image001Glory Circle

Flowers always wither and fall.

Partying must bring to a close.

The Sun and Moon alternates statedly.

Pigeonhole great moment all the way.

What thing can hold the people

for 35 years to reiterate 1700 times,

same matter but diverse versions.

That’s Hashers alighting with gaiety,

celebrating Chokes-Vacation-Urine

to long-distance hashing journey each.

See you, winsome FOYWs in bloom.

Refreshing the people’s eyes by a phenomenal big circle shaped by seventy mighty hashers in a parking lot behind Black Sun as home restaurant. A new lap of excitement takes possession of the hashers. Pussy Nibble dressing a snow-white one-piece and Bearded Clam co-perform their GM’s duties as well as Lost in Marks and Spencer for RA. Beyond all doubt, three FOYWs are hailed in the circle for their past achievements in Beijing HHH, to wit, Chokes One Out (as hare, crowning white bowler hat with flank underbrims inlaid her full hash name and color acronym ), Comes On Vacation (as hare, crowning the headgear with her names in accord with her co-hare’s) and Urine Trouble (later on, is inundated with over twenty hashers’ s hugs at the same time); Walking hare, Master Baker snatches up a bottle of whiskey to band up with COO’s left hand that bodes to drink eternally for this big time; rapturous ten virgins are welcome to facete hashing event with Hash song and traditional gifts; Life of Pee comes forward to draw a big Yin Yang symbol on the ground to wave three FOYWs into it, whose trails prefigure an equipoise in a diagram of the universe; two hashers act in concert to wear new shoes such as Molotov Cock and Dumb Ass that turns out to have got on a special drink with their personal one shoe; Fetus Envy’s elected to represent Dry Hole and PN to booze in a way of pouring through new sock with two new shoes for an epic pour and in no time, FE’s beckoned to tope for three hares’s performance to star viviparity; MB wins over his BJH3 #400 mug after screening out the last longest BJ hasher out of a group of old hashers; DH plays a role of SongMaster (s) with a small choir like COO, Agent Orgy, Sink& Destroy and Prancing Queen that embroiders more ebullient atmosphere for every spondaic episode; Dazed and Confused fishes out a plastic pipe gadget to feed Blow Job to suck-swallow the beer; Pickle Boy teams up with West Side Farter and Muscles from Brussels to volunteer BeerBitch to serve the hashers; six Tianjin hashers are called in for a swill including DA, Short Shift, Powder Puff, Nobody Secret, etc; Creamy Lips contributes a bottle of choice chocolate cream wine to treat FOYWs and the hashers; DH hosts a naming time for Djangle due the part to his fascinating show in the trail, after vehement argument, he finally attains Djangle Balls, catchy and meaningful doggie hash handle, you bet, COV as his owner must drink more substitutively; Muther Ducker and Roger Rabbit squeeze in for only grand circle, and what have you. COV and LiM&S co-present a classic Swing Low with four editions to enable the hashers lapse into countless recollection and aspiration at the end. The hashers drink up 124 bottles of Yanjin beer. The dinner part is the most move on other hashing for the food by snail-style serving of Black Sun bar. There’s however nothing can stop the hashers roistering their way through. Cooee! Cooee!…

When the majority of hashers put on new green hashing jersey and all set off to rout out a GM’s order for Open Check in starting point, PN also releases a happy-face balloon into the sky flying higher and higher and launching into BJH3 #1700 run in due form.

Swarms of the hashers soon flock into the western gate of Chaoyang park. In a cloudy day, it’s best way to find a Moist hashing trail along with the tracts of greenery and a lake and passing through rowdy-dowdy pleasure ground, instanter, filing out of the southern gate and crossing over a busy avenue. Moya! Just the Tip just wears a pair of flip flop sandal to race ahead with a will; whilst turning right to a street, meeting up a group of walkers such as Pekinsky Bikinsky, Karate, Hard to Live With, Transylvestite, Nut Pirate and so on. At a broad sidewalk, the first beer stop is digged out readily. But some still show a flatout air because of yesterday Boxer run. Even though clipping some’s wings of drinking, they can’t shy away from a beer at a gulp now and then. Good time to shoot all family picture and crank up a trail.

Many, are positive to rake through a laneway, broad green belt, wide intersection till hitting a huge stone boat-sculpture as Hash Hold along a turbid canal where the locals are fishing in a big way, they are Waiting for It, Shitface Cockmaster, Just Sunny, Hebei Horse Herpes, Just Ben, ChippenDale, Just Vincent, Six Kuai Short, AutoBlow, Damaged Good, Finger My Dough, Red Snatcher, Circle K, Placenta, Filthy Habit, Super Squirter, Sweet and Furry, Tits Qualm, Crash Test Dummy, Breakfast Included and virgins. All of a sudden, Heart On somehow has run to the opposite bank for clicking photos for the hashers, that comes to the boil to shriek at her. After a number of pictures, the hashers move on a parcel of grass patch and walks.  Making short work of an open check at boisterous crossroad and through a demolished ruins into rows of shacks, over there, reaching at the second beer stop in a smelly alleyway. The sprinkles of slight rain mitigate the fatigue of the hashers. The pacemakers missed it intentionally and unintentionally to get at the third beer stop. Some are shocked by using local toilet in which condition the modern human never think of. Wait! This area is in the vicinity of eastern 4th ring road of Beijing!? And the villagers murmur the hashers are USA army and local kids smilingly gaze at the hashers all the time.

