The cube-shaped sensors are covered with a special coating and shrunk to 10 µm on each side. Once the sensors enter the blood stream, they would travel to the affected area and attach to diseased cells using targeted ligands such as antibodies. From there they could track the disease’s progress.

There is a terrace where several ornamental square columns are erected and show a sanctity, located outside the north 3rd ring road, which is where 2 GMs Shanghai Man and Dazed & Confused stand up to announce that the annual charity Red Dress Run 2018 starts officially. The hares RoadKill, Super Squirter, Sink & Destroy and Blister Fister are called up and S&D explains with great passion an array of marks for 8 virgins circled by more than 60 hashers emanating the red splendor with matronly delight.  The fund-raising of RDR 2018 will be donated to a charity project called Gift of Life now helping baby boys in Hebei who suffer from Hypospadias. The hashers tumble to double take that’s not anachronistic, but we’ve long since dispensed with our ghosts and would have come clean about our desires in the ravishing, flimsy and garish RDR. The expressions fetchingly bewilder. Some exude a balanced face.

A large stream of red flow advance through parkland along with a brooklet, into the lane, streets, crossings, tunnel and overpass. Just Dan hitches a pair of speakers on his chest to blare a fingerpopping music on the trail. Lost in Mark & Spencer hops forward in the rhythm of music. Little Shit Red Hood echoes the songs onward. Although it’s neither hot nor cold, but it’s choky because the atmospheric pressure is very low and holding out for a rain all the time. Just Admin even rides a bicycle for a while. The local audiences sling a ripple of laugh at the hashers in red. A middle-aged local decent lady is jealous of uttering some words to the hashers in red, “it’s too flirtatious!” The number of walkers is as twice as the one of runners to reach 42 hashers. Separately finding out Hash Holds for group photos, with gold-metal giant panda statue,  flying man in red clothes statue, China Ethnic Museum signboard, Bird Nest, Water Cube and so forth. At the straight parkroad, some shuttle bugs put out special postures like Red Snatcher, Damage Goods, CumShot, Rambo #5, KiddiePoo, Bitch Bandit, etc. It eventually teems with rain during the homestretch. The running hare S&D has to lead the way to loop back to HH House on the moist trail with fuzzy signs.

The first BS is spotted in a hutong. A local grandpa accosts Slappy Seconds in a bra on topless body. The locals inside and outside the buildings and houses take pictures of the hashers in red together. At the second BS, the locals and passers-by are curious about clicking photos for the hashers in red. The hashers would not like to move on the trail until GMs shout third time to open check, for the strong music from Just Dan’s speakers has controlled the bodies of many hashers by dance.

While the orgy circle is moved to the brooklet side, the rain stops. GM SHM exclaims to celebrate the Hash #1862. GM D&C draping the black BJH3’s flag then makes a mourning speech for the hasher Bjorn Again’s passing and all hashers belt out BA’s favorite Foreskin Song and raise to toast to BA in the sky. And some hashers wear blondish wig in tribute to BA’s passing in the RDR. The 4 hares are hailed in to drink together for their good job. Only 5 virgins staying accept a welcoming ceremony per Hash tradition. RA Heart On awards a series of run patches and mugs to Lick It To Ride for #50 run patch and mug, BF for #111 run patch and mug, the hare SS for #111 run patch. GM D&C yells out S&D for presenting her a light blue T-shirt with her Hash name Sink and Destroy and relevant pattern for her FOYW, including Minaj A Trois. Bearded Clam and GM SHM both swig a cup of full beer at one swallow. S&D gifts a BJH3 T-shirt to Beer Wolf, a case of color chalk to Piss & Chips. Ass Tonguer squeezes in as latecumer. Somehow Hot Cockolate and Just Adam are pulled to swill their new shoes of beers. Just Chris brings a team to unveil a catwalk show, such as Limp Fish Dick, Nipple Kamikaze and a virgin, especially Just Adam offering up a coquettish and fascinating rendition that gluts the eyes of hashers. Wandering Tongue as Hash Flash photographs and videos all the way.

RA SS hand-picks a group of featured dress for the RDR and Tramp Stamp wins the best dress by which his scarlet crusade fine headgear matches with his wine princess dress and pink socks as well as sanguineous running shoes, most with his tattoo and his type of muscle; Dark Shaft in blondish wig dresses one piece with full of vermeil tassels, in particular with his ivory-rimmed glasses; Pickle Boy in blond wig gets up himself in a dress with big red flowery pattern of the rural northwest of China; GM SHM’s, What the Fluff’s, the hare SS’s, virgin’s, and otherwise. Turns out former and in-service RA LIM&S, RK, D&C, BF and SS co-lead a chorus of Swing Low with crew to a climax. The other attendees:  More Men, Two Fingers, Cums In My Brum, Cruise Line Her, Ragnhild Lund, Churn Me On, Crash Test Dummy, Tip for Tap, Not Tonight, Snake Cunter, All In, Dr. Shocker, Just Sam, Just Matt, Just Jane, Just Ben, CumShot’s mom, Ponyo, the unknowns, etc.

P.S. The founder of Tianjin HHH Elephant Ass also died on July 3rd, Tuesday, 2018, in Spain, aged 84, from cancer. Here also is a tribute to the great hasher.

On On…

Pickle Boy