Happy National Day to the 69th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!

Golden Week holiday disperses the working people out of the metropolis. The Guomao CBD area shows a novel visage being strewn with footprints of a matter of 30 hashers wearing red as national color, through weathered gardens, highflying statuary group, maintained canals, worn-eaten alleyways, demolished area, conceited skyscrapers, unitary foot bridges, functional streets, secluded underpass, quiet art zone, plus a clear sky. As if all these infrastructures and facilities demonstrate the achievement of economic construction over the past 40 years.

The running hares Dry Hole and Limp Fish Dick remark the trail between whiles for these galloping hashing runners. A team of bellwethers forge ahead with doing a world of healing, such as Molotov Cock, Lost in Marks& Spencer, Just Wil, Choke One Out, Moral Fixation, Pickle Boy, Bens Over visiting back after a couple years of FOYW, Little Red Shit Hood, Spicy Penis, Cruise Line Her, etc. The walking hare Karate shepherds a bunch of walking hashers in passing bay like Crash Test Dummy, KiddiePoo, Rambo No.5,  Cheesy Balls, Ass Tonguer, Tit for Tap and so on.

Two beer stops entertain the runners and walkers with cold beer and diverse snacks from the hashers. These two places all were ensconced at the old structures surrounded by the new modern structures. The situation of being pushed forward by the new elements is prominent. Deeply sensing the significant intangible fight between  the old structures and new structures. It’s no doubt that the more and more citizens beam for their happy lives, as well, reveal middle-high-end anxiety in the new structure. Chewannca as latecumer arrives just in time at the first break and at the second break, he waves his fist with a bit of blood stain and explains he just gave God a punch. Somehow, Breakfast Included takes a hard tumble and her pants is battered a small hole at the knees. There is a kill figure drawn by the hashing chalk under an overpass that implies a hazard during the structure upgrading.

The circle happens in a yard. GM Shanghai Man moderates the performance and moonlights RA and Hash Cash actually. Bearded Clam holds a bottle of local liquor to treat hashers. These three hares are yelled out to drink for a meaningful gig. BDSAmateur scores her #10 mug and run patch and the hashers top up her fresh mug with beer. She almost carouses it and a harrier through and through. AutoBlow steps in to present a petite hoodie to Shanghai Man. He puts it on tightly and forms a strong contrast with his strapping build. Super Squirter as Hash Flash clicks loads of candid photographs. The disco version of chorus of Swing Low stages a chaos on the scene. Everyone is on the lookout for a new position amongst cheerleader, jock, poser, Goth, preps and loner. Many jump on the bandwagon for a local toothsome food in a hubbub of voices and prejudices. Some objectify that truth is the daughter of time.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Wednesday,
October 03, 2018