After going through zigzag alleyways, through two doorways, all at once, a dense row upon row of poplar trees emerge, as if the hashers plunge into a fairyland with natural quietness and spick and span. The next is a beeline trail along the main road for a long while and the part of another park, on the left down the south to slide down a bank of foul water and march westward in a long trail and then stride over a dry sewage bottom of a canal. Climbing up a slope bank and on the left a tiny aisle into a kindergarten-like yard where there are many recreational facilities, in particular many play on a swing. WSF jumps out on the top of swing speaks of his physical quality; Djangle chased by LiM&S runs around the hashers a loop by a loop. A container of icy-cold beer relax the hashers to linger longer and converse more. While kicking it off, BJ dives into a swimming pool for a dripping cool and water lover. The homestretch is then a sight of urban establishments to embrace the footprint of the hashers via living quarters and business zones. When hitting busy street where the vehicles are streaming back and forth, Just Jonathan holds up Djangle to cross over it as doggie lover. Shortly afterwards, a succession of the hashers swing back to the restaurant. A generic and genetic hashing run henceforward is stuck in memory of the hashers.

Ow! The muddy hands grab hold of merely one or two staunch branches of underbrush to down a steep 2-men-high cliff looking around thickly dotted bush on a rainy mid-afternoon of Saturday of Boxer Hash #139. Six Kuai Short constantly advises the hashers behind him like Just Joyce, “Watch out!” without these darn undergrowths, it’s hard to image how can descend down such the snaky slope of the mountain. Clack! SKS has ridden on a clump of rescuing root on a downhill loose soil and obviously he had slid through by snapping some twigs. At the time when Pickle Boy can’t see the afore figure and can’t hear a voice sign from ahead hashers, critically, can’t find any clue to move on a trail that’s blanketed by thickset completely; Filthy Habit who’s worthy of a veteran Boxer hasher scurries to be afront to beat out a trail and soon signal back, “On On!” In a wild unpeopled mountainside, a hasher bawls off his head for On On, which could save tons of energy for others, even the risk. On the down grade, along clear flour marks although passing a thunder shower. After a time to the foot of mountain, there’s a still and clean hamlet keeping  local felicitous moment under wraps in which sporadic villagers fan the breeze. Turning left, on right and on straight for a stretch of distance, on left and left, at long last, catching sight of a group of hashers taking a rest next to hashers’s limo bus to point B from point A. Reputedly the bus driver joined the part of hashing, too.

In Boxer hashing for 3-4 hours, there’s not any beer stop to explore a wilderness in mostly mountain area. Taurine hashers start to rummage the flour mark along an open road. At the drop of a hat, the trail is locked on clambering a bushy mountain up to a trodden trail. Just the Tip can’t wait to carve out a new trail to overstep the others; Hard to Live With quickens his pace more than flat ground; Nut Pirate stays the last one to crawl up slowly. The spearheads demonstrate a trial of strength over the nature to bevel up to blaze a trail. At times hearing a call for On On that feels like just 5 meters high, in fact, it needs to climb a long way in brushwood. Turning around a color hashing lineup to move up inch by inch in an ocean of grapple plants. Before long, the hashers conquer a small hill to stand on the top and don’t stop for a scenery and jauntily move down. Just Alex blunders into a little dog-like skull in wild apricot trees underfoot and sees it as a treasure to cherish. Many start to murmur their bodies’s bleeding by the brambles.

Unknowingly wending through a craggy bypath under the foot of mountain along a riverlet. But another group of hashers opt for a sand land to the end of defiant trail. Some then quit this very trail even so the flour marks are laid in front like Prancing Queen, Waiting for It, etc. Brave man like Fetus Envy remains following the mark forward. His slippery shoes make him many falls thanks for the underbrush that he can pull them up from the danger; Puppy shows his extraordinary skill to swim over to the sand bank. After spanning a small bridge, scaling second mountain, much more precipitous and higher and far-up hearing the voice from Dazed and Confused, Bearded Clam, Kiss My Maple Leaf, etc. It’s bracing that’s also hearing long-drawn thundering call for On On from FH. Punctiliously scrambling up halfway and harking at the words of BC, “I can hear your voice. But can’t see you, guys!”  the wind is blowing amain. The hashers have hit the top smoothly. On Your Knees yells out her chilliness. It’s raining cats and dogs. Once keeping down the mountain, FE are taking big spill again as soon as breaking down a branch. The earth has changed into sludgy trail. The hashers seem to get lost. When Pussy Nibble summons to go back to the last mark; Dry Hole on an upper slope shouts out On On that’s a slim hope to move up and up, after a while, the hashers seem to get stuck, too.  At the moment of truth, Lost in Marks and Spencer exclaims in no hurry on far-off side, “On On!” since then the hashers go down the mountain in security. Sometimes Sweet and Furry ferrets out a key mark as well. The thunder shower has gone. Every single hashers’s shoes are adhered with layers of mud and run away off to the foot of the third mountain.

