade to jog forward. Fetus Envy slows down his pace in bare baking hot sunshine. Turning right into an living quarter with iron rails to hit the first beer stop that’s exactly hitting the spot. Ice-cold beers resurrect the hashers. Around twenty runners enjoy a little while of sipping and talking.

When starting off to run, 7-8 male hashers have shone through their figures on the beach passing through a rumbustious avenue, on straight and straight, striding over a giant foot bridge, it seems, getting lost as the laggard at an Open Check that the hares didn’t re-mark a way. Moving on by guess and by golly to pinpoint a tiny mark and for better or worse, reaching at the second beer stop in a parking lot after fumbling around a moment. The runners are off their legs with cold beer and tittle-tattle. At a time when kicking off for next, West Side Farter as latecomer dashes up with a blasting hurrah by the hashers. And soon on right into the Black Bamboo park where there has been a view that’s being filled with sightseers all the year round. Before long the hashers find out a Hash Hold at archaic arbor along the lake bank overgrowing with a tract of water lily coupling with lotus leaves expanding their green overlay and in the navel of the lake, some pedal boats are gallivanting in the water. No doubt, clicking a group picture with such a blooming landscape. But the local anglers fished a few same big-size fishes that arouse suspicions, looking like bought from the market. Some bite the tongue all the time like Breakfast Included, Just Mary and virgins. Bearded Clam as Grand Master gives an order to open check, the hashers march on a parkway bespeaking vivacious hashing lineup. However a local grumbles about the hashers’s shirtless way. Stepping up a wooded mound and two Open Checks and processing out of the crowded and dynamic park.

On left, coursing through a block by a block along the main road, all of a sudden, stumbling across a group of walkers drinking at retail store on sidewalk, which’s just what the doctor ordered for the runners, setting a third beer stop right away. Virgin walking hare, Just Echo keeping her eyes peeled to care about the walkers such as Karate who brings in four virgins as long term enlarger, Cleft Behind, Tits Qualm, Super Squirter, Just Victoria and virgins. In a moment, some latecomers turn up as well, such as Six Kuai Short bringing in two virgins, Transylvestite bringing two virgins. On the spot, the walkers seldom outnumber the runners for a shake. The joviality melts into each and every hasher with iced beer and chitchat. WRW announces all of the hashers walk back to home restaurant for last part. PB and Just Jessica remain running to convoy the hashers through a prolonged slant street and turn to right for a laneway and then on left, moving up a foot bridge and move on right lengthy laneway to the end and on right, reverting to the starting point. After a simple shakedown for a change, the hashers head to a circle celebration where it’s situated in residential area within touch. More precisely, it’s under a towering Roman architectural kiosk around the flower bed.

Pussy Nibble and BC play the roles in Grand Masters in an opening remark. by convention, three hares are hailed in the circle for a drink whatsoever reasons. Others are required same things to do drinking. Circle K scores his BJH3 #10 patch; Just Kelly as latest comer is called in the circle for a swill, specially her dyed blue hair and ebullient laugh are impressive; twenty-first virgins strike a stage pose and embrace a welcome ceremony in singing Hash song and sending Hash cock-ring; Crash Test Dummy must be put in a centerpiece for a long-running Hash website maintenance he’s been chipping in, an overtone is that his new headgear with typical local Qing dynasty’s style representing a sort of unconscious barbarism’s emblem is sewed up Hash patches as if it prompts the Hash can aid the locals to internationalization in a peaceful way earlier provided that the Hash would exist in Qing dynasty; DH as RA directs two virgin hares’s namings smartly, one is for Just Jonathan as he’s on his knees in the circle as ever, after four nominations’s keen competition, Blister Fister yields to nobody to be his Hash Handle. A beer bathing from the hashers puffs up him with it because a scald on his hand’s still not recovered yet since then last time’s Hash dinner; another is for Just Echo in an identical fashion, after four nominations’s argument, an out-and-out Hash Handle for her comes out for Khlitleesi. Hash song, scream and laughter resound through the sky. A scattered circle of the local audiences have surrounded the Hash circle like one o’clock. WSF and PB volunteer to serve the hashers as Beer Bitch, and otherwise. It ends up that Lost in Marks and Spencer as RA leads a chorus of Swing Low one and all in tuff three editions evolving into a smack of bar of conscience. A decent local restaurant duchesses over twenty hashers for scrumptious food.

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Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

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