A new system called Power Over Wi-Fi (PoWiFi), which can power devices within a wireless network using the inherent energy of Wi-Fi signals and transmit both energy and Internet from one router.

ZuiWengTing (Drunkard Pavilion), these three Chinese characters were engraved on a monolith standing majestically next to a pavilion in Taoran park where about forty hashers positively glisten with glee to group for a family photos as Hash Hold in a humid weather. Hashers scream through greenery, lake, structures, stone bridges, a rolling artificial hills, etc., spearheaded by Lost in Marks & Spencer, Just the Tip, PedalPhile, Blister Fister, ChippenDale, Receding Down Under, Just Ian, Just Judy, virgins and so forth. Some marks of Oh Shit were placed by the running hare No Shit Sherlock and his Hash name’s almost renamed as Oh Shit Sherlock but the fact oozes he put his shoulder to the wheel for the trail, especially he prinks to conform to the running topic by exposing his a nipple and arm and another arm tightly wears a tattoo-like sleeve, in the absence of co-hare Just Feifei and Red Snatcher has to work on a walking hare for a squadron of walkers; Bangs With No Mercy asks how to speak nipple in Chinese language but nobody can tell accurately such like Rutou 乳头or Naitou奶头, etc.

Locals enjoy pastime everywhere, with blaring speakers to sing lyric loud, “if staying the lover is a paradise…”and its sound overwhelms hashers’s shouts for On On, with blaring speakers to dance Xinjiang style, its breezy rhythm outpaces hashers’s searching tempo for a mark. Once moving out of the northern gate of park, a Beer Near sign brings runners and walkers to reach the first beer stop in the meantime. JtT buys a watermelon to treat hashers; GM Agent Orgy, RA BF, BWNM and NSS whip up a game that temporarily marks two small zigzag routes and the ends are set a bottle of beer separately and two twosome each one puts a hand on the back of the other being blindfolded to push forward along with the marks. Just two teams play it and the others are busy with talking and resting. Herr Splashy Pants dedicates to duty of Hash Cash by supervising the owner of grocery to take out bottles of beers from a fridge for hashers until both calculate twenty one bottles in the end; SperMaid and RS squirter with water guns each other quite violently; Muschi Riot and Just Pete keeps ahead in the beginning but later, are like sailing into the Bermuda Triangle, they must figure what in blazes ye are on about. Thanks to the pin on Hasher Group in WeChat by PP, they rise to break through a catena to catch up with hashers from different trail. The break lasts around 15 minutes. AO yells out for Open Check. Hashers wade into the journey.

Just wedging into a slant hutong to see a mark and then swooping at it. Pickle Boy in an instant recognizes it’s an old trail and must go back; Crash Test Dummy pops into a fresh mark to direct a rightabout. Hares and walkers have disappeared. Minutes later, PB spots a mark in his familiar area and hashers flock into a criss-cross hutongs on our own. Excessive Two-Way marks scatter hashers to check forth, either way can get through without Oh Shit marks. Crossing a busy street and turning right to meet the second beer stop soon that’s only for runners. Just Xixi grabs a skateboard from CD to practice for a while; BF directly sits on it to slide for a little while that shows a strong cerebellum; AO orders an open check.

True to form, hashers just as a spring gurgles forth into streets and alleys. At times a rumbling from CD’s skateboard leads hashers to rip through a block of hutongs where hypnotics are choke-full of clichés. Monochrome hutongs-scape has sheared of its erstwhile function and bulges pent-up frustration out of family jewels agley. Hashers utter cry for marks and pass by Huguang Guild Hall where Sun Yat-sen delivered a significant speech over a century ago that up to this point, makes sense. On left and along a main avenue to rush for a short time, at Caishikou where the street has been widened and cannot eye at all it’s a famous execution ground in Qing dynasty, on left to south perpendicular to home restaurant for 5 minutes. Just Guoli sprints; some have started to saunter like Dark Shaft, Finger My Dough, etc; Inspect Her Gadget and Comes from the Rears changed to be walkers all the way; A clearing under the shadowy trees at sidewalk is sited for a circle celebration. Just Lee comes late for hilarious circle.

GM AO sails in an opening remarks and hosts a welcoming ceremony for three virgins with Hash song and a little souvenir and awards RS a #111 running patch and Just Sonny #10 running patch and a blue mug, selects out a team of sexy hashers, such as NSS, HSP who’s quickly become semi-nude with a bow-tie, Taxi Ride Her in black bikini, MR changing in a girlish blouse, Just Pete keeping bare to the waist, JtT with a pair of sweaty nipples peering through a veil of while T-shirt, Just Ian dressing a rose jersey to stick out his good shape, Just Diana titivating a lingerie to match a long silk kerchief, Just Angela attiring a white tank top bumping into Terry Secret’s same one with tight petticoat, though, who has never joined the circle and left earlier; four hashers are hailed and all introduced by Karate; Colonize This relates a story about RS on a walking trail and Bjorn Again “accuses” same thing; Phantom and Penis Tone by turns belt out situational Hash songs with passion; Just Pete and MR are tied to their waists due to a joint disorientation; Rambo Number Five clicks his camera to hashers; a local boy virgin is not used to drink his a new shoe of beer and dumps most of them; Breakfast Included, Hard to Live with and others laugh all the time; RA BF draping a Bali-style mantle ministers a naming for Just Sonny while she’s on her knee in the circle and unclothes to the last layer, subsequent to a round of nominations, All In injects into her life coming in with torrent currents of beer from hashers’s blessing and The Hasher Song and screams as gallery hit; Phantom Menace is happy to hold a big water squirter to spray hashers and clasps hand in hand with a his even-aged local boy, even more denoting to dispel superstition of locals to return to an international integration. Nearly twenty hashers tuck in a tasty local food in a private room.

Two hours later, it’s said that Hash flag’s not taken back and PB living nearby goes back to check for nothing. Even though it’s kept by GMs, the other Mis-managers are in duty bound to watch it as well. It’s a matter of course for all present Mis-managers to down down or do anything else the next for a punishment.

On On…

Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
June 07, 2016