The energy in our bodies is released in the form of heat and light if humans die like other animals and plants.

No matter what ghost is beneficent entity or malevolent entity, it could be a kind of cold plasma of posthumous body that rarely connects the living memory and unfulfilled wish with paranormal state, because most are caused by human tragedy and resonated with mana. It’s an additional force to make up the birth defect and loophole of humanity elicited by over-selfish and over-greed. When humans don’t believe in the others except human beings, humans will be doomed to go to wrack and ruin. Fortunately the ever-increasing scientific technology helps humans to distinguish truth from superstitions.

With the remaining hangover last night for a housewarming party organized by Herr Splashy Pants, more than 40 hashers zone out to find a way out in the land of the living hutongs balls to the wall, déjà vu! A long succession of hutongs a block by a block in Dongsi area have spellbound the two running hares, Piss & Bitch and Just Carol, as if they’re encountering the ghost to lose the trail, holding the maps for a help the worse for wear is as puzzling as lifting the Ouija Board, although it’s an one-way trail in the beginning. Road Kill, Just Mike, Sink & Destroy, virgins rush ahead, however the wrong trail transforms the front runners to be stragglers soonish. P&B has to revamp the trail with new marks, at least 3 times, some chalk signs on the ground in fact have been erased by the passers-by in such a hustling alleyway. Some hasher tries to carve out a new trail in person, but yet mislead the others. Hashers cross the 3 busy avenues westerly until fetching up the first beer stop in a lane, Ram Without Lube reminds hashers of the car loudly. The tropical sunray drenches hashers in sweat. The cunctative drinks bring about a feeling of nether regions. The runners and walkers hared by Red Snatcher half-and-half get together to sip and chat. Six Kuai Short and Charlie come late. Ponyo tended by Ass Tonguer just watches Charlie who stumbles along. The two running hares have to broom to fix the trail. Hashers hit the road in a swashbuckling fashion after about 20 minutes of prolonging the wait.

Along the rowdy-dowdy avenue, No Shit Sherlock shoulders a big bag where Charlie nestles in. Hashers angle across a broad and throbbing intersection, wedge into another hutongs and the hares start to be confused by again. Tight Quim utters rhythmical clop-clop and he’s never stopped his jogging. Several commanding marks were placed at the bustling ground, of course, they are stamped out by the passers. By the seat of one’s pants, hashers run for a distance, and fall into an obscurant quandary and timely pause to move on and discern a right direction and double back to turn left into the other hutongs and shortly meet up the second beer stop at a small junction and the walkers synchronistically. Forming a clump of voguish hashers’s talking and drinking, like Pikachu, Crash Test Dummy, Smells Fishy, Creamy Lips and virgins. GM SKS has to personally take P&B to make tracks for fixing the trail. Finger My Dough checks online for the proverbial haunted house in Chaoyangmen area. Spending 20 minutes or so and then taking the road at the vivacious gait.

Sticking around and around in the hutongs for an Open Check mark in a ghost trail, Agent Orgy jumps on the back of Blister Fister to move forward for a little spell and BF unloaded her on the top of a car. Later on, S&D pops up the back of HSP to jog forward for a little while. The most of hashers have walked in search of the trail. At times, Just Carol has a retrieval of her memory that serves the purpose of guiding hashers onto the trail. At its SKS’s discretion, hare and hashers set the third beer stop properly next to the street. Having a sufficient break with chitchat and tippling for 15 minutes, GM shouts out Open Check and most hashers have changed to be walkers. Cutting through a street and into a protracted hutong from an end to another end and on right to home restaurant. Dark Shaft’s app indicates the whole trail of 10.3km. Taking a 10-min shakedown and heading into a hutong for a circle celebration. RS has her hands full in freezing Hash beer at a grocery, Belgian Vedett and Liefmans, especially AO buys a pack of popsicles putting in Liefmans for a refreshing taste. It’s an enclosed and detached yard that just contains the whole hashers and some locals sitting down with relish watch a hashing show.
Two GMs SKS and AO and RA BF jointly host a gee-whiz festivity. Taxi Ride Her brandishing a red tickling whip and FMD wielding a red slapper co-preserve order on site. Pickle Boy pries open bottles of beer to serve hashers. 10 virgins from Singapore HHH, Spain HHH, Sri Lanka HHH and China (Karate introduced 3 locals) are greeted with Hash song and floppy cock. 3 hares are hailed to swig together with every fiber of one’s being for times and suck-swallow a cock of shame yowling for the very “ghost” trail to get lost so much (as a matter of fact, the hares established a scarce great trail with full of hutongs), in particular by what Whose Red Wienee cannot help “indicting” in waves. S&D fishes out her phone to belt out a new Hash song for hares. AO works on Songstress Master. RA BF announces to name Just Carol, after ardent rounds of raking up her “faults”, Mammary Loss upgrades her life. She, a facehugger is on her knees in the circle to embrace it under a torrent of beer shower by hasher’s blessing. The spot is permeated with screams and laughter. A resultant chorus for Swing Low is led by BF with normal, silent, lady’s , man’s and disco versions universally. About 20 hashers gobble up a local northeastern cuisine. The savage human “ghosts” still run riot to sabotage human civilization. Perhaps there is being the one by your, my and his side. They indeed make citizens had to be hyper-vigilant!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 23, 2016