By 2030, more than 60% of the world’s wealth will be in the hands of 1% people. The UBI – Unconditional Basic Income is actually a correction mechanism to solve the contradiction between the unreasonableness of positive correlations among the interest, attraction, comfort and the income level of work itself. But bureaucracy is the biggest resistance because the UBI weakens the power of executive branch and gives people more choices.

Annual pajamas run raises curtain in a beautiful day. In a matter of 40 pajamaed hashers seem to appeal for a good sleep by plunging into a strange alleyway and residential quarters in Hepingli area. By the way, the hares Super Squirter and Just Daniel hint the hashers to the right track. The frisky paces skeet ahead like Dry Hole, Slappy Seconds, Molotov Cock, Test Crash Dummy, Pickle Boy, Blister Fister, Just Collin, Just Stev, Oracle Boner, Cum In My Brum, etc. As passing by a sculpture looking like Out Of Place Artifacts, the hashers click group picture as Hash Hold. Soon in a neighborhood finding out the 1st Beer Stop. An empty tiny garden entertains the hashers. Principal Penetration moves away the piles of collapsed sharing bikes for a clear way in and out. MC does high jump stunningly. Bearded Clam and AutoBlow squeeze in as latecomers. The hares organize the hashers to play game, Kiddiepoo lies down the ground and places a cup of beer on his belly, then the hare Just Daniel makes a push-up to suck at this cup of beer without hands. 2 groups of hashers showcase likewise including Chewannca, Heart On, No Shit Sherlock, Dr.Shocker, More Men, Doesn’t Fit, Cock Chain, Sink & Destroy, Tits for Tap and Just Victoria. And with a figure statue, having a group photo as the 2nd HH. The walking hare Hot Cockolate guides a bunch of walkers to head to a different direction like Karate, John Baptist, Drill Me, Not Tonight, Rambo Number Five pushing a buggy where his twin babies sit in silence.

Spearheading to the wide avenue and intersection into a cluster of buildings. On a loan from an Open Check point, smelling a taste of a bit on the side or tractor-beam zone. A yell from the hasher, “on back! on back!……” cutting through a sweep of complexes, DH shouts out a Beer Near to perk up the hashers hunting for the trail. The 2nd BS is confirmed in a residence community. Yikes! Limp Fish Dick has been here earlier and orders the beer. PreLube who’s just back from her travel in the USA for 6 months relates her meaningful experience and being invigorated. The bull session to pieces prolongs the beer stop. GM Shanghai Man urges, ”Open Check! Open Check!” As the hashers rush to a crossing where Snake Cunter brings in a virgin appears, reaching at the eastern gate of Ditan Park, lining up to move in. Along with the flagging, the ancient pines lined on either side, the clarion shouts for On On attract the public eye, in particular on the hashers’ sleepwear. And at the giant red doors, each with 81 gold doornails, the hashers for group photo as the 3rd HH and another group photo with pavilion as the 4th HH. Blazing away at the northern entrance to file out to the street and into a hutong to the end for the 3rd BS, and drinking at a landscaped garden. Just Chris tells jokes. Danger Zone screeches to a hasher, “quite different!” after all hashers take a break without words. Slacking off for 10 min and setting forth on. At an intersection, on left to the next intersection onto right to HH house.

It’s incumbent upon helping moving the beer to the circle between 2 living buildings. Beer Wolf and Finger My Dough turn up as latecumers. GM SHM and RA HO rotates to host the performance. 2 virgins are welcomed per Hash tradition. The hare SS and DZ respectively gains #100 mug and run patch and #50 ones. S&D and visiting Sweet & Furry are searched out for a new shoe’s drink. The hare SS holds 2 bags of clothes from Dickmocracy’s FOYW to send hashers as souvenir. It’s mostly BJH3’s haberdashery. Wouldn’t Dickmocracy abandon the hashing in his life? The hare SS dishes up a ritzy cake for the themed hashing for the birthdays of Just Daniel and HC, especially for the Aries. The very cake is shaped a pair of vivid plump boobies. Of course Just Daniel beams and blows the lit candle, as DH has a close observation, the witty HC swiftly presses the back of DH’s head down on the cake, his face mushes into the one boobie of cake and his cheek, nose and mouth bedaub with white and pink cream, which causes a burst of laugh. Later on, RA HO officiates at a naming for Just Daniel in rainbow conical hat who peels off clothes to the briefs and socks and kneels down in the circle. After a knockdown-and-drag-out, Tramp Stamp is noted for his hashing life, immediately dashing his tattoo body with the Hash beer, a stormy christening by the hashers. Merriments and screams ring out in one. The upshot is that RA HO leads a chorus of Swing Low with crew with earworms. Nearly 30 hashers jam in a busy restaurant to bolt down the palatable food. DS still stands and cannot find a chair to eat at all. Dazed & Confused has been photographing and videoing for hashers. This is emblematic of hashing-wide trend in the hyper-connected world.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Monday,
April 09, 2018