The number in Mayan calendar is beyond the bounds of current modern people’s numeric value, e,g, 20 kinchiltun = 1 alautun = 23,040,000,000 days = approx. 63 million years.

Republicanism stresses governmental publicity, equity and neutrality, that is, government must serve all people’s interests as public welfare instead of only for minority authorities. Over fifty hashers gather to celebrate Mexican Independence Day that government has adopted Republicanism, hopefully seeing to break the periodical decadence due to the longer history, the more being retrograde in the world.

In such a sunny day, Lost in Marks and Spencer as RA blesses the trail by mumbling portmanteau words as if conjuring an epiphany of Whit weekend; Pussy Nibble as co-GM paints a whisker on many hashers with a whiteboard pen; then at the word of command from GM, Bearded Clam, the hashers scatter around checking a first mark; Fetus Envy as walking hare ushers more than ten walkers like Karate, Bjorn Again, Master Baker, Peckinsky Bikinsky, Pikachu, Creamy Lips, Super Squirter, Just Feifei, Spermaid and unknowns; Herr Splashy Pants as hare who didn’t participate to mark the first part of the trail takes a headmost position and acts like a charm for a way out for an instant. Striding over an overpass and moving forward along the road for awhile and then turning right, some latecomers pack into the hashing lineup like Dry Hole, Agent Orgy and Just Travis. Making some turns in snaky alleys to hit the first beer stop in a lane. All hashers gam together by drinking and talking. Charlie (Peanuts) is growing up under the caring charge of Six Kuai Short and Just Gabriela and however every basic normal move brings a physical challenge to him. Sure, his loveliness and doggedness attract the sympathizers more and more. It occurs to that local criminal law indulges violence so much! But those in bed of roses who luckily never experience violent torture cannot understand the atrocious reality and ridiculously let the victims adapt to the lie as a “growth”. As profuse sweat disappears, the hashers kick off a route.

Cutting thru a tiny patch of enclosed mead and crossing a crossroad. Some pacemakers do little to spot any signs along the street like West Side Farter, Circle K, Sink and Destroy, Just The Tip, Just Eric, Just Kim, Just Sonny and virgins. HSP has to lead the way to a broad crossroad, Blister Fister finally seeks out a mark of Hash Hold in front of a cluster of horticultural parterre and entrance of Longtan Park (Dragon Pool Park), the runners heave to await the walkers by drinking beer from which the hares deliver from nearby shop shortly until all hashers get together to have big group pictures. Cum Shot as Hash Cash counts the heads to step into the park. Running thru a stone bridge, there are many local runners and players in green environment and a sheet of lotus leaves coating the surface of a lake. Whora The Explora as hare who stays behind to take care the laggards fretfully asks about all hashers lingering tightly. Soon nosing out of the park and coursing thru a bridge over a canal and down to a canal bank, BlowJob ignores his sports clothes and shoes to immediately dive into a canal as if ferreting about a mark in the water; sometimes DH is flung back to the rear after some spasmodic toils to misdirection; Hard To Live With races afore now and then, through a muddy green belt on the shoulder of the road. Traversing a birring traffic stream on a flyover. Pickle Boy falls on his feet to spot a mark and keeps groping on a branch from a Two-Way and on right into a laneway, the second beer stop seating over there. Melon Drama as latest comer shows up out of blue. By all odds a long break seems a warm-up of the circle rite with introjection, nothing loath! Unceasingly augmenting the beer till seventeen bottles, nevertheless the owner of small shop calls twenty. CS has to coordinate it anew.

The last part is nondescript laneway and lengthy treelawn. Discovered marks drive the hashers to rush amain. Three big-size dogs halt DH’s pace to hug together for buddy-buddy. Down a slope to a main road, an undeviating canal bridge with a last mark of Home Across looms ahead—restaurant.  It takes 10 min around to change paraphernalia. The celebrating circle is sited on a slate path next to a canal.

PN in GM’s headwear moderates a big performance on good condition for three visitors with beer cooler as gifts, five virgins with small cocks as gifts, four latecomers and several long-time-no-sees are punished to swill. Just Michael and PB co-work for Beer Bitch in good time; AO, Bangs With No Mercy and Teddy Secret win their #10 BH3 patch respectively; Heart On obtains her #50 BH3 mug; DH divulges a list of “accusations” in one breath; no doubt, three hares are hailed in for a drink for a sideshow many times and a bottle of Tequila treats all hashers. Later on, either Tequila’s potency or titillating vibe makes WTE jumping for joy and excitement on end; with Hash songs from DH, heart and hand greeting a nightfall. The rest of attendants: Dazed and Confused, Just Jessi, Just Emmy, Finger My Dough, Breakfast Included, Nut Pirate, Rub It, Hebei Horse Herpes, What The Fluff, Whose Red Wienie, Khlitleesi, Drill Me, Pre-Lube, Crash Test Dummy and unknowns. More than ten hashers taste a homely dish in a reserved room. Isn’t the hashing well nigh a live-action primal scream therapy? Having a good mind for one piece of thread being formed the past, present and future without disconnection.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

September 15, 2015