image001Scientists now have a molecular clue. A genetic switch starts the aging process by turning off cell stress responses that protect the cell by keeping important proteins folded and functional. Germline stem cells throw the switch in early adulthood, after the animal starts to reproduce, ensuring its line will live on.

Over forty hashers wind through local campuses—spacious, green, various sports fields, self-contained teaching buildings, etc. Phew! Behind that, it’s been a long while that vanity fair is still corrupting motivation of education system, let alone original ossified talent mechanism. Human creativity has aborted in diverse transactions between the power and money. The sophic hares classified the trail into two ways as scholars and dropouts that embodies the hashers to be cogito ergo sum via a chipper hashing.

Pussy Nibble as GM summons a starting circle masterly and introduces three hares smoothly, Transylvestite who interprets the marks to twelve newcomers; Six Kuai Short as walking hare and West Side Farter; Dry Hole as RA patters a stream of tongue-twister-like blessing for hares—classic one; PN gives an order for Open Check.

Blister Fister holds a bottle of beer to warm up and Just the Tip tags after his relay race with a bottle; Sink and Destroy, Mussels from Brussels, Just Hemlish, and DH strike a highball to sweep out the first sign on sidewalk along the street, and some on their heels like Chelsea Sucks, Tight Quin, Circle K, Just Max, virgins and so forth. On right into a college and cutting through a couple of classroom buildings. A bit sauna weather drags the feet of the hashers. Unwittingly moving out and passing through  an avenue and a crossroad, reaching at the end of lengthy street. The first beer stop relaxes the hashers with cold beers for sure. Some’s jerseies have drenched by the sweat like Herr Splashy Pants, JtT, Pickle Boy, BF, Fetus Envy, Just David. Fourteen walkers catch up as well, such as Hebei Horse Herpes wearing a sunbonnet and silk white shawl showing a chic; Whose Red Wienie, Crash Test Dummy, Karate, Just Victoria, Just Jason, Just Feifei donning whole cool black from top to bottom, Just Gabriella, Just Pikachu, and virgins. And talk and sip for a moment and then hit the road.

Rounding the bend to a puny greenbelt garden and scaling up an overpass and down into a campus, post-haste entering an ostentatious classroom structure. Even though Just Philip is a teen, his agile action shortly pinpoints a mark in narrow stairway inside to lead the way. As a matter of fact, remaining more clear mind after prepossessing icy beer. Snaking through to a pavilion in garden where twenty-eight runners has team photograph and Chippendale rolls his skateboard to rush over.

A three-way mark strings out amongst the hashers. Translyvestite and Finger My Dough (all the time touting Haberdashery in the beginning and closing) takes candid pictures for the hashers separately. A long straight-on and bearing to the left around a building, by a reminder of WSF, the second beer stop’s raked out by the hashers and later on, walkers make it, too. Perhaps Just Catherine just walked, with no any sweat , but three male sweaty runners scrape some wet on her arms bountifully. In twos and threes chitchat and supping for minutes, then launching the last part.

All the along Nut Pirate’s calls for On On sound like exhaling his last breath in drawling and husking voice; Whora Explora’s passion is just other the way about being limpid and sonorous. In a casual way coming across a towering smoke stack that turns out a café bar in greenery and stepping into another campus and dashing on a professional race track for a moment, acutely awaring that a stretch of busy street and a crossroad are leading up to restaurant. Capricious weather starts to cool down the hashers’s weariness with skite providentially. Dazed and Confused arrives to cheer a respectable circle where it’s sited at a pocket square near restaurant.

PN for GM and DH for RA co-drive the swings of performance in terms of process, such as welcoming ceremony for newcomers with Hash song and little gift and latecomers, etc. Seems that three hares are hailed in circle countlessly for drinking show, either with a Shame of Cock or tippling a Chinese liquor, on account of Transylvestite’s FOYW, specially he stages an irrigation with Hash Arm Pipe; WSF’s excited to shoulder up Translystite to trot a round; FE jumps out to chant an improvisatory Hash song based on scenic high point as a showstopper. Three hares get into a clinch and screech to celebrate their stint for the hashers. SKS nips to carry a small case of beer for four times in due course; PB volunteers to serve the hashers as Beer Bitch. Hereby thanks Transylvestite to bring and share good time with the hashers in Beijing over the past five years. With serendipity, the schooling does not arrest our ardor for education.

On On…

Pickle boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

July 28, 2015