Sitting and lieing down on the cement ground at point B relieve the hashers’s exhaustedness. Looking up at the blue sky and fluctuant white cloud produces a kind of mooning and spooning with gargling cold beer and chewing some crackers. All small group of walkers have arrived led by walking hare, Super Squirter, all of who look like quite clean and neat like Dragon Lady, Powder Puff, Short Shift, Nobody Secret and the unbeknownsts. The runners have a shower awaiting for a long time. Some are ready to be a circle. Eventually PN as GM, Just Sam and FE step back to point B that give the hashers a whoop; Cleft Behind and his wife drive away first for taking their baby; BC and PQ volunteer to serve the beer to the hashers.

Two hares are FOYWs such as Urine Trouble and Dumb Ass, who co-obtain a bottle of snake and scorpion liquor from GM that seems to reflect on an intraday Boxer weather-beaten trail. Six virgins are called in for a drink. Of course, with a rule of Boxer, each caller in circle must lubricate the self at first by bending down a leg forward. DH functions his SongMaster; there’re more audiences like Easy Rider, virgins and the unknowns; BC suggests the hashers go to pick up LiM&S who’s having without the phone on his body and still doesn’t show up for hours. Five hashers raise their hands to go back, they’re PB, DA, JtT, SKS and BC dividing into three routes to search out him. Finally SKS finds him out on the open road. That’s great news to the hashers. Everybody is impregnated with joy. A few rounds of drinking and GM brings the starving hashers to work on the food where in a typical farm restaurant, five big tables for fifty hashers are spread out in a big yard with full of yummy farm meals. Melon Drama and Karate respectively sings karaoke. The last show is UT and Just Sam’s guitars duet and country songs that’s hearty emotional dish to the stuffed hashers. In the cope of night, the hashers return to Tims bar downtown on schedule. On bus, MD, UT and Just Sam playing guitars juice up the ambience and tiredness. When drinking the end at Tims, Life of Pee turns up to make the rest to tipple tasty Margarita. It’s said that PQ’s phone disappears by the time. Going to one’s head and having the pleasure of second day’s big celebration.

Have a Friday off.

Eh! A new doggie of Dry Hole pulls Just Sunny to lose her breath in heavy traffic of midway of hashing trail of Full Moon Hash #81 on Thursday night until second beer stop set up by Sink and Destroy as hare, a squarish table with a couple of chair with which four bottles of cold beer are placed from a roadside restaurant, that relaxes over ten hashers to be after her through noisy hutongs, thriving streets and large structured foot bridge. By good luck, Just Joyce’s shrillish holler for a mark  to signal a way out in the darkness; Crash Test Dummy rushes on and off for grasping the opportunity to photograph night view for hashers; Whose Red Wienie seems to blindfold his eyes to nose back to Dongzhimen as original points. Because it’s him who’s first hare to pass muster to invite the first beer stop in a corner of hutongs he constituted via innumberable hutongs with couples of Open Check points the most knew at their fingertips. Only one thing is he lost Just Echo in the trail and some walkers catch up as well like Karate, Shaven not Stirred, etc; Pickle Boy has the appearance of sponging upon the beer to wake up at beer stop; the last part has to be done by Chokes On Out performing her last responsibility for FM’s GM exemplifying Just the Tip as a tiro of co-hare.

The circled rite looks like more a handover ceremony from COO to DH. Bearded Calm broaches piles of accusations to COO over and over again; DH’s more likely to be a SongMaster to effuse his feeling with Hash song because it induces resonance from the hashers in troth; the sideshow belongs to Fetus Envy’s good call; Muscles from Brussels brings new girl to reserve the spark of manhood; PB strikes note of a super loop from starting point to finishing point for COO’s take-leaving. Everyone exuberates delight animatedly. The bright environment is saturated with the lights. Nevertheless the hashers cannot eye the Moon that she’s hiding behind the velvety cloud. COO then leads everybody to howl up lofty sky to pierce through tiers of barriers ensemble. The most dine a local cuisine and then head to GM’s apartment to watch a movie called Archer. Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase it, we can catch excellence. The hashing is a kind of fun to do the impossible. Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

June 09, 2015