Baker’s yeast on a calorie-restricted diet and knocked out two genes – RAS2 and SCH9 -that promote aging in yeast and cancer in humans. The combination of dietary and genetic changes is capable of living to 800 years in yeast years without apparent side effects.

As Fetus Envy says, Rainbow Tears really clear up the air. Indeed! A sunshine day keeps company with the last Hash of Rainblow Bush at BJHHH, who attires in a panoply of unicorn to color a hashing again. Even so there’s not a virgin to show up in a group of around twenty-five hashers, she is selected to devirginize at the start point by GM Six Kuai Short and a presentation of three hares as well as RA Blister Fister’s blessing for trail and hares. At the outset, there are three Two-Way marks in series to confuse the hashers for a short time. Agent Orgy and RB seem to have known the route and cut a corner on eastern 4th ring road. Bangs With No Mercy as hare goes to the length of not knowing Jack about the trail. Crash Test Dummy is more likely to stay rearward alone to slog. Worming through a ripping hole of iron gauze fence to a spacy dweller quarter to meet the first beer stop. Two latercomers turns up like Creamy Lips and Shaven Not Stirred more than once just taking part in from beer stop. Red Snatcher snaps the pictures. Just Byron’s withdrawn and Sweet & Furry smiles around and later on, Super Squirter as walking hare brings five walkers to come up, such as Karate, Bjorn Again, SKS holding Charlie Peanuts, Rambo Number Five and Nut Pirate. Some talk about vegetarian like Dry Hole, FE, PedalPhile and Just Hogan, Pickle Boy chimes in for vegan, differing veggie, strictly follow a theory that heat destroys enzymes is true and doesn’t matter. Humans make their own digestive enzymes to break down large food molecules into smaller ones. But overcooking and charring can be a problem for health.

Rainbow chalk marks let the hashers run its course and rugged structures jack in self-deprecating marks and play-by-play calling for nothing resorts to reminder of Circle K as hare and a branch of Two-Way point makes way to an obscure byway where rundown shabby shanties lobotomize a slum-scape and zipping through to a train pass and momentary stop for a train roaring past and crossing over the railway into a long passageway until running into an expanse of charcoal grey antiquate architectural complex but deserted and CK calls it a halt for the second beer stop at small shop being surrounded by some three colossal Chinese characters, “National Heritage Garden” whew! It’s exactly nationalism that’s misleading its people to be inhuman with misrule, utilitarianism and duplicity, also “National Classical Studies” “National is world ”, etc., knowledge is cosmopolitan irrespective of being national, reviving the culture is not to return to the ancients but renewing the culture. Humans must keep flexible use and efficiency literally. If forcing people to use a defective writing language as “national heritage”, it commits anti-human crime. Why cannot Chinese have logical thinking? Why cannot Chinese form new concept? In consequence that relying on hieroglyph to think and unconsciously thoughts are controlled by these symbols and cannot detach into the rational concept of world. Thank goodness! There’s not “national heritage” in the realm of hi-technology. Furthermore there’s not liberty in regime, innovation must be destroyed completely. Its people only believe as long as it’s leadership, they must know anything than anyone else and banning all questions! And the defective writing language has been overturning original meaning: “slaves are free, war is peace, ignorance is strength.” Thoughts, is not imaginal thinking, refers to build on logic on the basis of rational thinking. At the mercy of the power, the law is but accessory to the power’s crimes. If political system does not include the value of judicial independence, the independence of judicature is naught but empty words. A few latecomers appear like Ezy Rider and What The Fluff. CK and PP buy bags of crackers to treat the hashers. Rambling about and photographing some…in drinking…Jekyll-type transformation!

Hitting below the belt to tread down the road. Lugubrious dry trees tut-tut to the forward-looking and slapdash “quiet number” and “mock-up”. The hashers get to the heart of self-effacing marks to smash the head against the trail. Not to go flooey, nor to go berserk, and as if being slated for an uber-evolved “day of judgement”, etherealizing the trail down to a bypath of canal bank, an unmanned beeline, Great Scott! The glare of the sun up front has the eyes squinted to move full speed ahead, feeling good! It’s warm! Rather shutting the eyes to melt into the luminaire. Herr Splashy Pants finds an elegant statue of Gothic gatepost on a bridge, it’s pity that’s swarmed with ink-sealed bar advertizing on it, by the agency of a realistic esthetic sense between barbaric economy and struggling humanity. Exchanging a canal bank bypath to go back to restaurant one after another. SKS draping Hash flag sizzles a rodeo binge assisted by Co-GM AO encircled by the hashers. RB jumps in accepting a gift from BJH3 that’s a silk female briefs for her FOYW and some rainbow-dressed hashers drink together like BWNM, ER, particularly FE disguising as a fairy with wearing white tutu and radiate T-shirt as well as a pair of ruddy frame of shades. WTF scores her #10 run patch and Tight Quim as latest comer obtains his #25 run patch and a Hash bag. Needless to say, three hares are hailed out for a swig back and forth as sideshow. RA BF reads out his phone for a list of “wrongdoers”. DH and FE sing a duet for every episode. And otherwise. Hash cackle factory is happening so weekly. Fifteen hashers dine a local agreeable food at a comfortable room. Low gravity prolongs the life.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

February 02, 2016