The criminals all the time ride roughshod over the law based on uniqueness of evidence.

Weather forecast reported the rainstorm is coming up. The clouds gather overhead with some lightning flash. Upward of 12 hashers have a simple start-up circle held by former FM GM Chokes One Out, especially for 2 virgins. The topless Crash Test Dummy warms up to perform 30 push-ups. Dry Hole runs away to make the first haring as impressive as the best one 2 years ago. For rallying spirit to howl to Karate for a moonless night hashing. And the only walker Karate rides a sharing bicycle to follow the runners lineup. In the intimate dim area, CTD girding with a flickering signal light on his waist first works out the mark. The others seem like getting saved from Tartarus to Asgard to hark after with unsullied joy via a street to another block of alleys. The tricky Open Check mark and blur mark delude some into the choke points. Diligence not only fixes up tomfoolery, but also finds a way out in a zigzag hutongs. When entering another alley, the first beer stop serves the thirsty hashers to the point. COO and Sink & Destroy play a game in which their hip hop show at FM hutongs 2 years ago comes back again. CTD and Karate weigh in as well. Mussels from Brussels comes forward to set the second haring. The breeze comforts the hashers. What a cool night to hashing!

Just Jeryl is up and doing for every single clue of locating the mark, his calling for it always drawls out for On On sonorously. No Shit Sherlock just wears a pair of sandal to rush ahead with rustle. Heart On goes with a swing to jog forward. Inattentively bumping into a sign to swerve up a foot bridge on a straight dark trail. Bearded Clam clicks pictures. Down to cross the avenue to reach the second beer stop. Pickle Boy cracks bottles of cold beer. 6 minutes later, Duh Spot catches up out of puff and in a little while, Just Sherry and Just Li appear as the last runners. CTD does some push-up anew. Karate leaves for his last subway. MrB grabs a bottle of flour to broom for the third haring as the double hare. In the act of starting off, FM GM Agent Orgy and Just Dumb each rides bicycle to pop in. In a burst of hurrah, the hashers flit along with streets and crossings to the third beer stop at mini-supermarket. Even though it’s 2k away to the start point, COO decides to celebrate a circle right on the spot at an esplanade close to street at 9 pm or so. The 2 hares are cheered up with hilarious Hash song and some classic Hash songs go through. Suddenly a voice from a living building turns down the volume of the hashers. Several “accusations” ginger up the site in a sorta beer bust. Swing Low song eventually brings the hashers into visual and auditory factuality of end-all solution accompanied with crying out to the cloudy night sky for moon-free fact-finding mission whatsoever aphrodisiac and anaphrodisia. The most tuck in a night local snacks. For those who are sticking to the law should realize the invisible and subsistent evidences when standing chance of wading through Acheron. Let crimes and sins to be sky-clad!

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Friday,
June 23, 2017