We can draw on human computation methods for stimulating innovation, eliciting new ideas, spreading them around and giving people the opportunity to build on each other’s work for solving the wicked problems. Brain-like computer chip can mimic millions of the brain’s neurons and perform complex tasks using very little energy.

Around 300 PM2.5 does not break resolve of over thirty hashers to go on Hash event as if composing a whodunit of smog cause. The ferocity is out of the imagination’s league. The public comes hell or high water. There’s no use crying over spilled milk: hundreds billion RMB of financial support was just allocated to state-owned power generation groups for only thermal power within an internal game and don’t care for other 50% of coal-fired fields, such as steel mills, building materials, chemical industry, civil use, etc. Even though calling forth to reform industrial structure, energy structure and traffic structure, converting a boodle of the people from suspended animation to human embryo is of the first magnitude with needful “amniotic fluid”. The hashers are more likely to run a wildcard of humanization during a colluvial social transformation lacking of accountability system. Ahem! There! drop a person like a f**king sack of potatoes. So what!

A cocky smokestack erects in an abject dweller quarter is sticking at nothing to billow out fume at the second beer stop in a lane, which seems to complicate radiocarbon dating for either windfall profits. However cannot rationalize haploid embryonic stem cell. Three hares put on same white coat reeling off logograms look like exobiological doctors, Just The Tip, Finger My Dough and Six Kuai Short for walkers (in place of Rainblow Bush in her absence). Pickle Boy senses to catch hold of alpenstock for up and periscope for down but his footing on the flat ground after he drank seven cups of yellow wine-made of sticky rice in South China and the Broca’s area in his inferior frontal gyrus still functions language. Fetus Envy dresses a gules long-sleeved sheathy shirt to show high-profile curves. Charlie Peanut is yoked by a retractable leash device potters about. Many have been masking. Being prefigurative to wallop through diverse residential areas, streets and alleys. Carpooling psychotropic substance to loop back to restaurant on roadside. The hashers flock to a treelawn opposite the street for a bohemian celebration as ocular demonstration of the public intermixing cerebral palsy and cerebral dominance. Blister Fister, PreLube, Just Jim and virgin as latest comers in turns squash in the circle from nowhere.

SKS exercises the duty of GM to host a performance. Four virgins are welcome with little gift and Hash song. A caboodle of late comers take a punishment of drinking. Some win BJH3 patches, e,g., Just Gabi for #10. Bearded Clam for #100. Bangs With No Mercy for #25. Nowhere Man is called in as well, who probably obtains something, a mug? Because former GM, Pussy Nibble rides on her beau’s neck called Dickmocracy that triggers split-second response with shrieks and laughter on the spot hands out Hash stuff from the high level. Dry Hole is searched out the new shoes for a shoe swill. Rambo Number Five as always comes forward to hold it to glean beer contribution from others to the brim. An inner flambeaus of merriment and Hash songs illumine evening shadows. By analogy, a cop walks up to discuss with some hashers somehow, who then stands in the center of the circle and speaks a fluent English to conclude a hashing jam session for a showstopper and don’t occur to “nonpros” and “magnetic reversal”. Most hashers hurry to restaurant for a hearty food in a private space and prime a sober January. Golly, a sober one.

Hold on! There’re also other unique things for this hashing.

Since DH as RA sermons a hallowed trail in a tone of churchman with solemn patter at the start point, the hashers soon move down to subway and dogtrot into a crowded shopping mall, the crypto-black marks indicated by board pen on the gleaming marble floor, with tips of the hares, lead up to a sinuous trail indoors, up and down, in and out. Sink & Destroy brings to light for certain signs on the lower part of white wall and the hashers file out of it to cross a stepway into another establishment and scale the spiral stairway to march through spaghetti-junction-like iron bridges to a desolate spacious bridge arch as Hash Hold where the smog seem to be shielded away in the case of the wind in a resting state. Two thermos bottles of yellow wine cooked by FMD treat the hashers. Karate reveals it strengthens potency. Some are not big on it. Some latecomers catch up like Teddy Secret and Circle K. Local young men look restrained without any alcohol. Later on, a team of walkers appear as well. Group photos are snapped by Heart On as Hash Flash.

Remaining on the lookout for any clue of marks in IT business zone. At times, Crash Test Dummy races ahead along with tricksy marks into a living building, it seems, the hashers climb up chunks of steps today. At a glance, Pikachu weighs in the hashing lineup as latecomer, cutting through a structure to jump down from man-high platform to see DH and Lost in Marks & Spencer having started to drink beer at the first beer stop. And then Shaven Not Stirred and Undulator shop snacks. Whose Red Weenie sits down in pensive fashion. Getting on with drinks and talks in twos and threes. It takes a while to patrol all nooks for a way out, full of beans, a precogs is not coming apart at the seams to hit a mark and teamwork make a dent in it via large foot bridge and loaded crossings. The preexistences live on borrowed time below one’s breath and fall prey to putrid donnybrook. Irksome hogwash mushrooms to flimflam with ham-handed tinkering, smelling an unsettling umami and wending through anthropogenic hutongs. The odds are high at the second beer stop. Who’s forlorn in desaturated colors? Collating manhunt and keeping body and soul together to morph into a bodhi tree in a cyclical new year – to find enlightenment, guard the thoughts, words and deeds of the hashers. These three disciplines will speed the hashers along the path to pure wisdom.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

January 05, 2016