Tradition should be inherited with scientific and humanistic spirits, definitely not only with the time. Otherwise falsity, inanition and exaggeration must run rampant.

Vulpine smog creeps up on the end of China national holiday on Saturday mid-afternoon. Just William meters out PM 194. Shanghai Man serves both functions as Hash Cash and acting GM to summon a launching ceremony with 24 hashers around eastern 2nd ring road. RA Heart On blesses the trail and 4 hares Super Squirter, Stoned Age, Karate and Just Claire whose one legs are on their knees severally. Paradigm shift stands the hashers checking on the trail in good stead. The other 5 walkers slip to another trail including walking hare Karate.

Self-reflection and self-perception bootstrap self-imposed valence to dig out pharisaical marks via lanes, streets, crossroads and residential zone in an unknown place. Shaven Not Stirred is whipper-in to jog forward and Hot Cockolate as penultimate precedes her a little ahead. Sausage Party shouts out a ruddering mark. Just Claire gets her groove on dual virgins as a hare and a newcomer by reminding the laggards of a way out. Once crossing a spaghetti junction, Finger My Dough bursts out a Hash Hold on a bend in a bridge, then HO takes a selfie with spot 3 hashers like Pickle Boy, FMD and Just Mary. Soon afterward meeting Just Jonathon exploring the trail singleo in an open garden. Just Mary calls a mark to keep onward and striding over an overpass and along with main road amongst loose marks, then turning left for a Beer Near mark until seeing Dry Hole and Just William to sit at the first beer stop leisurely. They seem to have been here for 20 minutes. Chat and sip relax the hashers for 15 minutes, Mind the Gap becomes motor-mouth. The walkers cannot show up and the WeChat tells they are still far away. The runners have to carry on.

A collection of hashers spread out for a trace of mark and a voice of On On leads into an off-street trail. A fork is shortly broken to whip out on a lane. On left to cross a busy street and on left to thwart a canal bridge to go through a low-lying long dark tunnel and up onto right to reach the detached kiosk for the second beer stop. DH is the first to get to there and orders the Hash beer, perhaps he cracks the bottle of beer too quickly that breaks the mouth of bottle to cut his finger to bleed. His thumb applies pressure to the wound right away and staunches the flow of blood and lifts this wounded finger in the air for minutes. He recovers from it. Wandering Tongue somehow screams a bird dropping on her right forearm. SS eyes a handsome boy poster to exclaim her husband. Another small signboard shows our charging station and let world filled with love. DH grasps on the shoulder of HO to indicate a love to be charging. FMD and SNS and the others buy snacks to share with the hashers. But the WeChat speaks the walkers still cannot catch up with the runners. The runners have to move on.

Hiving off the called trail to an end of laneway and turning left to another end of lane to the main road, then keeping a lengthy trail along the street easterly and on right to return to restaurant. Yikes! Oracle Boner just stays put all the time after he lost the way from the outset. WT sources a box of chocolate to treat hashers. Later on, the walkers come on and on such as Terracotta Warrior, Crash Test Dummy, SM, Rambo No.5, No Shit Sherlock, unbeknownst and the very walking hare Karate. The circle takes place at a passageway next to restaurant sponsored by 2 crates of Taste Room beer.

The acting GM SM and RA HO in turns hosts the performance. Welcoming 3 virgins with souvenir and Hash song. Punishing 1 latecomer. Awarding a #10 run patch and a plastic beer glass to OB and a #100 run patch to SNS. Of course, these 4 hares are hailed out to swirl and with a cock of shame. SA and Just Claire who can be recognized at first glance as brother and sister look exactly alike. Some “accusations” emit warbling. As a finale, RA HO precents a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers at the cope of night. 12 hashers tuck in a delicious local food in a private room. Isn’t the hashing our modern tradition with hymnody of phylogeny? The unputdownable hashing will continue to hold the stage.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
October 09, 2017