Global temperatures have been hovering around 1.5°C (2.7°F) above pre-industrial averages since 1911.There is a more than 99 percent chance that 2016 will be hottest year as the third record-setting year in a row.

RA lost in Marks & Spencer blesses the trail and slings a small water balloon twice in the air to fall down the ground for splashing away a watery trail in start point; GMs Six Kuai Short and Agent Orgy co-order to open check. Hashers grind away at the nascent state.

Extra Dry spots the first mark after cutting through a bustling intersection. Getting around for a while to pinpoint the second mark to guide hashers into a pocket park. And then losing a bearing for 5 minutes without escorting hares. Pussy Nibble finally scoops out a mark to move on a little circuit of parkway; ED yells out another mark to march in a smooth trail. The forthcoming marks regiment hashers into a singularity of mechanical movement and swing into the other minipark. Sensing there’s over-length between two marks that do make hashers working on an elbow grease on the ropes and going astray until hare Piss & Bitch shows up out of nowhere to mark a way out; Receding Down Under shouts at the trail ahead. In no time filing out of this park and opening check on a prolonged avenue. With exclusive method, confirming the trail and crossing the street into an alleyway. AO holds a big water submachine-gun squirts P&B to set a tough trail; what Pickle Boy bawls out a Beer Near mark on the pole shocks a couple of old locals passing by and complaining about PB’s shout on his run and PB apologizes in rapid succession, “sorry!” and that old man beams on his face. In a moment reaching the first beer stop where a nearly twenty walkers have been there. A Hash family come back to spice up the hashing site, such as Phantom, Taxi Ride Her and Phantom Menace who is proofing a self-fulfilling prophecy of hashing growth as one of youngest hasher and changes diverse powerful water pistols to romp about the breathing space with hashers, like AO, Just Judy, Just the Tip, Bjorn Again, Karate, virgins and so on; SKS equips a bagful screwdriver on his front to share hashers by imbibing and he registers a breastfeeding expression; Sweet & Furry squeezes in for latecomer; Charlie’s health report came out from HongKong showed it’s normal; Teddy Secret didn’t hash for long time and her Hash name almost slips out of her mind; Colonized This grips on a water pistol and seems to be prudish to tease hashers; Penis Tone’s water squirter cannot work; the break lasts 20 minutes and taking the road as soon as GM issues command.

Mussels from Brussels rushes into a tiny park. Some marks have been erased by park keepers brings hashers in a tight spot. Along the lake and recreational facilities, hare points out a way to move out of the park via an obscure gate. Several marks of Three-Way, Two-Way and Open Check string out hashers. The teamwork bursts through perplexities, in particular on a ritzy foot bridge, there decorated an open loop in the central location and the marks re-set by Herr Splashy Pants indicate to run around it for waiting for those lagging behind. Mind the Gap is used to lay her a leg on a half-man-high rail to stretch out her muscles and bones. Pushing for pounding away at the trail for an U-turn and entering Rendinghu park and lush reed and quiet lake chill out hashers and scattering for a sign. Muschi Riot shrills cry for a faraway mark. Hashers chip away at the tricky marks. A lil lengthy trail groans out a thirsty desire for hashers. Dark Shaft, No Shit Sherlock and Dickmocracy more than eyes unimpressive marks to firm up forward; Nut Pirate plows his way. Sugarplum ahead condemns hashers to quicken pace. While arriving the second beer stop, walkers better runners again to be there earlier. Water squirt each other replenishes joy until PM feels cold and has to harbor in mom’s arm for a warm. 15 minutes later, hashers sail through a nameless park. Passing through two small stone bridges and using the exclusive method to locate a way out of the park. Bangs With No Mercy trolls out each and every mark. Hashing line-up land a broad street and northern 2nd ring road, corollary hashers cherry-pick a pathlet along canal to meet up with marks and boodles of locals congest to play mahjong with addiction under bridge. Hashers cross two crossings to turn left to hit home restaurant. Mini-Me bobs up as latecomer. The circle ritual takes place in an archaic garden close to 2nd ring road.

GM AO taking hold a big water submachinegun hosts a performance of upwards of forty hashers; Bearded Clam as Hash Cash asks around who could miss to pay; eight virgins are welcomed with Hash song and floppy cock by answering three questions, what’s your name? Where are you from? Who makes you cum? Meanwhile, a local fancy boy also stands in for fun. A clutch of hashers for long-time-no-sees are punished to drink together. Three hares surely are hailed out to swipe as well, such as HSP, P&B and Super Squirter who must remember how she got her name prior water squirt Hash event about 3 years ago; AO wins #50 mug and running patch, Breakfast Included calls for all mug holders to celebrate together; TRH scores her #111 running patch; in between, many hashers like Comes from the Rear, Inspect Her Gadget, Godzilla Butt, Shaven Not Stirred, Creamy Lips, etc., spout water at hashers in circle for blessing and some have been soaked through like Crash Test Dummy, MM, etc, some then keep watching and laughing like Sink & Destroy, SperMaid, Just Lee, etc; PB volunteers Beer Bitch and acquires a kiss from AO; Heart On, Tight Quim and Rambo Number Five shuttle in and out to snap a splendid moment for hashers; perhaps it’s gooey for Ass Tonguer since she’d lost her cherished camera with tons of hashing photos after she obtained her Hash name last time. But perk up, lady! You deserve better one! At last, it’s time to name Just Greg moderated by SKS. After rounds of nominations, he’s titled for Lick It To Ride that would usher him to be stylite of hyperspace and knees down in the circle to stretch his arms to accept a cataract of beer spouts till every drop of milky beer foam swabs down his inside and outside descanting The Hasher Song and screams from hashers. At the end, LiM&S leads a chorus of Swing Low with three versions all hands, as if lurching in the eye of storm. The half scoff up delicious local food in a private and elegant environment. What a sweaty and watery hashing in a pre-blazing sun it is!

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
May 31, 2016