Extra money abducts wisdom!

Saved by the bell—a journey back to the school days

In the absence of deans, nothing is better than that because the deans are the officials, no more professors managing the universities, it’s them who are strangling academic freedom and learning happiness with performance appraisal. In middle and primary schools, dogmatic pedagogy all the time imposes students on answering questions and has never encouraged students to raise a question for producing a component. Over forty hashers revive an old memory of school life, many of whom dress school clothes. Ringing a bell, ringing a bell…

Pussy Nibble attiring a suit of petticoat high school uniform functions GM to highly recommend three hares who look like class teachers, Fetus Envy from top to bottom duding the red with a miniskirt as walking hare; Herr Splashy Pants girding a black silk minskirt; Dazed and Confused adorning a pupil red scarf and girdling a dark textured miniskirt and blowing his trumpet; Dry Hole wearing shirt with a tie and a baseball cap as RA preaches ambrosian words to hares and trail. Best school uniform in turns: Melon Drama with a traditional one piece and high laceup sport shoes, Just Catherine donning a suspender miniskirt with dark checkered pattern; Just Yogi bringing four virgins spiffing red scarves all in unitary way, etc. CumShot is in charge of clearing up Hash cash early; Dark Shaft tastes his a salutary banana in silence as good habit.

After spreading out for first mark for a little while, Pickle Boy spots one at the gate of a campus; Sink and Destroy hotfoots it quick on the trigger with evocative call and the hashers file in and through a wood bridge over a small pond and move forward and go by an athletic field. Six Kuai Short catches up as latecomer. Out of an Open Check, D&C’s rumbling call ushers the hashers into a patch of man-high shipshape thickset, as if the hashers pass through a wilderness. Crash Test Dummy seizes any moment to photograph the hashers. Soon searching out of this campus into a laneway and Nut Pirate luckily keeps go-ahead a bit length. A Three-Way mark separates the hashers a lot in the midst. Later on, heading to a living complex to confirm a way out and via a cramped long trail with iron fence gate. Whora Explora steams ahead and shouts out On On resoundingly. When hitting an avenue, DH overtakes to be a lead. On left, along the avenue for a while, first beer stop meets the eyes of the hashers. Just the Tip shows a pained expression as clapping his hand with WE’s pounding slap. In two ticks, the runners and walkers get together. Some girlish hashers snap a picture for same two cute queues, such as Heart On, Sweet & Furry, S&D, WM and Just Yogi; suddenly, Chippendale comes up with a gasp as latecomer. Talking and drinking calm down the sweaty hashers.

When kicking off, a Three-Way mark shortly is discovered at small crossroad. Many swagger off a turnoff down to a long part until encountering an Oh-Shit mark because HSP still tags after as well as laborious tricky hare. After on the right track for a moment, on right into an alleyway, a Booby Open Check mark holds up for short time. The next all alleys skirt around the hashers to the end, along with the mark to up a foot bridge, the hare yells back for second beer stop. Some front runners get baffled and cut through a building to be there. Pikachu buys a bag of crackers to treat the hashers; Bens Over holds a huge candy stick that’s like a hammer. Simple chitchat and sipping add weight to brain. No time, start on journey anew.

In times of going back foot bridge, there’s a mark indicating to return and then have to flash back through a street and turn left to another campus, when driving through a clearing in greenery, there’s a monolithic chalk drawing for a cock pointing a corner as Hash Hold where all hashers take a big group picture under a lush willow tree. Agent Orgy rejoicingly jumps on the back of JtT to ride for a bit. Before long, all move out of green campus and cross the busy street and pass by a crossroad, a third beer stop is swept out that makes the hashers to ignore brazen heat. Shaven not Stirred shops some peanuts. Good enough recovery from hashing, PN then exclaims to open check. A tiny canal and puny wooded hill unfolds a Boxer trail and down to tranquil chic bypath in bushes and open hustling streets, straight on and on, a row of various business shops on right side and a turning is destination the hashers come back. The celebrating circle is settled on a floppy lawn in campus nearby restaurant.

Allometric excitement surrounds the circle, with some coming and going audiences and hashers like Teddy Secret out and Drill Me in. Many suck a candy stick. Just Tom volunteers to serve the hashers with beer; D&C and PN unfurl Hash flag pose for best photo ever. Six virgins are hailed in doing self-introduction for their welcome ceremony with Hash song and little gift hosted by glorious PN as GM, Tricky Dickie who arrived finishing line as first hasher is honored to garland toilet seat; #100 BJH3 patch is conferred to BO; an egg is granted HSP as hare for consolation price; DH sings out infectivity of his RA position for each scene refreshingly; WE cannot wait to bundle into accusing somebody earlier; seven hashing couples must drink together for emotional conversion between icosahedron and Golden Rectangle; HO’s impulsive to snatch up a bottle of Italian liquor to entertain the hashers; Kimchi Muncher comes forward somewhat accusations since he left for over two years; some all along remain undulation of grinning and yocking like Easy Rider, Karate, Tight Quin, Whose Red Wienie, Khlitleesi, Super Squirter, Just Gab, Just Michael, Just Ron, Grasshopper and virgins. Turns out DH leads the hashers to choir an introit in Swing Low and around twenty hashers stay to disarm tiredness with local quality food and wing other round of drinking. Reality+Dreams+Humour=Wisdom.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

August 11, 2015