“Living material” is made of a hydrogel filled with programmed bacteria that light up in reaction to certain chemicals could replace the CSI – Crime-Scene Investigations and other scientific applications.

16th China Nash Hash Chengdu 2017 on March 10, 11 and 12 is dropping the curtain and over 20 Beijing active hashers exchanged the hashing felicity with more than 100 hashers from other cities in China. Meanwhile 28 hashers partake Sunday hashing in Beijing in a serene day. The azure sky stretches to the horizon. As if seeing a blue whale is flying overhead. Magnolias and willows compete to bud. Hash Cash Danger Zone accurately collects Hash cash in time. Amy is so happy to meet hashers by jumping up and violently whisking her tail. GM Super Squirter and RA Heart On sparkplug a simple gambit. The running hare DickMocracy gives an explanation to one virgin for the marks. The hare Pussy Nibble mopes about her hangover at Irish Ball last night. Another running hare Urine Control beats the band to busk her virgin haring. When starting to open check, Just Chris arrives in a hurry.

Crash Test Dummy bears the brunt for a little while. However a voice for On On from the opposite direction pipes up and hashers swarm like bees to scuttle a curve arc along the road and a green belt to the eastern gate of Ditan park and the hare buys all tickets to line up in. Lost in Marks & Spencer first shouts the trail in a varanda and No Shit Sherlock takes the lead, ChickenShit then corrects the direction to guide a different footpath. Gathering under an ancient elm to find out Hash Hold. All hashers have a group picture before a detached double-roof antiquity. Shortly the marks direct the hashers to file out of the park’s northern gate. Upon cracking an Open Check mark, scudding a prolonged straight trail via 2 crossings. The hare UC stays backward to look after the last one. Suddenly a local middle age guy looking like a peasant, crunching a food and sitting backseat of a bicycle, yells at some local hashers in Chinese, “Don’t follow the foreigners to run! Foreigners are bad people! They always walk over us Chinese people!” Pickle Boy sighs in Chinese, “another rebellious Boxer or Red Guard!” Shaven Not Stirred and Breakfast Included next to PB smile it off. When fetching up an intersection, an Open Check sign chains the hashers for 10 min. Finally the hare DM has to mark a direction to move forward until turning a residential zone to hit the first beer stop. Talking and sipping for 10 min.

Just Jean rushes ahead and hashers flock into an alleyway to a main street and cut through a mortal sin as a mortal lock and fall into a sweep of sepulchral hutongs and go over a hustling street into another avenue where Confucian temple is seated with bedeviling a boodle of zombies as usual, such a treacherous place! By being sudorific and drunk provisionally to assuage humans’s grief afoot. Nobody cares a flag of distress. It’s but wedging in the interstices of the action to slip into a cramped hutongs at the mercy of those lictors, seductresses and goners going feral to a junction for the second beer stop. The hare UC sources a bottle of bock to share the hashers. Just Albert attends Amy. After group photo alongsied of a toilet, the hashers with enjambment and devoir tittle-tattle like Hard To Live With, Algae Bra, Transylvestite, Damaged Goods, Principal Penetration, etc. Double-quicking to restaurant as most ken the trail already. Passing through a parcel of hustling hutongs and angling through a treelawn and a bridge on northern 2nd ring road and on right downside along a canal to return to retaurant. Nut Pirate comes up in his way.

The gala circle lies a low-lying empty spot adjacent to the canal. GM SS and RA HO in sequence hosts a program. One virgin is welcomed as per a general thing. Santorum Cocktail climbs to a tree promptly to watch. Stoned Age scores a running patch. Bearded Clam wins his commemorative patch. Just Michael’s new shoes are detected and on top of beer contribution from the hashers. He right off the bat drinks it off with his a pair of new shoes like 2 shots. Somehow instrumentalist much more shows to develop unlimited upgrade beyond limitations of humans for anatomical supremacy rather than dissection of animals . In the end, RA HO leads a chorus of Swing Low with 3 editions into shades of night hovering here. 15 hashers enjoy a local yummy food in a fancy and private room. Mens sana in corpore sano!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing, Tuesday,
March 14, 2017