Congratulations on the French National Day and the French showstopper in the World Cup 2018. At the same time have to watch out for the anti-social elements.

About 2 pm, Saturday, at the Hash bar Paddy O’ Sheas’s, MargariCunt and his co-hares Slappy Seconds and Shanghai Man early entertain the hashers with French delicacies such as hearty cheeses, baguettes, sausages, bacons, candies and bottles of wines. It’s not only to celebrate the French National Day, but also for France competing with Croatia for the champion of 2018 World Cup tomorrow. More than 40 hashers come together with the le tricolore, Blue, White and Red to hash a meme of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for the far and close “Bastille” worldwide. GM Dazed & Confused, RA Heart On and these 3 hares resemble to represent the ruling class, the bourgeoisie and the citizens to drum up a “revolutionary” trail around Dongzhimen and Sanlitun bar street. The hashers can’t be familiar more with these areas.

The crack running unit run rings around like Dry Hole, Limp Fish Dick, Pickle Boy, Just Tim, Nipple Kamikaze, Just Matt, Lick It To Ride, More Men, Piss & Chips, Just Ragnhild, Red Snatcher, Finger My Dough, Snake Cunter, Breakfast Included, virgins and the unbeknownst. Suddenly lighting on a shop indicated French Butcher for group photo as Hash Hold. And then continuing to take it upon ourselves to release through laneway, overpass, street, the Workers’ Stadium and crossing the noisy street to breeze in an expanse of compounds near by Sanlitun south street and bustling north street. In the fanciest zone of downtown, the hashers roar past to showcase a dynamic and healthy zeitgeist of iconoclasm in way of devastating simplicity. Twisting and turning through the newfangled biggings and its jiggly theopathy. Along with good-memory-filled bar streets to loop back to Paddy O’ Sheas.

The brightest part is that the beer stop were orchestrated 3 ones by the hares and each was set at a slambang bars for the runners and walkers together. The first is Der Grifter at Sanlitun south street, Crash Test Dummy goes to source bottles of water to share with the hashers; Duh Spot shouts he almost loses kid with Horny Plums, and so forth, in lockstep with the second one Groovy Schiller’s at Sanlitun north street where Placenta bobs in and out and as the hashers start off, even bumping into On Your Knees on the street who vanished for years, within easy reach of the XL as the third one, Cockrazzi blows in and breaks away, and things. The lager, Qingdao and shot comfort the hashers.

The circle ritual as usual is held outside of the Paddy’s. The hares serve the mellow non-Yanjing beers from the Paddy’s for the hashers. Bearded Clam and Tit for Tap work on Beer Bitch to pour the winning beers and wines for the hashers. Just Nix acts out a young live wire. Rambo #5 participates in the circle over attending his baby twins playing beyond the circle. While 007 stands out to “accuse” something, his triplet brats are up and running to squirt and splash water to hashers by jogging around the circle. 8 virgins are greeted with Hash process. Master Baker comes back since he passed off last April and puts himself in an appearance hourly by “accusing” wheen like old times, as if he and Louis XVI have been as thick as thieves to make a restoration.

This is the elephant in the room whatsoever they tip the scale. The Hash songs and laughter dominate the celebration inasmuch as the hashers just give the benefit of the doubt, unless most of hashers get our hands dirty, and the Hash can’t yield up the ghost though. The walkers John The Baptist, Cum in My Brum, Churn Me On, Karate, etc stand a chance to be ombudsmen to scrutinize the modern, open and universal court. Just Adam waltzes off with his Hash Handle being known for Dick Jockey by dint of his impressive catwalk show during the Red Dress run last weekend. RA HO eventually leads a chorus of Swing Low with personnel. Whew, Lord, be as you wish to seem. Just Ragnhild and Two Fingers grab a handful cold Yanjing bottles of beer from restaurant to home drink further.

Follow-up: as expected, France wins the World Cup 2018 in the next day. But in Lyon, celebrations only last for a very short time, and there are mutual attacks between missiles and tear gas.

On On…

Pickle Boy