How detached and disconnected we have become from the very stuff that sustains us! We cannot ignore our own nature and biology. Crime rates are on the increase – but not because more people are bad – because people’s circumstances are getting worse. Money is no obstacle to progress in a money-free world.

At the second beer stop in a tattered crisscross hutongs where the mounds of garbage clutter up, a young man owner of a shop supplying beer to thereabout thirty hashers mutters, “Oh, so many foreigners are coming to see our dirty place…” which typically reflects on the mentality of most locals – washing one’s dirty linen at home. But in such a long bygone years, the more washing dirty at home, the more dirty emerging. And never ever place the virus under a sunshine on one’s own initiative, even money-oriented development does not match with a supporting operation of constitution. The proof is in the pudding and furthermore the change should go without retrogradation. Anthropic principle jumps through hoops of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves and humans would come a long way under the autoclave temperature. The hashing is horsewhipping the vitals for a squelcher. The running group in sequence consists of Sink & Destroy, BlowJob, Just Lesha, Just Alex, Circle K, Pickle Boy, Bangs With No Mercy, Finger My Dough, Whose Red Weenie, Khlitleesi, Virgin, etc. Just Kim as hare and Undulator shop the crackers for the hashers. Eighteen runners get a group picture. Afterwards, a bunch of walkers appear led by walking hare, Crash Test Dummy, including Bjorn Again, Master Baker, Big Ears (as a visitor coming back after ten years), Nowhere Man, Drill Me with her Teddy doggie, Karate, etc.

Along the trail, a man-size marks like the doors are made by the hares who must be Just Yong and permuted thick and fast, in particular a countless BN marks in a paranoid fashion are put on a high wall of beer cases separately that show a spectacular view. It stands for a kinda hair-trigger ebullition of a virgin hare. And whole trail is arrayed with sinuous trashy hutongs, foot bridges, Longtan Park (Dragon Pool Park) where all hashers compose a wonderful group photos and a far-flung snow-capped iced lake presents a chaste serene as soon as leaving the first beer stop where some remember same beer stop one year ago. And MB fetches out a box of yummy sliced currant bread to treat the hashers. Just Yong holds an advanced photographic equipment gifted by Just Kim to video the hashers. Before that, crossing through a lengthy iron bridge and sashaying on a frozen canal and a stretch of trail from start point is wrung out of some itsy-bitsy marks on the poles and in the beginning, Lost in Marks & Spencer as RA blesses the trail by convention and Heart On serves as vicegerent GM smoothly.

Likewise, HO and LiM&S take turns to host the conclusive celebration at an open greenbelt. Creamy Lips provides Malaysian and Indian snacks to the hashers. PreLube hands around Mcdonalds’s piping hot French fries with sauce from BJ. CK speaks Russian language fluently. One virgin steps out to accept a welcome ceremony with Hash song. S&D is hailed in for her #25 patch symbolically that her number is beyond that for sure. Rambo Number Five wearing red Christmas hat overhanging a long tapering pompon and crimson jacket adorns with a tuft of jingling baubles on his waist and swathes a gaudy Hashlogo-marked fabric on the full lower part of his body connoting his style, and narrates he has joined the hashing more than 2,000 times worldwide. Penis Tone and S&D play a role of Song Master. Night falls, LiM&S concurrently names Just Kim for Welcome Comes From the Rear and Just Yong for Inspect Her Gadget, sure thing that this couple of Mandarin duck undress to the last layer and naked feet to squat down in the circle together and christen beer ablution from other hashers. Parky air forthwith melt into a hotness of screams, convulsion and Hash song on site and work up pituitary gland and oxytocin. Sixteen hashers dine at a local cuisine bourgeoise in a reserved room. Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door for a civilization out of the jungle law in a developing process of animal and monster through man to gentleman. Which stage are you evolving into 2016?

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

December 29, 2015