For such a development of power’s economy.

Air Quality Index indicates about 250 PM2.5. A humid and hazy Sunday afternoon, May 1st. However a lot of people are still bent on diverse outdoor activities and just a few protectively mask the respiratory tract. When asking an old local lady on the street why you don’t wear mask against smog, she answers reluctantly, “I’m just an ordinary person. Other parts can get same thing. Hard to guard against it…ay!”

Roughly forty hashers gather at Olympic Park subway station, over ten virgins appear and some long-time-no-sees come back for a visit, such as Lord Corkington for 4.5 years, Extra Dry for nearly 2 years, 007 for almost 1 year and his sidecar loads all bags of hashers to restaurant for a A-to-B trail. And prolonging more than 20 minutes to await some major hashers comparing to scheduled time of 3pm.

Dry Hole exclaims charm of GM for virgins and RA Lost in Marks & Spencer renders a simple blessing for trail and three hares like Six Kuai Short, Pekinsky Bikinsky and Fetus Envy(running hare alone). A call for Open Check kicks off a journey.

Structured greenbelts, modern statues, families on lawn and sightseers in droves shape a giant picture of recreational holiday. DH soon is first to spot a mark made by white chalk to head into Olympic Park for free. A bittersweet for the very Olympic relic is to symbolize a 2008 Olympic Games held by government successfully for showing a national good face to the world and calls forth a sportive lifestyle as cynosure of the world.

Treading on the heels of crying for On On, in and out bushes, up and down mounds and on occasion receiving an implication from local onlookers. Once entering a small zigzag entranceway, many stick around a crowded place like Tight Quim, Crash Test Dummy, Breakfast Included, Creamy Cupcake, etc, all of a sudden, DH rushes out of a woods and calls, “Over bridge! Over bridge!” tumbling to how so two marks’s arrows point over a runlet with a word of “cross”, which means we must find a bridge to cross over. With winnowing sounds from DH in a flowing throng, going thru a busy bridge and passing by one or two marks, Just Dumb scuds straight on. Hashing lineup encounters non-sign again because at many turnings did not mark a direction. Hashers have to spread out and bawl out, “Are you?” and responds from somewhere, “checking!” in this way, hashers can remain connecting each other in shinnery. Making an irruption over bridge and bridge and from time to time the mark between two marks is irregular distance and placement confuse hashers, in particular unfledged hashers, subsequent to two wooden bridges, hitting a mark for Beer Near and shouting out two marks, eyeing DH leaning alone against a low fence of  a jutting and semi-round grandstand of lakefront for the first beer stop. Taking a distant look at the interspersed pedal boats being ridden by sightseers in water and thitherward a soaring tower erects in a dusky sky arced by a skyline of greenery. Most of hashers are drenched in sweat like Not Shit Sherlock, Oral Dairy, Pickle Boy and so on and Circle K brings along a carton of can beer to relieve fatigue of some hashers and others catch up one by one altogether four groups of runners and walkers. Charlie beams a grin after Godzilla Butt feeds him some sausage; GM SKS summons a big group of photo in order to lake surface and vista, then he gives an order to open check.

Striding over other wooden bridges to follow the call for marks and moving up a stepped hill and vivacious blue petunias blossom out on two sides of bypath and wandering trail kinks hashers up to the hilltop, there’s a stele engraved that point is central axis of Beijing city. Clicking a picture for hashers of a Hash Hold but still don’t shake off demoniac haze. And then descending the stone steps along the flour marks. Muschi Riot whoops to run down. A brooklet gurgles through sward and rocks that seems to open a skylight for a brain. PedalPhile bolts to PB, “How to translate On On into Chinese language?” “shang shang? (means Up Up)” PB muses, “chong! Chong! (means Charge)” later on, Ezy Rider adds, “ji xu. (means Continue)” PB asserts, “or don’t translate and directly call it On On because in Chinese characters system sometimes there are not accordingly meanings for alphabetic languages by character to word. So specific words, location name and people name from alphabetic languages should be kept original letters in Chinese characters system to form a mixed language of pictograph and alphabet for more clearly understanding and more easily learning knowledge. But sadly many Chinese sinologists accentuate Chinese characters system must keep purity of Chinese character without any alphabet. Whose Red Wienie jogs forward quietly, via a sheet of wet wooded mound and pieces of twinkly steely statues trot out mammoth lines dynamic for a cardinality and turning right to file out of the eastern gate of the bizarre park.

Crossing a small crossroad and hare hints at preserving a beeline for the second beer stop at sidewalk in front of a grocery but the owner charges more 0.5 yuan for per bottle of Yanjing beer than a flat price of 3 yuan. Open Wide sources a bag of refreshing nectarines to treat hashers. Taking a short break for all hashers getting together and setting out. Again, the walking hare reveals a way and hashers roll out like a puff of wind along the streets and roads, in a moment, reaching five-storey yellow building uprearing a hostel chain store and the part functions Beijing Roast Duck chain store as Hash restaurant, posh interior decoration imps customers to feel VIP-ship. After changing for clothes, moving to a circled celebration behind the building, backyard-like site surrounding by buildings. Khlitleesi as Haberdashery touts half-price old-time Hash sportswear; Herr Splashy Pants lost his home key last night and cannot wear the running shoes and groomed PP to be Hash Cash and leaves early.

Proxy GM DH hosts Hash performance for 8 virgins with Hash song and little gift. Nut Pirate scores his #123 running patch; three hares are hailed in for a swig. FE and DH act in a perfect unison for Song Masters to jazz up the spot. At 17:00 o’clock or so, somehow the staff of hostel asks Hash circle to make a move from behind of windows of their customers 200 meters away. And with facetiae of expiatory offering, hashers obtain dozens of poker-like Xiaojie (hooker) cards with image advertising and phone number. When hashers locate a new circled site, PB wins a his #250 running patch annexing a Xiaojie card; Bjorn Again aims at his professional camera to shoot photos for hashers; RA LiM&S yells out to celebrate a Labor Day; PB raises cry to need a parade against something! More somehow, later on, another local middle-age man comes to press for the circle to finish ASAP with which he’ll call police. DH then holds another two “accusations” and LiM&S leading a 4 versions of chorus of Swing Low with all hashers rounds it off. Other witnesses include Hard to Live With, Just Wendy, Bruised Lee, GB’s sister and her boyfriend, Receding Down Under and unknowns. Approx twenty hashers eat an agreeable food in decent private room.

Either the only thing is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing or it’s time to retrieve the origin of International Worker’s Day from Chicago workers strike in 1886 for the CIVIC RIGHTS of workers and citizens.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
May 03, 2016