It’s Chinese 67th national holidays for 3-7 days. But 255 PM still makes people careworn. 30-odd hashers in black as usual carry through a Hash event. After starting the trail, Phantom family have to move to Paddys’ for safe haven including Taxi Ride Her, Phantom Menace, Taxi Mom and MargariCunt. 4 female hares preen themselves with black dress and girding on a schlocky holsters with a life-size revolver lighters, and staining a weeny black star on their cheeks. They are Godzilla Butt, Super Squirter, Algae Bra and Just Mira as if performing a movie called the Master and Margarita.

The master runners lead the way such as Dry Hole, Herr Splashy Pants, Just Malcum, Just Daniel and virgins via the familiar streets and alleys with turnings on right and left as well as somewhat neighborhoods, it seems to proceed a convergent evolution, but obfuscate to get to the first beer stop shortly on a laneway. 007 wears a plump mask. PreLubed catches up out of breath. The fall skeeters devouringly leech hashers like Pickle Boy, Sweet & Furry, etc. Charlie, Ponyo and Tyler play together. Some walkers miss the first beer stop like Karate and his virgins. GB announces a game is to find a mission stuff for the next. Crash Test Dummy does not drink and earlier opens check.

Crossing an intersection to enter a small park. Striding over a parapet to go through a patch of lawn. Ass Tonguer seeks out a duroplastic handgun as mission stuff.  Moving out of the park to cross a crossing to a canal bypath. At the time of on a canal bridge, on one side shows a sign for Beer Near. On the other side lays a sign to move forward that causes a group to overslip the second beer stop easily, especially the master faster group, at least 5 hashers. Turning to the back side of a living building. Walkers and runners gather to relax for 10 minutes and drink a quality Vodka. Just Ian routs out another mission stuff, it’s a pack of pellet bullets. Heart On snaps the selfies for a group of hashers. Hard To Live With sits aside to watch and smile. Mind The Gap as always props her a leg against a parapet for the legs press movement. The dancer teacher has to do it?

Along with the canal and humping through the broad avenues. No Shit Sherlock spares no effort to check a way out on a mark of Open Check. After on right from another crossroad, meeting up with the third beer stop and the spearhead. A semi-decent local old man comes along to ask Hash empty beer bottles. After giving him some, he brazenly asks SS’s revolver lighter and SS slates the door to him. A little shooting competition among Come More Often, HSP, Just Ian and virgins spices up the hashing site. The hashers shoot back to home restaurant through the streets and the avenues and intersections. Suddenly passing by a rock musician status, who’s exactly image of Blow Job and some have the group pictures and brushing through Paddy’s and turning left and right to loop back the start point.  Lick To Ride It as latecomer turns up. The circle takes place at a parking lot before the compounds.

GM Six Kuai Short drapes red Hash flag and holds red slapper hosts the hashing show. 5 virgins are greeted with Hash song and floppy cock.  SS scores #50 mug with her Hash handle and running patch. DH sings a string of clarion and fair-sounding Hash songs as lovely Hash episodes, and he functions as a guest RA to pump out a casade of “wrongdoings” in the trail, it stands to reason that Just Mira should have a Hash handle, then DH officiates at it. When some disclose her anecdotes, some nominate options churn out the most sonorous voice for Pretty Shitty. Embarking on a fast-forward naming ceremony, she’s on her knees in the circle, accepting her new life by the most votings from hashers, in a full open form, not covert and half-open form. The Hasher Song, screams and laughter reel off  a charivari in the evening, and otherwise. Nearly 20 hashers eat a yummy Hunan dishes and then sashay to the Great Leap Brewery bar alongside.

On On…

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,

October 04, 2016