Pollution May Cause 40 Percent of Global Deaths

THIS IS THE CRIME! There’s no more word to describe ongoing air pollution. Whatsoever you rave about your “achievement”, gross pollution in reality is irrefutable proof. More flagrantly, you have been cooking up chicanery for long time in the name of developing innocent economy with no inner strength’s constraint. Could it be said that we do demand a Moses-style power to establish a moral rule to survive the suffering and confusing masses?! Hoity-toity! Air Quality Index haunted around 333 PM2.5 in the Sunday afternoon. Nearly thirty hashers once again braved vacillate between faith and crisis in a hazy hashing event. Many equipped with the mask.

Coursed through hustling crisscrossing traffic into an empty square and scaled abrupt flight of steps to another street and filed into Tsinghua university as one of a few flagships of local more than 2,000 universities, with brand-new hardware like teaching buildings and apparatuses, but intensive administration educational system and leader appointment system still twist the purpose of cultivating talents with ostensible obedience and flattery of subordinate officials that crowded the educators out of the loop. Fifteen runners made some turns to hit first beer stop in a laneway under the guidance of Six Kuai Short as only running hare. It took a while, to see that two walking hares like Godzilla Butt and Mussels from Brussels brought a small group of walkers to ambulate towards the gathering site with requisite cups for drinkers, such as Bearded Clam, Pussy Nibble, Karate, Dickmocracy, Nowhere Man, Hard To Live With and Creamy Lips. Suddenly somebody mentioned Dark Shaft to lose his way and BC soon contacted him on WeChat. Crash Test Dummy kept aloof to clap eyes on the situation.

Oral Diarrhea seemed to burn the flames of fury into stirring her stumps to career forward. A cramped slushy hutong set the hashers in motion via a row of residential buildings. Bangs With No Mercy blurted out to a gateway of a detached white wall, “I like this!”, especially being surrounded by a patch of secluded withered spinney and ragged residences. Wound through a zigzag tiny iron doorway into a garden with streamy pond where a timeworn desk-size stone drum was engraved with Self-Discipline and Social Commitment as Tsinghua university’s motto in the past a century for first Hash Hold. The runners snapped group pictures with it and strode over sparse-snow-covered wooded hill along with a lake. And then descended down to a flat campus to be second Hash Hold in a clearing before a time-honored Greek architectural classroom building. By accident found SKS to fall down a lawn from a curb and sprained his ankle. Many hashers came over to encourage him and shortly SKS gritted his teeth to stand up and GB supported him to limp his way to second HHH for group pictures. DS also caught up with the hashers out of nowhere, 2-cm long scratch on his forehead, though-reputedly he went through a thorny thicket. Blister Fister wearing a pair of refreshing sunglasses jumped on a big solid snow ball to show a variety of cool postures. Then Dry Hole was like sprinting to lead the hashers out of this beautiful campus along the marks he spotted afront. The alter ego of hashers displayed exothermal irruption to shoot through and chill breeze fanned the hashers’s faces to shuttle the concourse on the crossing. Herr Splashy Pants stooped down to stretch out his injured knee on wayside. Sweet & Furry, Finger My Dough and Heart On as Hash Flash were busy with clicking single candid photograph. On left, met up second beer stop where many bought snacks like DH, DS, PN, BF, etc. Just The Tip had a quiet break by sitting down on high shoulder of the street. DH photographed some cheeks to measure the age with his phone.

Shouted out the trail along with signs to reach an open area in front of a main teaching building where there were a squadron of uniformed students to practice a military training. The hashers followed suit to form a procession under a flag pole by raising right arm and looking at right direction for a neotenic gesture under the command of Circle K. Poked round for the marks in the toils of structures betwixt beeline streets and meandering walks. Tainted with empiricism of supererogatory disequilibrium imposing willy-nilly on thunderbolt, rotated to restaurant.

The hashers encircled a celebration at a space of a parking lot nearby restaurant. Just Jim rushed over to join the circle and dinner as latecomer. BC fulfilled GM’s function to host a performance for two virgins with greeting Hash song and little cock and for three hares’s wonderful gig as well as two hurt hashers in the trail, by analogy awarded BJH3#69 patch to Karate. DH as RA took stock the travesties of some hashers term by term. Two hares like MfB and GB poured warm and tasty mulled wine to each and every hashers. Pickle Boy got accustomed to volunteer Beer Bitch with cold beer. Fetus Envy slicked up with long-sleeve crimson tight tee-shirt to shape a bumpy profile and chanted the piquancy of clairvoyant showdown. In the last resort, DH precented four editions of Swing Low with sign language in chorus for keeping the hashers saved. The half dined on dulcet Xinjiang food in a cozy and goodly environment. However outside, the goldbrickers were ducking out their duty in lowbrow way, but cannot move a peg in kidding with greased smog…

On the next day, Monday. The scheduled #89 Full Moon Hash had to be cancelled without precedent because AQI ceaselessly surged up to in the order of 1,000 PM2.5, alack! It’s true! The such crime has been early the thin end of the wedge! And weather forecast reported it would still be going on for a few days… the welkin is echoing in anger, “Punish the criminals! Punish the criminals! Punish the criminals!…”

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

December 01, 2015