The Arctic is melting rapidly and could be in a completely ice-free state by 2040. In the Antarctic, the melting rate of ice is about 1/3 of the expected value. If all the ice in the South Pole melts, even drifting into the sea, the sea level will rise by 60 meters. By that time, 2/3 of Beijing will sink into the bottom of the sea.

“Beijing is colder than my hometown.”Just Arnar from Iceland utters. Limp Fish Dick weaves his way to lead the way in an ocean of hutongs nearby Andingmen. 16 runners crash through the unscrambled alleyways where many boards had been embedded for an introduction of its history in Chinese and English. The running hare Dry Hole rushes ahead to rein a direction and the running co-hare Crash Test Dummy serves as a sweeper hare to crack the checking marks and takes care of laggards. The bise and sunshine fall over each other for the climate change. Shanghai Man wears short pants to show a hasher’s spirit in especial. The beaming Dark Shaft swings back BJH3 for a visit anew and bowls along. Just Ben comes up now and then and runs fast in silence that approaches the style of Triple X-Ray. Pickle Boy jogs trot after upwind riding bicycle over an hour from home to hashing. Just Wenhui accosts female hasher as he lopes. Cum in My Brum wins her way with effort. Principal Penetration buckets into hunting for a way out around a crowded Drum Tower area. Then giddapping via various hutongs to be slant, straight, cramped, serpentine, etc and unknowingly looping back to HH house. DS meters out 9.3 km.

By the iced Shishahai lake with scores of skaters, the runners shoot group photos before Song Qingling’s former residence for a Hash Hold. The BS1 happens at a corner of hutongs. The BS2 next to the busy street and when the runners are poised to leave, 8 walkers including Slappy Seconds, Rambo Number Five, Doesn’t Fit, Not Tonight, Just Rob and virgins catch up guided by the walking hare Oracle Boner who’s initiator of the trail topic and might usher the walkers to visit more histories of the hutongs. There are lots of hashers actually who knew the history of it, and don’t have to be too much encumbrance to move forward.

A greenbelt with lush bamboo entertains the hashing circle just like hashers did in the past. DS seems to get used to treat hashers with yummy cookies as long as he turns up. GM SHM gives an opening remark and welcomes 5 virgins with little cock. RA SS suck-swallows a cock of shame and learns some textbook Hash songs from SongMaster DH on the spot , coupling with taking stock skit of anecdote. Blow Harder as Hash Cash fishes out his tally note that’s a crumpled sheet of paper with ripped and formless shape. Red Snatcher clicks candid camera for hashers. Cheers and merriment thrash out the heavy history for future. 12 hashers eat a local reputational snack.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
February 05, 2018