Sleeping on your side, in what’s known as the lateral position, may help to remove waste products in the brain that contribute to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Casting a glance at the sky, the woaded upper regions intersperse airy notion with peripatetic grotesque cloud formations because snug sun bath comforts creatures. Boxer Hash #147 in favorite mountain area the day before exhausted some of about forty boondock-phile hashers. Circa thirty hashers with nightdresses launch a yearly pajamas run in a cavernous buildings between western 4th and 5th ring road, drew together by Dazed & Confused whom fills up a transitory vacancy of GMs on site. RA Blister Fister blesses the trail accompanied by echo of hashers and a can of beer for three hares on their knees in the circle.

Roaring past a crossing to check in rattling around a contiguity of rubbles zone for a Two-Way mark. The corner of unmanned wasteness just is bespattered with a sheet of fetid stools on rubbles. When picking through there for a mark, disturbing a swarm of flies to buzz away. A rubbles highland challenges hashers to scramble up gingerly on a rubbles slope for avoiding the brash to roll down. Mussels from Brussels and some hashers dash ahead with no sign for awhile. PedalPhile as hare has to point a way out. At that point, three shaggy security guards show up and a middle age one suddenly chases and yells at Pickle Boy,

“Stop! Stop! What are you doing here!” and points at PB’s mug to yelp ridiculously,

“What’s it? Is it a camera?”

“We are running. What? This is a mug!” PB halts and raises my mug and talks back in Chinese,

“erhhh….” This guard still wants to say, “All right! All right! We are leaving now!”

Bucketing through a rubbles bypath to street and turning right into the southern gate of old Summer Palace. 10 kuai for each admittance. Upon checking into the famous park, lying before hashers is flowers, greenery and lakes. Just Dumb strikes a highball to run on a cement trail with gainly movement. The mark however leads hashers up to a lush lakeside and crossing a small bridge and wooded moulds to zigzag on a winding slab trail to an empty lot for the first beer stop next to a toilet. Later on, another two hares, Fetus Envy backpacking a carton of canned beer and Not Shit Sherlock bring ten walkers to come along. And shortly FE digs out another carton of beer from the ground in a purlieu where they hares buried in advance; Herr Splashy Pants is for searching other trails from Three-Way point and almost strays to somewhere else; Just Maria dresses a giraffe costume in thick layer and opens fanny zip agape for what its breath comes short. Taking a little bit longer break for awaiting some latecomers to catch up, such as Agent Orgy, Heart On and Just Greg attiring a milk cow costume.

Spreading out to open check a move forward and scaling a mound one after another and archaic wood archbridge. Many hashers make much of their billet-doux for a natural landscape by clicking pictures. Many times pacemakers miss the marks and double back to find the last marks along with orchid on the grass and full peach blossom on the branches and twigs of trees in a row. The rivulets break its banks to separate multiple tributaries, the static water visions the time to be desisted from fracas of the world. The pajamaed hashers flash through for waking up something until arriving by the lake where walkers and runners get together to have a group picture for Hash Hold. The forepassed magnificent structures names were re-engraved on erect megaliths for a godforsaken museum although on eastern outside of the park, Tsinghua University had been established; on southern outside of the park, Peking University had been established. Sweet & Furry snaps some photos for a petty mound growing flowers and plants wonders at, “How beautiful!” she says. “What a tomb!” PB responds, what the words do not come out is ‘without spoiling for improving world’.

Sink & Destroy takes the lead along the lake to pass through a little bridge and a patch of woodlot and on a fork, pinpointing a way to move out of this park and ripping into a busy alleyway, the locals on the two sides observe coruscant hashers to push along. All at once a call for On Back holds up hashers to retrace back to a past second beer stop. Soon it’s located in front of a low-profile small supermarket. Ice creams, crackers, snacks, bottles of water and beer relax sweaty hashers for ten minutes or so.

After treading on the trail, worming into an ant-hole-like living complex, having a feeling of déjà vu, Just Megan has quitted to hunt for the mark by a cat’s threat, finally with hint of PP, hashers weave our way out to main road. Sticking to the marks and at a Two-Way mark, Just Assja attiring a suspender sleeping robe turns right to check a trail at the entrance, but there’s an uniformed armyman on guard moving a step with a smiling face to block her way. She realizes quickly it’s a dead end and smiles back him and goes on the track. On right into a hutong and needling our way through an aisle of rows of living quarter, climbing up a foot bridge and passing by a hospital and turning right for a short time and on right to cut through two intersections, on left and left to make a half big loop to restaurant. The meter indicates the trail totals up around 13K. There’s a clearing in green belt for a celebrated circle. BlowJob swings in as latest comer.

GM AO summons a performance in terms of Hash procedure, first off, welcoming one virgin and two long-time-no-sees like Indiana Jones and Prelubed Cunt for a few years with Beijng Hash song and floppy cock as present. And then hailing in seven hashers with featured pajamas, they are S&F’s sleeping gown; Just Maria’s giraffe costume; Just Assja’s suspender sleeping robe; FE’s toga nightclothes; NSS’s white toga; Tight Quim’s girlish nightwear, in particular the alluring words on it, “Kiss Me Baby” with a big crimson lips pressing together, and best pajamas for Bearded Clam with which green leopard speckles of inner layer and mini-blue bedgown of outer layer match up his trimmed bushy moustache. At last, FE wins a champion pajamas because his a pair of strong tits are laid bare; three hares drink together with a Shame of Cock; RA BF acquires a special libation with chamber pot and arm cast for a shtick; Just Ram, PC, MfB and PB are pulled out for their new shoes drinking; Crash Test Dummy sewed ‘#1747’ on his right pajamas pant with a strip of blue cloth; Finger My Dough garbs a tiger costume drooping a short tail on backside; BF looks around to name somebody else, it’s Just Assja, after being required to knee down in last layer in the circle, many nominations for her are pitched in, turns out that Muschi Riot is in company with her life and accepts a blessing of beer shower from hashers and Hash Song. Other attendants: Bangs With No Mercy, Melon Drama, What the Fluff, Bjorn Again, Ezy Rider, Rambo Number Five, Nut Pirate, Just Sunny, Just Christina and unbeknownsts. More than fifteen hashers bolt down a local hearty food.

Aye! The pajamas hashing retains attention on a quality rack duty in order to possess a positive immunity from which the demons had crawled out of the crannies and crevices of the factitious systems. So we have to change in another system for a good riddance in which many others had attested that it’s better out of less deterioration.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
April 19, 2016