Geomagnetic reversals occur a few times every million years on average. It happened in recent years, the increase in charged particles reaching Earth would result in increased risks for satellites, aviation, and ground-based electrical infrastructure in economic disruption measuring in tens of billions of US dollars a day.

Spring wind wafts the hibernant plants to come to life in a sunny day. 30 hashers circle up to celebrate a Hash event at an open space of ample greenbelt. A local man sits at a stone bench to crack dried watermelon seeds, seeds shells are littered by him, though. Pickle Boy immediately blames this guy does not have public morality. Pony who’s absent from hashing more than 1 year talks PB into calming down and adds New York also is the same. GM Blister Fister wearing a giant pumpkin-color fist muff hosts a performance. 3 virgins are welcomed with floppy cock and a bunch of long-time-no-sees are punished with drinking. Red Snatcher scores BJH3#111 running patch. Double RAs Heart On and Lost In Marks & Spencer take turns to suck-swallow a shame of cock. 3 hares Finger My Dough, RS and Sweet & Furry are peppered with swill. FMD hails out about 10 hashers without red color for RS’s birthday. Karate rarely sits a bench outside the circle to snooze. Ass Tonguer as Hash Flash clicks her professional camera for hash photos. Dry Hole and Lick It To Ride ramp up the spot by singing out Hash songs. RoadKill can smile with diverse expressions. Damage Goods squeezes in as latecomer. Finally RA HO leads a chorus of Swing Low to round off a vernal hashing. 20 hashers tuck in a local snacks in a merry mood.

Very soon hashers angle into an ocean of hutongs and then swamp into an expanse of empty lot that has been razed to the ground and covered by a green net. So much zigzag alleyways mix with Two-Way, Three-way and Open Check marks to display an unique deep dark lifestyle, as if breaking the fuck up for ball-busters. On turning right from a Beer Near mark, hashers have sight of the first beer stop afore and pacemakers have started to drink there, however LITR still shouts out where the beer stop is until arriving there to meet up the BBB mark. Transylvestite snaps pictures for the growing evidences. 20 runners converse and sip for 20 mins and fail to see the 10 walkers. Perhaps many hutongs have been changed to gray archaic structures trigger their curiosity. Suddenly walking hare RS jumping out of a hutong with Pekinsky Bikinsky, Crash Test Dummy and a girl murmurs I lost the others. Afterwards, a group of walkers show up from a different hutong and Ponyo is in pursuit of waving from LITR. Creamy Lips and Shaven Not Stirred take many pictures with red lanterns for this Lantern Festival. FMD is excited to ride a broom for magic pictures. GM gives an order to open check for runners right away. Crossing a crossing to breeze in another block of hutongs. Once navigating it out, pausing for group photos at Hash Hold at the front gate of Qianmen Tower in a crowd. Sliding into a side approach to whip in a tiny hutong along with marks. The pacemakers miss out on the second beer stop like DH, RK, LITR, ChickenShit, Breakfast Included, No Shit Sherlock, Just Ann, Just Albert and virgin. Just Victoria grumbles to bite on granite for her job. Hot Cockalate and Pyro identify themselves with hashers. Sausage Party watches and drinks a little as usual.

Hairy Gash comes back since he left for 3 years and all the way rushes ahead through the other narrow and winding hutongs, up and down some empty new establishments and turning into a cramped hutong to get to a sweep of deserted courtyards that had been built for 2008 Olympic Games, but right now nobody can live in and incurred a large number of loss. PB snarls how I can move in the house like this! Some runners photograph it as the second Hash Hold. Then moving forward through super-tiny hutongs in a labyrinth of god-for-saken courtyards and buildings. Nevertheless a slew of common people cannot afford the house as a matter of fact. When beating this big-ass up, eyeing the bright avenue and going over it and on left into the makeshift third beer stop that’s set by the pacemakers and there are 2 pieces of wet dogshit lying in the middle of road between hashers and a group of local retirers playing cards. Any person and vehicle could step on it and people are just making idle talk about it. PB grabs some leaflets from a real estate publicity stand and steps right up to wipe up these dogshit. A local old man thumbs up to PB and some local old people are in the affirmative towards hashers and send a big dog into hashers’s group to play around. The next is the hashers cut through somewhat digs quarters and streets. Upon turning left, restaurant emerges. The words from the prayers of RA HO in the beginning are running rings around the trail the hashers got done.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
February 14, 2017