Single DNA mutations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) contribute to hereditary disease. To prove that a SNP causes disease, need to compare genetically matched “twin” cells, then use a DNA repair system known as Microhomology-Mediated End Joining (MMEJ) to remove the fluorescent gene. That left only the single-base edit, in the form of an SNP, behind.

Saturday afternoon, middle level pollution, PM 2.5 indicates upward of 200. It’s not cold day, by either the spring or the smog. Over 40 hashers as always hash together nearby Beixinqiao area. Thanks to the mega-computer of the anima mundi, all life beings still function well although somewhat bugs occur periodically to confuse human brains and conflict human acts for the prognosticated bad year 2018 . Religious Advisor Heart On with the co-power of Grand Master Shanghai Man ushers the hashers to pray a humanistic trail and the 3 hares being able to carry out a humanitarian roadmap system. They are Super Squirter, Algae Bra (since she took the position of Co-GM, finally shows up in the hashing) and Dickmocracy, granted that Homo sapiens would have to transform into semi-robot.

Crash Test Dummy captures his seventh sense to rush into an alleyway and yells out a firstling mark, on his heels, Pickle Boy, Blow Harder, Dry Hole, Cock Chain, and so forth. Orbiting for a few times, and sometimes feeling that direction is way to go back. The hare Dickmocracy catches up and cracks the checking marks. A local boy dresses up as a superman for a futurist to welcome the hashers, but the most of modern elements must be stifled by the local ancestor worshippers and the backward power structure when they grow up. Once turning right, the first beer stop is met at a small gate of backyard where the 3 hares live with flat-share. And many hashers reach and visit a patio to get a full view of the sea of gray hutongs establishment. Some walking latecomers show up like RoadKill holding his puffy and blue hand that a car accident broke his thumb in these days. Hoping him to pull through soon, More Men laughing out in rhyme and Just Ana around Limp Fish Dick and Slappy Seconds, Bearded Clam drinking a bottle of different beer, Tit for Tap, Breakfast Included, Karate, Rambo Number Five, Flying Mum, Drink Like Girl, John The Baptist, Shaven Not Stirred, Wandering Tongue and virgins. Graphic Explorer clicks his camera. The hare SS vociferates, “all hashers must follow the yellow marks!” indeed, this area is quite familiar to the hashers.

Just Emily, Just Krista, Churn Me On and the virgins positively scurry forward in such the zigzag hutongs. Cum In My Brum slogs. Countless hutongs are flung off, then suddenly hitting the second beer stop in a wee lane. A latecumer Not Tonight sits there early. Afterwards the walkers and runners come together anew and constantly shouting for making a hole for passers-by. The hare SS takes big group photos. The homestretch is basically DH leading the way to wind through the hutongs and busy streets to loop back to HH house. The original circle location in a park has to be changed. As the local hare SS orders food for dinner, the other two hares still have the language barrier to communicate with the park staff. The hare Dickmocracy drives his scooter to transport 4 small cases of beer. GM SHM brings a kennel of hashers to check a clearing for the circle ritual until a narrow sidewalk with a long wall is found out next to the main street. GM SHM and RA HO in turns host the performance. The 3 hares are hailed out for hobnob over and over. 6 virgins are greeted with a little cock and Beijing Hash song by hashers. BH wins #25 run patch. Then GM SHM leaves for annual Irish Ball. 007 steps in to gift a porcelain mug from Europe to BH and another porcelain mug with handle-bar bell to CTD. And then 007 is searched out for his new shoes. A hilarious new shoe drinking plays on. Just Emily eventually is being named by RA HO after rounds of consultation from the hashers. She strips to last layer and on her knees to embrace Cruise Line Her as her Hash Handle that proves a parallel world. The beer shower for her and A Hasher Song go off into a fever pitch. A bunch of hashers chow down food in a decent restaurant.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
March 12, 2018