image001Please! Don’t be robot-phobia like Luddite. They would liberate the humans from taxing manual works, for justice and equity based on bare bones, to wipe out money and power of making a wide range of poverty, competition and oversight, with the aim of unleashing inner strength in Brave New World.

Transformative Libation and Explorative Contemplation

Aye up! Finally meeting up life-size Bumblebee Transformer in the vicinity of restaurant in civic center. Over thirty hashers exult over clicking group photos for sure. At least explaining that local culture is not only invariably focusing on historical lessons, also setting a futurist vision. In Bayesian analysis, radiocarbon dating reminds what kind of advanced tools would be employed for a humanity to come. Hashing could furnish clue to establish human value system instead of wolf value system and cynicism.

Around twenty hashers dive into a lake for a dip in Yuyuantan (Jade Pool) Park and splash about water for 15 min or so. That merriment’s felt by water buff only. Fetus Envy recovering from hangover last night by watching on the bank. Some pleasing to be photographers and audiences like Just Catherine, Cums with Milk, Whora Explora, Shaven not Stirred, unbeknowns and virgins. After first beer stop, all hashers keep in line to get into park with ticket. Some latecomers rushing along, such as Six Kuai Short, Sweet and Furry and Just Sarah, as Opening Check for awhile for nothing on parkway, Agent Orgy as hare quicksteps to lead the way to be a lakeside with local swimmers.

Along the lake bank with a row of local anglers, some bellwethers exclaim On On for the mark, such as Herr Splashy Pants, BlowJob wearing a new strip buzz hair on the top as cool musician and Just Philip. When moving out of the gate, all lost the trail, the hare, Finger My Dough has to call all back to a tricky marked trail, a tiny muddy tripy hutong and cross a street to hit second beer stop at an eating-house. A couple of walkers guided by Just Feifei as walking hare have been there, like Just Hemish, Talking impromptu topics and sipping cold beer ease the wayworn hashers for 15 min. e,g. Just the Tip renders an account of his tattoo.

Pushing forward on beeline trail of main road, passing through a crossroad by a crossroad. Good amphibians like Crash Test Dummy, Just Jessi, Tight Quin, Just Kylee, Just Michael, some virgins, etc; Red Snatcher bides her time to take wonderful pictures for hashers as Hash Flash. Turning left to an alley to reach at restaurant and made a big half loop, since from beginning, coursed through hutong and living compounds, swept out a few Open Checks and Three Ways through laneways and streets till all the way down to first beer stop on roadside.

FMD then rides a tricycle cart to usher the hashers to far-away greenbelt on main road for a footloose circle and in fives and sixes of local elder people are playing cards, issuing their parochial comments on hashers, “they are Xinjiang people…”

Pussy Nibble as GM and Dry Hole putting on his cowboy hat as RA take stocks of hashers’s manifestations. As a process, six virgins are welcomed by Hash song, little remembrancer and drinking a cup of beer, in tandem with several latecomers and long-time-no-sees with alleged punitive drinks. Of course, cannot be without three hares, for their stint must be on bacchanal spree a lap by a lap. Pickle Boy without reason is yoked a Hash Arm Pipe and holds a Shame of Cock to sling-drink, as a result, mostly the beer splutter on his face that draws waves of screams and laughter; Just Yong comes forward to disclose his new shoes, which certainly answers his question by using one new shoe to knock back as convention; Nut Pirate somehow lies down the ground that invites some hashers’ s beer shower for a blessing; Pre-lube appears from nowhere as latest comer; Teddy Secret, Just Sonny and someone else don’t take part in the circle as always. And otherwise. DH almost chants each scene all the time until his coda of Swing Low with cantata of hashers comes to an end. The half taste a local yummy food in decent basement space.

The other day, the jury is still out….

In the evening of Thursday, July 30, a day ahead of time for once in a blue moon, aka synodic month that has “extra” lunar displays when the Earth experiences 12 full moons every some years.  The gloomy weather breezes the heat away to offer a good time for a hashing. Before a busy restaurant nearby a city canal, GM of Full Moon Hash, Dry Hole obeys the rule to spin the bottle to screen out a hare…to Just the Tip. Holding on for 5 min and then over ten hashers start to a chasing trip, with no walker. On small streets under dim streetlamp, the hashers thrash about and soon a short stripe of flour on the ground is discovered to cut through a block by a block. Some run like the wind to be pacemakers, such as Sink and Destroy, Just Yong, Just Jasmine and so forth. Innumerable on rights and lefts in streets and avenues, after crossing an intersection, passing by a store, DH pokes his head inside to call, “Beer Stop!” and later on, a succession of laggards arrive as well, like Crash Test Dummy, Red Snatcher, Just Kylee, Shaven not Stirred, Khlitleesi, Just Jessica, etc. Taking a break by drinking and chatting for 10 min.

Kicking over the traces for moment, some chatter, “Open Check” and then “On right” into a park. Whose Red Wienie threshes to turn right and right. When reaching at a dark narrow corner, Pickle Boy darts off the bat into checking for the mark. There’s a flicking lighting at another end waving him, in fact, more deep more empty , quiet and cramped. But a faint call for On On is getting around from the back, then doubling back to go after others. Even if there’s a cemented track, there however are many nebulous runners  to shuttlecock in the dark. When yelling, “Are you?”, no response from the hashers any more. Only following the nose to grope the trail through a gateway with no any sign, having to ask the locals, nobody saw the hasher-featured runners, then must backtrack for a while, at last digging out a flour mark and next a few ones bring him out of the park. The crowd saunter around for a night life. Pouring through two blocks to the main road, with no mark. Having to consult the locals on the hasher’s inklings, nobody knew and checking all three turnings.  In the end spotting a mark at the corner the gateway of park, once moving on the track, not far away in front, all hashers sip the beer at a lit second beer stop to await PB, immediately a burst of scream. The one who lost the way made it again. After some inquiries, learning this part is what Pussy Nibble and Just Michael hared and then Fetus Envy nips away for the third hare. Hitting the road anew in minutes.

Shortly finding a mark of Two Way and another short trail just shows about ten meters for a Oh Shit that’s not easy for one hare alone to mark a double trail. All march to the end and turn left and right on ring road along with ostensive marks and down to a canal bank on straight long treelawn and a lengthy trail. Restaurant emerges afresh.  Having a adjustment later, a small circle takes place next to the canal and diagonally opposite restaurant. Some have soaked through sweat. DH hosts powwow and four hares frequently birl together. Bearded Clam squeezes in out of blue. Rounds of accusations some upon some, Just Kylee loudens she wanna head to Maggie’s bar unwittingly that raises a waft of surprise and guffaw; DH propounds Maggie’s with Hash song vividly. A peart and pithy glorification is rounded off, more than that, we lift up our heads to hoot a moonless sky that in actuality chunk of clouds block this eve-Blue Moon and tells of a cryptobiosis of unalloyed love for Full Moon. If without Younger Dryas Cooling Event lasted for 1000 years thereabouts, Hash Robot could have early beamed up the hashers to land on Moon for hashing. See you next full moon on August 29. Most enjoy a barbecue.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

August 04, 2015