There is a huge hidden channel of several kilometers under the moon.

After Full Moon RA Lick It To Ride blesses Full Moon GM Agent Orgy on her knees figuratively next to a street around 20:30, 15 hashers are rollicking to chase the volunteer hare Phantom who marked a floured trail 10 mintues ago. A female voice calls out an On On from a puzzled Open Check sign on a junction. Sausage Party pinpoints a mark under a dim light into a campus. Snaking along the teaching buildings and synergic vim riots in ravishing vesperal school life. Once landing the hustling street, keeping a long straight southward and crossing a crossing. The broad streets, lit commercial amenities and recreational locals register a happy life. Thwarting a cars-loaded main road to hit the first beer stop on wayside. Warm beer receive hashers by chatting. Ass Tonguer slips away to work on the second haring. The well-trained Ponyo legs the trail. Just Diana and Long Legs converse without drink. Soon FM GM AO gives an order to move forward.

A bank of canal shows an nonduplicative trail in dark and bushy space. No Shit Sherlock leads the way ahead and passes by 2 small bridges and gets lost in a murky garden including Just Shannon. Shouting around, “Are you?” and doubling back to hear On On from opposite the canal. And climbing up to a wooded mound. Creeping crabwise on the slope. Some hashers illuminate the trail with flashlights in their phones. A sign out of Open Check mark guides on the escape road and prolonging another beeline trail to go over the bustling street, ripping along a row of shops to meet the second beer stop at a supermarket, however there’s not cold beer neither and have to choose 5 kuai per bottle from eatery for cold beer. And a waitress in the eatery is after hashers to watch 5 empty bottles to get back. LITR makes tracks for the third haring. Pickle Boy locates the mark in a right direction. Yelling out a string of marks via residential area, wooded and sloping garden and canal. Just Diego lopes afore from time to time. Beer Wolf runs through this lie of the land and howls a calling of coyote. Pouring through thriving streets and intersections to return to the start point. An ample corner adjacent to street entertains a circle maffick. Karate pops up as latecomer.

FM RA LITR as usual synergizes by co-praying with all hashers. FM GM AO welcomes 6 virgins, 3 of whom are from Just Diego’s invite. Hashers belt out the Hash Song and squall up to a bright gibbous moon in a clear night sky. And AO takes out a box of her homeland cookies to treat hashers since she left more than a month. It’s distinctively toothsome. A virgin girl wears a white voile mini-dress that fancies a pyjamas run. LITR sings Pyjamas Hash Song aloud. Clarion singing and merriment insinuate a nocturn into the glimpses of the moon. At the end, all hashers cry out such an illustrious moon again. 7 hashers head to a chain restaurant called Malan Hand-Pulled Noodle. Food taste like Xinjiang snack. Merely a hand washing sink inside is filled with a dirty mop. The neon lamp signals for 24 hours service. At midmight, they start to shut the door. The reality of people is not in what people reveal, but in what people cannot reveal. Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. Nothing in life is to be feared, it’s only to be understood.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Thursday,
April 13, 2017