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The thick scud joins in the hashing fun. The pep words of GM Super Squirter and RA Heart On spring to life with feisty windstorm for 3 hares Agent Orgy, Just Dumb and C3 Pee Holes as well as 6 virgins, as if blowing all pell-mell to hash out. An old willow tree is rustling his luxuriant foliage to drum up for over 30 hashers, scattering to 2 separate groups for making a hole for heavy traffic in a high-end hutong, “Hashing! Hashing!…” Crash Test Dummy and Barbara Bush cannot wait to rush to a direction and whip around for a driven order from GM for Open Check.

Inspiring a dash out of the muggy depression in such a refreshing day. Soon a voice yells out a sign to turn into a series of the marked trail in another hutong. The familiar lie of the land evokes many memories of Full Moon Hash. Ass Tonguer dragging the Ponyo trots on her tiptoe. Pussy Nibble jogs at ease. As arriving at the end of the hutong, the most of hashers pause for an Open Check for a little while. And the hare AO has to lead the way to bear to left into the other hutong. Oracle Boner points at his brain with his finger to the pacemakers who missed the mark, “to use the brain rather than the eyes!”. Finn Diesel giddaps with all energy as a visitor after a few of years. Just Steven with backpack on his back out of nowhere scuttles. Stoned Age and No Shit Sherlock are positive to seek out the mark. Just Daniel and Just Ben run fast. The peanut-size spots of rain plump down the ground. The passers-by make haste to take shelter from rain. Only a line-up hashers keep running under the stirring downpour, the kind of composure and fortitude might be none other than the felicitous vein of the thoroughbred hashers. On left, to be a small shop where Dry Hole has been there as the first one. The chalk marks have been washed away by rainwater, sporadic big marks crawling on the walls luckily.

After the hares hit this shop and make sure it’s the first beer stop, the old woman of this shop asks 5 rmb for a bottle of Yanjing to the foreign hashers. She explains it’s the cold beer. When the local hashers talk her into the 3 rmb as the flat rate and drink on the spot. She gives in. The hare JD grabs a bag of paper cups from somewhere apace. All hashers get together from every quarters, some hiding away the rooms and under the roofs, some standing in the rain to enjoy the commonness. Drinks Like Girls clicking photos, Sausage Party catching up as straggler, Bruised Lee showing up as latecomer. A string of rickshaws loading the international travelers pass by the hashing beer stop and hashers give rise to the shouts of joy. It’s been raining on and off.

DH all the way clears the way through the labyrinthine hutongs and streets with sharp eyes. Crossing the street into the other cramped hutong and catching sight of the sign of Beer Near and the Houhai lake, on left to a section of distance along with lakefront until seeing a bunch of local swimmers thronging under the roof and at the lakeside, the hashers get to the second beer stop and the swimming part. The hares prepare 2 cases of beer. Some hashers holding the bottles of beer jump into the water in the slight rain, like Dazed and Confused, Just Ana, Pickle Boy, Finger My Dough, Doctor Shocker and so on. Lick It To Ride and Just Steven swim forth and back across the lake of about 500-meters-wide surface. The hare AO dresses a palm-tree-pattern swimsuit that’s fairly prepossessing and she waves a fine bottle of Chinese liquor called Laobaigan, to treat the hashers in the water, more like a sort of aphrodisiac. 20 minutes later, the hashers move forward through the swarmed Houhai bar street, sometimes eyeing the marks on the walls and cutting thru the Drum Tower into the hutongs to loop back to restaurant. The mizzle relieves fatigue. DH leaves in advance.

The circle is sited at an open green belt near north of the Drum Tower. The hare C3 PH for sure blows a tune of his bagpipe to perk up the vibe. GM SS and RA HO co-host to felicitate the radiance of the revelers. Per the Hash tradition, the 6 virgins are greeted with little cock and the Beijing Hash song by all hashers. DS and Snake Cunter each wins the run patch and glass-like beer mug, Bjorn Again obtains his run patch and a delicate pewter mug with his glory of #200 runs. Wandering Tongue and Hot Cockalate snap the pictures of the hashers. LITR and D&C by turns belt out the situational Hash songs. The extra sound is a bottle of beer slipping from the hand of the hasher down to the slab floor to bang. Karate brings more virgins in the hashing. Merriment and singing attract the audiences with umbrella including a cop. At the end, RA HO guides the chorus of Swing Low with the hashers to archive a sweet memory anew for every hasher. There are also the other attendees like Smells Fishy, Shaven Not Stirred, Teddy Secret, Nut Pirate, Just Jack, Amy, Tyler, etc. The hare C3PH rings out his bagpipe and some hashers dance in a high spirits. Over 15 hashers eat a local tasty food.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
August 15, 2017