Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet from harmful blasts of solar radiation— streams of electrically charged particles that flow from the sun—would strip away the planet’s atmosphere and oceans. As well, Earth’s magnetic field helped to make life on the planet possible and shed light on why Earth is habitable and Mars is not.

Jupiter Pluvius stops his nightlong and daylong drizzling rain as soon as over thirty hashers move on the trail to quarry the marks around 3:11 pm. After Dazed and Confused serves as interim RA for praying the trail and three hares in the starting circle. Breakfast Included as hare has to mark a direction to the confused hashers after checking misdirections for a spell. Shortly afterwards rushing into Tuanjiehu Park (United Park) along with illegible chalk sign on the sodden ground. Rockery, stone bridges, greenery and recreational locals tell an out-of-this-world lifestyle. A covey of quails and ducks motionlessly stand at a tiny holm in the lake and a large shoal of colorful stout fish bunch together under the bank to scramble for food from the sightseers. Plus, rainbow and swinging hashers pass through with calling the marks by the way and by and by, filing out of it.

Skirring past an obscure alleyway to the end and thwarting a crossroad with a stream of traffic, countless times of hashing in this area before. Luckily, many marks were placed on the pole rather than damp ground. From an Open Check, Shaven Not Stirred meets a mark but she still shouts, “Only one!…” that’s but called for from Two-Way or Three-Way. Red Snatcher takes the lead nimbly and most hashers mark time to gaze out a red light at an intercourse. Fetus Envy strikes a highball to jaywalk it on a pavement, but misses a mark and later lags behind again. And reaching at the first beer stop at sidewalk of an avenue surrounded by a cluster of office buildings. All take a break by drinking and talking for a while including 5-6 walkers managed by walking hare, Crash Test Dummy. Six Kuai Short as latecomer appears with his new baby called Charlie (in Peanuts) and before he adopted him, perhaps this deferential little baby got too much bullies to suffer cerebrosis that disables him to walk well. Doesn’t it inflect on a human world?! Pickle Boy harangues the local bewilderment of perception between sin and crime, liberty and freedom, is in certain consequence that there are not a single characters to express “sin” and “liberty” in local language.

Anyhow the path rolls on, via a high tunnel and broad business zone, Herr Splashy Pants is pretty agile to jump over traffic barrier to lead the way. At Open Check, Whora the Explora keeps her way straight on through embassy area and shrieks back to others nonstop and turns into Ritan Park (Sun Altar Park) where rows of towering pine trees and parti-colored flowers in blossom welcome all sightseers, ancient structures with entablature, entablement and emperor-statured glazed roof speak of a longest history of feudal system. Striding over a wooded and bowery hill typifying a Golconda for the rulers. Lost in Marks and Spencer as hare stays in the rear to take care the laggards. Spending a while to run out of a red august archway of entrance. On right to race two blocks to the end of trail and crossing over a crossroad into a winding hutong and suddenly turn left to see the walkers by all odds enjoying the second beer stop in a lane. Just Neil, Pre-lobe and virgins stand aside to watch the hashers silently. Buzzing words and guggling beer brim the hasher’s burgeoning scene. Whose Red Wienie, Just Jessie and the like know more knowledge in dialogue. Different groups whisper different frequencies like Karate, CumShot, Bjorn Again, Pikatchu, Super Squirter, Easy Rider, GrassHoper, Just Eric and virgins. Wait! Master Baker has moved away in the trail just now.

Scrabbling about the marks in homestretch with wave packets of premonitory inebriant in the brain in disoriented laneway to all appearance, then pouring through a busy crossroad under an expressway, by a happy chance, the walkers are passing by. An azimuth compass in the mind starts to recognize the home three streets away. Blister Fister lopes his way to be restaurant in highcolored slow motion. Once hitting there to a halt, behind him, Agent Orgy pops up to ride on his back, and on the heels of her is AO’s handsome brother, Just Travis as virgin has no hesitation to superpose on AO’s back for seconds. Showing a grandstand finish that proves himself to be male version of Agent Orgy. Later on, some latecomers come up such as AutoBlow and Dry Hole by turns. The circle rite is shifted to a clearing on roadside a bit faraway from restaurant. Molotov Cock catches up for another latecomer and the omega is Blow Job.

Bearded Clam equipped GM headgear and Bitch Ferule orders a big circle per procedure, receiving three virgins with Hash song and small cock keychain and six latecomers have a punished drinking. Benz Over is brought out for his birthday by sending him a mini-cake and a bottle of German beer from BF; Just Mat (disappeared for nearly two years) and BF are called in for #10 patch of BJH3 each; making up to award #50 patch for last time like Finger My Dough and Creamy Lips; Pussy Nibble as co-GM steps in to present D&C a packed coddled egg to encourage him to hatch more good ideas for the hashers; D&C as acting RA drapes a Hash red flag to host the part; a Cock of Shame goes over to FE with song of Suck Swallow; Hash Arm Pipe sheathes one arm of Just The Tip to challenge a high-way irrigation; Heart On works on Hash Flash to photograph every watercooler moment; BJ’s new shoes and new socks are spotted to have one-pieces to quaff down, Rambo Number Five ejects to hold his one new shoe for a beer contribution, but too late; somehow Rainblow Bush is hailed in on her knees for second time naming by FMH GM, SKS, without beer shower; LiM&S is urged to carry in more beer presto; DH not only sings all situational Hash songs also brooks no delay to preside over a highlight for Just Catherine to be named. After laps of proposals by her disclosures from some hashers, she in last layer kneels down in the center of circle, ringing out waves of screams and laugher, to christen her Bangs With No Mercy, in a trice, a beer baptism from many hashers bless her to the windrowing white foam gliding over her body and she shuts her eyes and stretches her arms for arousing an autocoid for seconds. Then The Hasher Song fain echoes to the clouds. What a jollity for such crowning fact! Eventually RA exclaims, “make the hashers peace!” sure thing is for all time. About twenty hashers tuck in the hearty eating in common environment. It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put it the hours.

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Pickle Boy

Beijing. Monday,

September 07, 2015