The Initiation of Slappy Seconds

In the beginning of New Year, such the heavy SMOG assaulted the whole China for 2 weeks. Hash event had the second time to break off to hide in Paddy’s bar since it started in Beijing in 1979.

January 8, 2017, Sunday afternoon. The weather suddenly turns into a clear day. Rambo Number Five standing before restaurant where nearly 30 hashers busk to hash, shows his underpants to change his pants, as if reminding a No Pants Day as Sansculotte being happened in some countries. It causes an uproar from the hashers.

GM Blister Fister spiels a prologue without any virgins who have been frightened by SMOG. Acting RA Dry Hole who’s appreciated to render an uncommon nice day augustly blesses the trail and 3 hares kneeling on one leg in a start circle, such as Six Kuai Short, Slappy Seconds and Transylvestite.

Alpha behavior to trace the marks is a speciality of hashers. More as if tracking down the cockatrice of SMOG. Phantom pushes a pram to jog forward. Unknowingly entering Tsinghua University accompanying with the shout for marks from hashers where there assumes a leisure of campus comparing to a negative report about emptiness and confusion of local college students. Winding through a variety of amenities to hit the first beer stop (recalling Comes On Vacation and Beastly Hole hared here approx, 4 years ago) and soon a group of walkers appear as well. Anything Goes becomes a walker. ChickenShit exhibits a gape under the crotch of his tight pants to expose another layer of tight pants inside. Crash Test Dummy and Shaven Not Stirred pose for a picture. Breakfast Included with no drink lingers around alone.

Road Kill sallies forth like a bolter. At the Open Check point, some hashers knock about multiple turn-offs on the ball like Just Dumb, DH, BF, Just Daniel, Principal Penetration, Pickle Boy, etc. Out of nowhere an iced lake meets the eyes of hashers along with the marks. A tiny bridge dichotomizes the frozen lake, on the one side, there are crowded local ice players, on the other side, there is a deserted place. The hare SS takes the lead to rush ahead. As he almost reaches the opposite bank, he screams to fall into a gelid hole. Some hashers behind him hurry to call and watch him for a help or not. After he struggles against the thin ice surface to shreds until holding on the solid edge of ice surface, at once he rolls twice to land his body back and then stands up to trot back the very iced lake to be forward. Testing a feeling by placing a hand into the iced water, just feeling myriad needles to stab the hand. When all hashers congregate on a safe iced lake and bank for a Hash Hold, SS takes off his dripping tops. Just Ann is anxious about asking if SS is okay and hands him a Hash hoodie for a change. The second SS puts on a dry clothing, he responds he’s fine. Another hare SKS pours a thermos of his home-made screwdriver to treat the hashers on the throng iced water. Lost in Marks & Spencer follows the locals to play the ice hockey with a broom. Algae Bra wearing a quality overcoat postures photos. Some discreetly stay on the bank like Sausage Party, Hot Cockolate, Red Snatcher, What The Fluff, Long Legs, etc. Thereabouts 10 meters away, the ice of lake surface has melted into rippling water.

Some of structures and streets in the expanse of campus suggest for old time’s sake. Acrossing a busy street to run into a lane to fetch up the second beer stop that’s at the thought of the past. The shop’s shut down. That’s as far as it wants. Herr Splashy Pants racks off the reason of his surprising FOYW for his love. The happy-sad mood swing wellsup in hashers’ hearts. The happy is for his leaving out of the uninhabitable zone and in pursuit of his love; the sad is that BJH3 is losing a great hasher. And when all hashers move on, HSP squares beer bill as Hash Cash.

Somehow Lick It To Ride rides on a bicycle to forego amidst bizarre teaching buildings and playing fields. All but passing by every row of trees, under these towering trees, do there blanket sheets of sere white-suntan bird shits on the ground. They are from swarms of dark crows representing death or whammy according to local culture. In fact, it’s the same meaning in many countries. The hare SS erects at the checking point to hint at the right direction towards the hashers and his footprints wet the ground. A store at a corner as the third beer stop receives the hashers and the walkers arrived early. Taxi Rider Her and Phantom Menace sit indoor to keep warm. PM cannot distinguish the faces between All In and Just Victoria. Nut Pirate and PreLubed bob up as latecomers. SKS buys snack to share with hashers. Then doing the sweep together to loop back to restaurant five by five.

The circle is ensconced at a lee of a corner. No Shit Sherlock aids to carry the things. Charlie and Ponyo frolic each other and respectively is dressed up the winter coat looking like so cute. The tub-thumping GM BF and the declamatory acting RA DH in turns hosts a cracking performance. Phantom in a panda hat still wears his shorts. The hare SKS brings out another thermos of screwdriver to entertain hashers. 3 hares in the hashers’s blood accomplished their gig with flying colors and hashers cheer up for them many a time. As sideshows, JD and LITR suck and swallow a cock of shame, JD swills down his a pair of new shoes overflowing with beer. For praising the Party Masters, Creamy Lips and Ass Tonguer each wins a red apron abbreviating their Hash name on the front, if Eratica was here, they 3 hashers can form a word – ECLAT. It implies the things could not be perfect in reality. We are however doing our best in the right direction. West Side Farter squeezes in as latest comer, and otherwise. In the epilogue, Super Sub LiM&S comes out to lead a chorus of Swing Low with all and singular animatedly between the lights. Many enjoy a hearty local food.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
January 10, 2017