The answer actually is between “the separation of the state and the church” and “the unification of the state and the church”.

When it comes to moustache, seems to have endued with new meaning like focus or somewhat special symbols, more seems that every single whisker stands for a kind of perseverance and wisdom. Before hashing, the hares hand out a moustache ornament to each hasher like Karate howling with laughter wearing the moustache in which the hares showcase a significant trail, such as Herr Splashy Pants, Just Kate and Shaven Not Stirred. Looking up to the eye of heaven. It’s still clouded by dense grey smoke. RA Lost in Mark & Spencer gives a simple pray for the trail. Just Dane is the first time to work on Hash Cash.

Shooting through a sun-dappled veranda along the avenue. Turns out full of gingko trees yellow a bright fantasy as if flaunting its coquettish autumnal scenery. On left into a labyrinthine hutongs to intriguingly check the marked trail in diverse forms of alleyways with serendipity. Red Snatcher and Crash Test Dummy separately yells out their discovery forward. Dry Hole, Just Malcum and ChickenShit rush ahead and some go through textbook 2 Three-Way marks. A straight route ushers hashers toward the south along Jingshan park, then on left to re-enter an array of hutongs until obliquely thwarting a busy crossing, suddenly running into a Hash Hold at the corner of the quiet backside of Forbidden City where all runners take group photos.

Groping southward for a spell to reach the first beer stop on wayside. A young couple of cockney hashers pass by joining BJH3 and have to catch up their flight after the second beer stop. The hashers like Undulator, Nut Pirate, Super Squirter, Just Cliff, Just Lisa, etc stand in two rows and raise the hands to pitch a man-tunnel and wait for the laggards to get through. No time a handful of walkers gather with runners. Drinking and talking for 10 min or so. Charlie limps his way that makes him more likable. A local manfolk approaches to Hairy Crash to ask for a group photo with him. Algae Bra’s blonde gets fit match with her jacinth cardigan sweater.  Shortly hitting the road afresh.

Starting a bit confusing search and the hare guides hashers to another street surrounding a high bloodred walls that manifest a dignity and ostentation. On right to slip through the front yard of crowded Forbidden City and HSP has awaited at the entrance of Zhongshan park to offer the admittance ticket to hashers. Under the senile pine trees flank, there are a phalanx of local elder people on a passageway who proceed matchmaking for their children every Sunday. Can it be deemed as redeeming feature? The hashers turn left into a spacious palace and pass through an altar and archaic veranda extending in all directions along the clear-cut signs and then move out of northern gate to be TianAnMen square. Taking some pictures and keeping going through a tunnel and brushing past the arc of the Great Hall of the People. Crossing the guarded street into the tomb-shaped Grand National Theater zone being enclosed by a watery circular orbit. The runners click group photos as Hash Hold again by Hash Flash Heart On. Just minutes later, a police car come up to urge the hashers to leave soon. Sometimes wondering the police over there always have a sense of urgency. Just Han as local hasher explains to them.

Scurrying through the tunnel to Beishatan and hitting the second beer stop on roadside. Just Bernard bundles up his body as a walker. PreLubed shops snack to treat the hashers. Rambo Number Five enjoys 2 ice-creams. A lull in 10 min later, continuing to march via so much zigzag old-age hutongs. RoadKill explores afront for Open Check mark at a tiny market. All at once, one of 2 local vendors shouts out in English, “On right! On right!”, another rejoices, “I want to join this running!”. Out of the impressive hutongs to pierce the noisy avenue into a lane to fetch up the third beer stop. Drink and talk internalize to unshackle from the blocky world for 10 min around. And then lashing against aprosexia for holding more water between adrenal glands and spatiality along the gloomy streets and avenues and looping back to restaurant. The circle rite takes place adjacent to a towering bloodred wall that is inscribed with Imperial Wall Root Park Relic that exactly boasts of the haunting spectre of the empire. And the cope of night envelops the hashing celebration. Just Dane reads out his meter for a 17 km of trail today. A pleasure surprise is former GM Life Of Pee showing up and some unknown hashers as latecomers.

GM Six Kuai Short draping a red Hash flag and flourishing a ruddy slapper alternately officiates at performance with RA LiM&S. LOP stands out to supply 2 types of liquors called Genghis Khan and Jimmy Hamster to 2 long-standing hashers, Dazed &Confused and Pickle Boy, for sure, Jimmy Hamster rings a bell of many sweet past with hashers. FMD wins a #50 quality steel mug and running patch. HSP scores a #100 running patch. 3 hares and RA suck-swallow a cock of shame. Just Julie carouses her new shoe lager. Just Kate in her skin-tight last layer falls on her knees in the circle to accept her naming by RA, borrowing the lighting of streetlamp with a booming welcome of nominations, Gold Finger revs up her hashing life be switched on under a beer shower in torrents, and the spot highlights her robust stature. The Hash Song sides with her by hashers’s resounding singing. RA LiM&S dances and chants a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers in the darkness at the end. The half eat a hearty local food. Many head to Paddy’s for extra. The facts lead those who come willingly, and drag whose who do not. Fear not that the life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Wednesday,
November 16, 2016