Endohedral Fullerenes – the world’s most expensive material.  Recently being sold off the first sample of the material to the tune of $US32,000 for 200 micrograms (1 microgram = one-millionth of a gram), which is about one-fifteenth the weight of a snowflake, or one-third the weight of a human hair.

A dense mass of 20-odd virgins, 10 locals from 2 English corners and 2 different clubs brought in by Karate as renowned Hash promoter, in one fell swoop, come out in the starting circle in front of restaurant next to a busy street, they practically account for the other half hashers, GM Six Kuai Short flares out a prologue in a high-pitched tone. 3 hares wearing an uniform yellow NBA jersey, Bearded Clam, DickMocracy and Just Trenten get blessed by what the topical RA Dry Hole gratifies hashers’s passion. GM’s order swings hashers into action on another distinctive journey. Herr Splashy Pants as Hash Cash finishes cash collection and recording in sync neatly and tidily.

Just Pete and Sink & Destroy lead the way to turn right to an indolent street and on left into the gentrified hutong, 3 marks for opening check make hashers scamper around the unabashed joie de vivre of hutongs, leisure locals are delighted at supplying site-specific information that seems to charm away ungodly odor from the innermost of ancient structures and tumbledown pattern. HSP waters down the chalk Open Check marks on the ground to crack a direction. At volley, hitting the first beer stop at a small junction of hutong, the walkers and runners half-and-half converge on and cluster around chatting and sipping. Ram Without Lube spreads the beer. Tight Quim clavers. The most of virgins don’t get accustomed to drink. Petty Zoo follows Hot Chocolate to shoot up to be a teenager who witnessed a long time of hashing since she’s at age of 3. The ultraviolet rays is enhancing obviously. 10 minutes later, GM drives hashers to forge ahead.

Filing out of the ragged hutongs and Just Sonny steams ahead and accosts the hashers. Crossing the noisy and tiny crossing to move on another hutong niche. The bandwagon effect and anchoring effect escalate by turns. Piss and Bitch keeps sonority on calling for the marks. Agent Orgy and SKS two GMs walk to discuss the Hash agenda. Unawares, reaching the second beer stop at a cramped passageway of hutong. The passers-by set eyes on hashers sparkling glitterati of showing fashion trend. Some make the scene with chin music such as No Shit Sherlock, Smells Fishy, Super Squirter, Creamy Lips, etc., a gratulate time connotes thesaurus of hashing rapport with common touch, as with all things conceiving love molecule. 10 minutes later, taking the road.

Just Carol rushes like a cork out of a sweep of hutongs and DH is prehensile to the sense of direction and runs like split at the fore and there are a line of hashers in pursuit of him. Snap! Losing the trail with no any marks, Blow Job catches up and reveals the orientation toward Ritan (Sun Altar) park, and then someone called out a mark and firmly on right and crossing the street to enter the western gate of the park. As if a torrent current rolls in a gushy sea eye of a body of water and shortly spirals up a rockery top with a pavilion. S&D promptly rides over a beetling raw rock and BC pinpoints like the clappers a pillion seat to ride behind her. Both of them busk to scud. Natch, all runners gain the group photos as Hash Hold, and decidedly corkscrew down and through the pruned green formations and out of the northern gate. An Open Check point chains hashers an ounce of energy and then marching northward to get to the third beer stop at the corner of a loaded road. Many taste ice cream and crackers. Shaven Not Stirred shops a lunch box of chicken neck to crunch on. Pickle Boy advices it’s better not eating much the neck, head, wings and feet of Chicken because there deposited heavy metals including sunflower seeds. After a 10 minutes of break at his familiar zone, we start to run back to home restaurant.

Frankly the bright in the eye clouds memory. Only feeling the big street and small street, sometimes seeing the orra of marks lying down the ground and tuff calling for On On. For sure, passing by the front of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires building and Chaoyang District Government buildings as well as broad hustling and bustling intersections and looping back to. When carrying the cold beer from a small shop to the circle spot, the local owner grumbles away that he cannot understand English, it’s indeed a ‘hypoxic’ problem, unless moving out of the international metropolitan, or must learn it for staying better. A meter of hasher reads under 7km for the whole trail.

There is a clearing nook before some buildings, where we can best celebrate hashing event. Charlie grew up with muscle that can support him to go on feet stably. Although some have left in advance like DH, Heart On, Finger My Dough, Sweet & Furry, Crash Test Dummy, etc. SKS and AO two GMs co-host an adrenal-style show. The 2 petite pieces of crystal ice blocks highlights an atmosphere that each hasher being called in is required to sit on. Of course, so many virgins can ward it off as greeting them with Hash song and little cock gift. 3 hares are hailed out to sit on for multiple times. Also for long-time-no-sees, there are a group being shamed on swigging together, such as CC, SperMaid, Chelsea Sucks, Teddy Secret, and so forth. Bjorn Again expresses his special mood of fucking off of BH2 for a while by sticking his ass on an ice block for a train of “accusations”. BJ with an evident hickey on his right neck is elected as guest RA for the spiritual things, as a musician, surely cinches for this position by playing up the organized emotion to present a succession of hashers’s episodes, a virgin who is caught for his new shoes drinks with his one new shoe for strong curiosity, more than anything BJ’s acclaimed to lie down these 2 pieces of ice blocks and AO and Pussy Nibble ride on his belly, Whose Red Wienee as a major accuser squats over his face, thanks to the very bodies build, it breaks up the site. With cheerful scene, it’s noteworthy that AO garlanding a string of beer caps belts out every single Hash song matching its shtick, behind that, in sight of numerous homework she did. Her Hash songs have become a mainspring of the circle as Songstress Master. CC as a professional hostess comes forward to name for Just Guo Li as AO announces his naming time, after 2 laps of nomination, he attains his Hash Handle as PeePee酒(beer). As usual, he kneels down in the center of the circle, accepts a waterspout of beer from hashers with scream, merriment and the Hasher Song. PN and PB jointly serve the hashers as Beer Bitch. Everybody smiles the knowing smile and laughs the easy laugh. At the end, BJ precents 2 editions of Swing Low as classic swing with all hands. 20-plus hashers have a local hearty meal. And Rabbit Roger appears for dinner as latest comer. This is the way to refreshing and saving our memory of good time.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 16, 2016