According to quantum mechanics, two or more particles can become “entangled” so that even after they are separated in space, when an action is performed on one particle, the other particle responds immediately. Shown here, two entangled mechanical oscillators made up of two pairs of trapped ions. The entangled particles interact at a speed that’s 10,000 times faster than the speed of light.


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Space is described as a three-dimensional arena, which provides a traveler with coordinates—such as length, width and height—showing location. Time is the fourth dimension and provides another coordinate—direction, it only moves forward. With Jimmy Hamster being brought in by Life of Pee as visiting hare, Dry Hole as Religion Advisor wears godly-looking to bless the journey that presages to encircle a black hole to be younger half than elsewhere. Dazed and Confused as hare shouts in a hoarse tone, “Open Check!” Bjorn Again as walking hare guides more than ten walkers to jogtrot a different trail. Hashing gravity starts to curve space-time. Around fifty hashers hit the ground running for a hyperspace tunnel from Paddy O’shea’s as a traversable “wormhole”. Whole public can eye a “rainbow caustic effect.” Rainblow Bush’s red glossy hair puts forward a telltale.

Spinning up a few billion revolutions per minute.  Hashing lineup at the speed of light have both infinite mass and a length of 0 via a residential zone and sub-streets. At a time when a pantheon of hashers pass through, some locals with small mind squirrelly yell a riot. But many locals have a squiz and smile at the hashers. Eager Beaver whizzes and misses linchpin mark at a branch of Open Check point. Sink and Destroy leashes Puppy to scud. At Two-Way point in an austere alley, disparate positioning strings out the hashers. Fervid locals point a way out to the laggards. Pent-up poky trail seems like piloting up to metempsychosis on a broad avenue. PreLube draggles through a complex to main road. On right to a lane, seeing that all hashers have enjoyed cold beer at the first beer stop. Conversation and Jimmy Hamster relax most by collapsing very quickly and only being suitable for very small particles. CumShot sits sideways to gormandize a bowl of noodle. Just Yong and Just Kim stay in the corner in silence. Shaven Not Stirred’s arrayed in showy mint coat. Six Kuai Short and Chippendale as latecomers squeeze in. Upon time dilation, time scales disinters non-locality.

Filthy Habit draws out his deafening calling for sign as if resonating out Higgs Boson. Lost In Marks & Spencer echoes it and Breakfast Included sticks with quiet. At Two-Way point, LoP has to hint at those getting lost to a sinuous tinny trail where rubbles speak slum clearance flank. Pickle Boy timely switch Open Check mark to directional neo-mark. Dark energy’s negative pressure produces the gravitationally repulsive force that pushes the space inside our universe outward, thus producing the inflationary expansion of the universe. Cutting through a stream of traffic on Sanlitun area and turning right to get at Andy’s Craft Sausage shop Pretty Woman operates as the second beer stop. Margaricunt pours Jimmy Hamster to the hashers in shaping ineffaceable hashing aggregation in an incommodious lane. Suddenly two cops approach to warn PW about the hashers. PW spreads the tables to treat the hashers with his yummy sausage nuggets. And then a woman from a fruit shop next to Andy shop warns the hashers against standing in front of her fruit stand to block her customers. Drinking, snacking, talking and photographing enrich this break time in thrall to space for 15 minutes or up. Melon Drama glows out to ride Andy motor cart with promptitude. Swanky Prancing Queen hums with giff-gaff. In wreathing gladness curls up in a rosy air, narrow tubes of energy stretches across the entire length of ever-expanding universe. These thin regions are left over from the early cosmos and contain huge amounts of mass and warp the space-time around hashers called hashing cosmic strings. Two such strings parallel to each other bend space-time so vigorously and in such a particular configuration that makes time travel possible. In a flash, rotating to Paddy O’shea’s.

Agent Orgy proves to be baby orgy by holding one of twin baby for a long while who should be youngest twin hashers ever. Just Kristen coils up and loosens her hair aflutter. Bangs With No Mercy gazes at the people calmly. Fetus Envy drapes hashing flag and headset on top. There are more who will be audience like Nowhere Man, Dark Shaft, Hard To Live With, Karate, Blister Fister, Penis Tone, Pikachu, Crash Test Dummy, Dickmocracy, Just Emmy, Finger My Dough, Red Snatcher, Rambo Number Five, Whose Red Wienie, Khlitleesi, Super Squirter, Damaged Good, Nut Pirate, virgins and unknowns. An electromagnetic field is circled for celebrating surefooted “wormholes” trip amongst points in space-time with Jimmy Hamster’s energy entitled “exotic matter”. Our dear Grand Master, Pussy Nibble and DH as RA ex officio beam vivacity of intelligence with hashers’s performance part by part. Three hares are hailed in for their respective achievements for certain, D&C for #250 mug and patch, BA for #150 mug and patch, LoP for #69 mug and patch. And LoP and D&C both as extraordinary former GMs of BJH3 exchange special T-shirt and LoP extra gifts a glittery goblet to D&C. As Heart On has her hands full to click hashing photos, she’s elected to take her #200 mug and patch with Mussels from Brussels accepting his patch and hashing bag. Out of blue, DH hangs a fetish-esque plastic flask filling with Jimmy Hamster on his codpiece that arouses D&C to swallow biddably, gung ho! It hits the high note, right then Blow Job appears as latest comer. DH is primed to drag out Just Travis for his naming. After a handful of nominations, Shit Head settles to his head and semi-nakedly kneels down to embrace a beer baptism in the cope of night. Hashing songs and screams reverberate in the sky trebly. Higgledy-piggledy merriments well up by recondite Jimmy Hamster astir a tap by a tap, and otherwise. Peradventure, hashing food comes up earlier. Celebration straightaway moves on a quality buffet on a long table outside, however quantity seems to be not enough for many good appetites. All in all, getting a kick out of  hashing afresh, thanks to Jimmy Hamster’s aftertaste—either infinite or in loops, with no ends. Hallowing the verdure for aye and multum in parvo.

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Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

October 27, 2015