Resurrection! It’s more likely to symbolize a victory after prevailing against a supposed unconquerable difficulty.

Again, straight three Hash events embrace a sheer spring season, notably in a bracing air and full of sunshine, rushing through crisscross hutongs under a bright moon at Friday night hared by Dry Hole, BlowJob and Molotov Cock, frisking over the Fragrant Hill on Saturday hared Six Kuai Short, Herr Splashy Pants and Urine Trouble (long-time-no-see), raking in Easter Eggs for jelly candies and small bottles of color vodka in muddy bush of Chaoyang park on Sunday afternoon hared by SKS, DH and UR.
There are more long-time-no-sees coming back and visiting on the third day and some with baby hashers, like Mini-Me’s family, Duh Spot’s family, Sir Long and Thin and Fluffy Nut Pincher’s Hash family, and Dash Hound Bitch, Ma Baker, Roger Rabbit, Transvlvestite, especially Life of Pee as former GM just like before brings in diverse presents for BJH3, e,g, in pageant circle, a giant rubber cock head topping on Dazed and Confused; quality drinking glasses for DH; two cock of shames, Jim Hamster, bottles of booze and color jelly candies for hashers, etc. Nearly sixty hashers chortle a big show with layers of local audiences. Behold! Jesus in a snow-white full-length gown comes down. It turns out that’s MC; Bangs With No Mercy and Godzilla Butt each brandishes a bitch bender to maintain the scene order; GMs and RAs in tacit collaboration by turns cut the good figures to officiate at the rightness, such as SKS, Agent Orgy, Blilster Fister and Lost in Marks & Spencer. Thanks to the separation of powers as the most effective power structure. Whose Red Wienie wins a pewter mug; Just Assja completes a nice high-level drink with the arm cast and scores her a running patch like other patch winners, Rambo Number Five, Master Baker, D&C and DH; three young local ladies as virgins call Karate for Hash introducer one by one; what have you, like Drama Melon, Red Snatcher, AutoBlow, CumShot, Sweet & Furry, Undulator, Dark Shaft, Bearded Clam, Circle K, Just Jing, Bjorn Again, Not Shit Sherlock, Fetus Envy, Crash Test Dummy, Bruised Lee, Sink & Destroy, Kiss My Maple Leaf, Pekinsky Bikinsky, MargariCunt, Super Squirter, Tight Quim, Spermaid, Just Ram, Piss & Bitch, KhlitLeesi, Hard To Live With, Nut Pirate and What the Fluffy (come for circle only) as well as the unknowns; In the end, LiM&S precents Swing Low with all hashers. About thirty hashers eat a rich dinner in a decent restaurant for rounding off a three-hashing combo.

The trail covers the part for alleyways. The flame-coloured hashers in droves look like streaks of rainbow to reflex pre-summer ray into the canyons. In pilgrimage-like busy Chaoyang park, skittering the mounds and lawns to pinpoint the Open Check marks that’re crayoned to the looking of Easter Eggs. Mussels from Brussels always dashes ahead. Somehow later everyone sees his right lateral leg has been mudded and his knee exudes a stain of blood that speaks of his tumble. At a glade as the first beer stop where the hares hand out cans of beer. Many hasher’s lid backs show another can of beer for free. Hashers belts out the Free Beer song. Heart On as Hash Flash catches every memorable moment to click the photos. After flowing out of the park, the hare guide hashers into an obscure and quiet sub-hutong containing semi-demolished structure and moving out to go over a beeline trail until reaching the second beer stop. All hashers enjoy a laidback break. Pickle Boy tells Just Dumb the more using, the more coming in the world is valuable like brain. The home stretch is a piece of cake to pass through familiar area to loop back to the start point.

Boxer participants on the second day also tots up to 48 hashers inebriating a wonderful day.

The first day night, spiking hashers make GM Circle K to be up to his ears. The hashers are too impatient to wait to run away without GM’s order. Hutongs connect hutongs and textbook flour striped mark produced by the first hare DH, even an Oh Shit mark is marked for a stretch, it displays a vigorous sap of hare. Unknowingly hitting the first beer stop from right turning. Talk and sip blend together like Just Dumb, Easy Rider, Not Shit Sherlock, Just Jing, Red Snatcher, Just Dave, etc. Molotov Cock has some jumps up to touch a hanging stuff on high-lines that shows his good player for basket ball; BlowJob volunteers for the second hare to nip away. A sheet of alleys and lanes seem to be the intransigent to have none of brightness and openness with decayed past whatsoever to arrange one’s face. A lump of hashers unleash storm of marching paces to the second beer stop. Halloo! It’s former hare’s home. Later on, three walkers appear like Karate, Shaven Not Stirred and Sweet & Furry. A local gallery god is curiously inquiring of the hashers. PedalPhile wears a headband with three little flashlight; Heart On calls hashers for a group picture; MC is asked to be the third hare and works away shortly; a few virgins start to kick off with no GM order. A spatter of the turnings and corners lead hasher to main street to cross an intersection to be home. Tight Quim bobs up out of nowhere for latecomer. The circle is sited in front of restaurant.

Five virgins are welcomed with Hash entertainment. A melody for RA two letters sings out Blister Fister taking out a petite container for Jing A draft beer to share hashers; a Hash oratorio performed Dry Hole, Fetus Envy, Sink & Destroy and Agent Orgy attracts the locals. In between, two drunk local men step in the circle to ask the photo with DH and BF. Many hashers rush in the circle and shout out, “lost control! Lost control!…”; Finger My Dough holds a plastic bag of Beijing Yanjing bottle lids that each lid back is pasted a clipped mini-photo of FE for his forthcoming leave (FOYW) send to FE; FE suddenly doffs CK’s GM helmet to pour beer in and also from others for GM’s tailspin. CK drinks it off with some beer abuse. And then all hashers howl over a moon-blocked sky and the sounds swagger out into space heavenwards to excommunicate cloven hooves. More than ten hashers tuck in a yummy and square Xinjiang food. At the end, Life of Pee springs up for latest comer that invites an awesome joy and then lets blue Pickle Boy play a word game. It dulcifies truth and hauls in bilocation between paradise and inferno.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
March 29, 2016